20 Kms from the Rufiji River Delta


50 Kms long and 15 Kms wide


Lots of opportunity for watersports or simply relaxation, also a number of tours organized by us

About Mafia Island:

Mafia Island is set off the coast of central Tanzania, about 20 Kms from the Rufiji River Delta. It is a beautiful island, famous for deep sea fishing and absolutely incredible for scuba diving. It offers diving and snorkeling, and the whole island is surrounded by an unbroken barrier reef. The Island, 50 Kms long and 15 Kms wide, is the largest island in this archipelago, made up of many smaller islands atolls and tidal sandbars. There are no tar roads here and the whole island is locked in a time warp. If you desire to escape from the madding crowd and relax away from the hectic world Mafia is your paradise.

The island has thriving tidal mangroves, palm wooded grassland and lowland rainforest - with the huge Baobab also found here. The center of the island is dotted with a series of reed lined lakes, which are home to a number of small hippopotami. It also has a colony of flying foxes, bush babies, monkeys, squirrels and monitor lizards. Aquatic life is abundant and the coral gardens are pristine due to the protection of the Mafia Island Marine Park. The reefs around Mafia are home to over 400 species of fish, 5 species of marine turtles, 48 genera of corals, 7 species of mangroves, 12 species of sea grass, 134 species of marine algae.