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Machame Route

Approaching legendary Kilimanjaro from the south-west, we take the popular Machame Route, over eight days, thus giving us good acclimatization time and every chance of reaching the summit. Lush rainforest and Alpine moorland characterise the landscape on this trek, which is challenging, make no mistake, despite the extra day. You will have a private vehicle to take you to and from the mountain Accommodation on the mountain on this ‘Basic’ category trip will be in tented camps – a true adventure.

Tour Duration

8 days, 7 nights

2 nights in Arusha

1 night in Machame Camp

1 night in Shira Cave

1 night in Barranco Camp

1 night in Barafu Camp

(upto mid night)

1 night in Mweka Camp

Area to Visit


Machame Camp

Shira Cave

Barranco Camp

Barafu Camp

Mweka Camp

Tour Style

Accommodation on this tour is in our Comfort category, with two nights’

hotel accommodation in Arusha and seven nights spent on safari in our relaxing,
atmospheric camp

Our Comfort level accommodations are carefully selected by Easy Travel to provide the perfect balance between price and quality,and all offer private, en-suite facilities

Physical Rating

Tough Category. Guests undertaking one of our trips categorized as ‘tough’ will require a good level of fitness and proper physical preparation –perhaps two or three months – in advance of arriving in Tanzania.

To take one of these trips, you must be confident in your own level of fitness and stamina.

Our ‘tough’ trips involve a significant degree of high-altitude hiking, and at times a degree of discomfort can be expected. For example, on a summit day to reach the top of Kilimanjaro, a total of around 13 hours is required of participants and this is combined with a great deal of ascent and descent.

Special clothing and equipment are required for these trips, as advised on our trip notes, and accommodation is in tents or mountain huts, depending on which trip is undertaken.’


Day to Day Program
Arrival Day and Welcome to Tanzania
Arusha – Machame Gate – Machame Camp
Machame Camp – Shira Cave
Shira Cave – Barranco Camp
Barranco Camp – Barafu Camp
Barafu Camp – Uhuru (summit) – Mweka Camp
Mweka Camp – Mweka Gate – Arusha
Departure – Kilimanjaro International Airport
Trip Includes
Trip Excludes
Payment Policy

Arrival Day and Welcome to Tanzania
Your first night is to be spent at Karama Lodge in Arusha. If you have chosen to be picked-up by us from Kilimanjaro International Airport, your Easy Travel driver will be waiting to meet and welcome you and take you to your lodge in Arusha to relax after your flight

Karama Lodge

Journey time and Distance
1 hour, 55 km from Kilimanjaro International Airport to Arusha

Arusha – Machame Gate – Machame Camp
After an early breakfast (07.00), we leave the hotel one hour later to arrive at the Machame Gate for around 10.00, passing en-route the house of the village chief. We arrive ready for registration and the start of our trek.
Excitement builds as the porters load up equipment and you meet the trekking team who will accompany you up the mountain. The Machame-Mweka Route (normally just referred to as the Machame Route) approaches from the mountain’s south-western side. Your first day of walking, starting at an altitude of 1800 metres, will end at a height of over 3000 metres, cover a distance of 11 km and take around 4.5 to 5 hours of actual walking time. The beginning of today’s walk is characterised by a wide track that winds its way up through dense forest, beautiful tall trees laden with green moss. As the route becomes steeper and narrower, so the vegetation changes and the appearance of flowers such as impatiens kilimanjari and impatiens pseudoviola introduce some bright colours to the scenery. The cloud forest trees can reach over 25 metres in height. A picnic lunch is enjoyed around 13.00, water bottles can be refilled and then our walk continues. The emblematic giant heathers appear as you reach heathland and the forest thins out. You get your first glimpse of Kibo peak. Machame Camp is reached at around 17.00. You will be surprised by the richness of the birdlife here. Dinner is served at 19.30

Machame Camp

Meal plan
Breakfast, Picnic lunch box and Dinner

Journey time and Altitude
5 hours, 3000 m from Machame Gate to Machame Camp

Machame Camp - Shira Cave
You will soon become used to the early, 07.00 breakfast and today we aim to leave the camp at 08.30. We have a further 800 metres of ascent, finishing the day at 3800 metres, and although the overall distance is short (5km) we will spend around 4.5 to 5 hours actually walking.
Our path today is dusty, narrow and steep. The vegetation is initially made up of forests of heather but soon we will encounter the first of the giant groundsels. The climb before our midday picnic lunch is steep, but there are then great views to the south and to Kibo, all to savour as you eat. With today’s early start and the short distance, we should be at the camp by 14.00, by which time we will have met the moorland lobelias and the distinctive dark obsidian rock of Shira Plateau for the first time. Once at the camp, you will have plenty of time to admire sights such as the so-called Shira Cathedral, Klute Peak and Mount Meru, before your dinner at 18.00

Shira 2 Camp

Meal plan
Breakfast, Picnic lunch box and Dinner

Journey time and Altitude
4.5 hours, 3800 m from Machame Camp to Shira Cave

Shira Cave - Barranco Camp
Today’s trek is longer than yesterday’s, though our overall gain in height is modest. Starting at 3800 metres, by the time we reach camp this afternoon we will only be 140 metres higher, though in between our start and finish we climb up to the base of the famous Lava Tower at 4627 metres, before descending again to our camp.
The benefits for the purposes of acclimatization today are enormous, as you climb high and then descend again for the overnight stop. The overall distance of around 10km means that we will actually be walking for around 6.5 to 7 hours, excluding breaks. Once again, our day will begin with breakfast at 07.00 and departure at 08.30, when we begin our trek across the stony landscape of Shira Plateau. The vegetation is sparse at first, with just a few hardy lichens to admire. You climb towards the Lava Tower and your picnic lunch is taken at 13.00. After passing the highpoint of the day by the Lava Tower, we descend down to the Barranco Camp. Once at camp, which we expect to reach by 16.00, you should take time to admire the views of the southern face of Kibo as well as the Heim Glacier. Dinner tonight is served at 19.00

Barranco Camp

Meal plan
Breakfast, Picnic lunch box and Dinner

Journey time and Altitude
7 hours, 4627 m from Shira Cave to Barranco Camp

Barranco Camp - Barafu Camp
Today we breakfast again at 07.00, in anticipation a long day. We have a total of 9 km to cover and we will ascend some 660 metres, with a total of 6.5 to 7 hours walking time.
Our departure time today will be 08.00; a hot lunch is scheduled at Karanga for midday and we hope to arrive at Barafu by 16.00 for dinner at 18.00. At the beginning, we have a tough scramble up the near-vertical face of the Barranco Wall (also known as the ‘Breakfast Wall’ as the climb is straight after your breakfast!). At the top, you enjoy views of the Heim Glacier. We then descend to the gully below, and into the cold, beautiful Karanga Valley before continuing and climbing up a steep series of zig-zags until we reach Karanga for lunch. After leaving Karanga, today’s stage continues steadily upwards, passing through barren, rocky landscape, with the Decken and Kersten glaciers visible away to your left. At the top of the climb, the landscape remains bleak as you descend into a valley and you get your first sight of another glacier, Rebmann. At the end of this valley is today’s goal, the Barafu Camp, at which you arrive after a short, steep scramble and a walk

Barafu Camp

Meal plan
Breakfast, Picnic lunch box and Dinner

Journey time and Altitude
7 hours, 5380 m from Barranco Camp to Barafu Camp

Barafu Camp - Uhuru (Summit) - Mweka Camp
Today is the most challenging day, but hopefully with the great sense of achievement of reaching your goal – the summit of Kilimanjaro! Our schedule for our ‘Summit Day’ is of course very different. Rising at 23.00, we take our tea and biscuits (23.30) before a midnight departure.
The day starts with the long, tough climb from Barafu at 4600 metres to Stella Point at 5745 metres; for some of this you will be walking on scree, making your trek more difficult. From there it is another 150 metres of ascent and 45 minutes’ walk to the summit. Our goal is to reach the summit by around 07.00 then celebrate reaching the top, take our precious photos and enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience. After the summit, we return to Barafu, where we rest for a couple of hours, take a hot lunch and then leave again at 13.30 to continue to descend to Mweka Camp (3100 metres) where we spend the night. We would expect to arrive at 17.00 and take our dinner at 19.00. (In total, we cover around 17km today with about 13 hours of walking.)

Mweka Camp

Meal plan
Breakfast, Picnic lunch box and Dinner

Journey time and Altitude
13 hours, 5895 m from Karranga Camp to Barafu Camp

Mweka Camp - Mweka Gate - Arusha
Still thrilled by your achievement, breakfast is taken at 07.00 and at 08.00 you can take the chance to reward your trekking team at the ‘Tipping Celebration.’
Departure is at 09.00 and you descend down to Mweka Gate at an altitude of 1640 metres, where you will be served a hot lunch at midday and be presented with your hard-earned certificate. Your transport will be waiting to return you back to your Hotel in Arusha, where you can choose to relax – or celebrate!
Karama Lodge

Meal plan
Breakfast, Picnic lunch box and Dinner

Journey time and Altitude
3 hours from Mweka Gate to Arusha

Departure - Kilimanjaro International Airport
After a good night’s rest at your lodge, you will take breakfast ready for the scheduled check-out by 10.00. (If you wish to remain in the hotel during the day, please advise us of this when you book your trip and we will inform you of the cost for day room which ends at 18:00hrs, and then make the booking on your behalf.)
If you have booked a transfer to the airport, you will be collected from your hotel and dropped off at the airport. For those travellers who have booked to go on safari, our Easy Travel guide will be meeting you in the evening to provide you with a briefing.
Meal plan

Journey time and Altitude
1 hours, 55 km from Arusha to Kilimanjaro International Airport

Trip Includes
Easy Travel Trip Safety: Helicopter Rescue
A Helicopter Rescue Service will be provide to Air transfer you before dark from the Mountain to hospital in Moshi during Emergency (This Service will only be applicable if you have Medical Insurance, Weather permitting Helicopter Rescue will be organized.

Easy Travel – Transport: Coaster Bus

Easy Travel – Trip Crew:
  • Easy Travel mountain guide
  • Easy Travel mountain chef
  • Easy Travel mountain porters

Easy Travel Treat:
8 Breakfast, 7 Lunch & 6 Dinner
Treated Drinking Water

2 night in Arusha, 6 nights on the Mountain

1st night - Karama Lodge
Half Board ( Dinner, Breakfast )

2nd night - Machame Camp
Full Board (Dinner, Breakfast, picnic lunch box)

3rd night - Shira 2 Camp
Full Board (Dinner, Breakfast, picnic lunch box)

4th night - Barranco Camp
Full Board (Dinner, Breakfast, picnic lunch box)

5th night - Barafu Camp
Full Board (Dinner, Breakfast, picnic lunch box)

6th night - Mweka Camp
Full Board (Dinner, Breakfast, picnic lunch box)

7th night - Karama Lodge
Full Board (Dinner, Breakfast, picnic lunch box)

Park Entrance Fee:
  • Park fee
  • Camp fee

Camping Equipment:
  • Sleeping Tents
  • Dinning Tents
  • Sleeping mattress
  • Utensils
  • Tables and chairs

Certificate of Achievement if you reach Gilman’s point(5681M), Stella point(5685M) or Uhuru point(5895M).

18 % VAT (Value Added Tax)

Trip Excludes
International Flights and Insurance

$100 per person for US Nationals and $50 per person for other Country Nationals (read trip notes for more details)

Own Room:
My Own Room ($230 per person)

All type of soft and hard drinks

Personal items:
  • Laundry
  • Toiletries

  • Mountain guide: $25 US per day / per guide / per group.
  • Mountain Chef: $15 US per day / per group
  • Mountain Porter: $8 US per day / per porter

Disclaimer - Important!
Trip Duration
8 days, 7 nights ( 1 night in Arusha before climb and 1 night in Arusha after climb, 1 night in Machame Camp, 1 night in Shira Cave, 1 night in Barranco Camp, 1 night in Baranfu (upto mid night), 1 night in Mweka Camp)

Payment Policy:
In order to confirm this Tour, You need to pay 20% deposit of the Tour amount at the time of confirmation, and Final Payment of 80% can be paid on arrival.

Deposit can be paid with Bank Transfer with addition of $45 bank fee or Credit Card with addition of 3.5% Bank fee.

Final Payment can be paid via Credit Card with addition of 3.5% Bank fee or with USD Cash. (Bills should be not older than 2006).
Cancellation Policy:
Cancellation of a holiday must be made in writing and is effective from the date we receive the written notification. Cancellation charges are expressed at a percentage of quoted price as follows –

Period Cancellation Charge
From time of confirmation up to 15 days prior to arrival 0% 0%
From 14 days to 01 day 20% 20%
From the start of the Tour 100% 100%
If the reason for cancellation is covered under the terms of your insurance policy, you may be able to reclaim the cancellation charges from your insurance company. Notwithstanding the above, if we have issued your domestic airline tickets and you choose at any time to cancel them then the cancelling for Domestic Tickets will be 100% .

*The above Payment and Cancellation policy is specifically for Machame Route and it does not apply to other tours.


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