52 Kms²


Lots of opportunity for watersports or simply relaxation, also a number of tours organized by us

About Pemba Island:

Pemba Island is located off the coast of Tanzania just 50 Kms North of Zanzibar. Isolated from Arab and then European colonization, it has remained completely untouched and unspoiled by any modern development.

This sleepy island is an ideal place for a honeymoon or just to relax and unwind! The Island is surrounded by exotic coral reefs of every form and description, beautiful smaller islands, deep channels and exotic white sandy beaches. Pemba is now listed as one of the top dives spots and offers superb diving opportunities with un-spoilt coral gardens and a vast array of marine life.

The island is also dotted with ruins dating to the 7th century, when Arab traders built permanent mosques to spread Islam. Pemba has been an important trading center along the Swahili coast for 3,000 years and once played a major role in trade with Persian Gulf countries and India.