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MEET OUR SAFARI DRIVER GUIDE: Louis Constantino Lagwen

Tanzania - louis lagwen - safari driver louis
موضع: دليل السائق
تاريخ الميلاد: 8 August 1967
مكان الميلاد: ): Mount Meru, Arusha region, Tanzania
اللغة المنطوقة: English, Kiswahili, and Iraq
عدد سنوات العمل في مجال السفر: 30 years
عدد سنوات العمل مع Easy Travel: 26 years


I first realized that I wanted to be a tour guide while I was still working as a ranger back in 1992. I had just finished my secondary school and I joined the military national service. After about nine months in the service, I got a job as a ranger with Serengeti National Park where my job was to function as an anti-poacher. Over those five years, I got familiar with the ecosystem of the park, and I became motivated to study the flora and fauna of the park so I could be a guide to visitors. I left my job, joined the college, and studied for a year until I became qualified and started work as a tour guide. I eventually chose to work for Easy Travel because they had a proven track record of giving back to the community. They are a local company, and they believe strongly in providing employment and opportunities to the less fortunate of our community.

I think that my favorite thing about being a guide is that I can share my knowledge about our culture, our nature, and the history of the land with clients who come from all over the world. Sometimes, though, it can be challenging. Even though there are many animals in our parks, they have adapted over centuries to blend into the landscape. When it is sunny it can be especially tough to find them! People generally describe me as hardworking and smart, I am proud to say! I’m also proud to say that I have been married for 26 years and we have three beautiful children together, aged 25, 22, and 16 years. We live happily together in Arusha.

الحديقة المفضلة في تنزانيا

Serengeti National Park is my favorite. It can be visited all year round and has such a high population of big cats! It is also an incredibly unique place to see the Great Migration

الحيوان المفضل

My favorite animal is the hyena. They live in a social group known as a clan, but they are not good at hunting, depending on dead animals and scavenging for food. However, by doing so they help clean the wild and reduce the number of diseases which can be caused by rotten flesh which could spread through the ecosystem. I kind of see hyenas as a sanitation crew!

الطعام المفضل

My favorite food is boiled green banana with beef. I would eat it every single day if I could!

الهواية المفضلة

I love keeping up with soccer and I also really enjoy reading magazines.

المفضل تلفزيوني

My favorite thing to watch on TV is definitely soccer, but I also like to keep up with the news.

المطرب/الفرقة المفضلة

I love reggae music and Bob Marley is my favorite. His voice and music conquered my heart – when I listen to Bob Marley, I can’t help but feel relaxed.

10 Questions with LOUIS

Visiting Tanzania is the trip of a lifetime because it is such a diverse country. You can climb Mount Kilimanjaro, but then visit the beaches of Zanzibar. You can go to the historical sites of Olduvai Gorge, but experience incredible modern culture in our cities.

The most incredible thing I saw while on safari was one time in Manyara National Park, we came across a big python going after a blue monkey and caught the monkey and swallowed it whole. It was incredible, and we watched all the action.

Easy Travel offers many comfortable and memorable tours, although my favorite tour is the one below:

Day 1: Game drive in Lake Manyara National Park and overnight.

Day 2: Game drive in Central Serengeti.

Days 3 & 4: Half-day game drive in the North or Western part of Serengeti National Park.

Day 5: Game drive in Central Serengeti.

Day 6: Half day central Serengeti, Overnight Ngorongoro.

Day 7: Half day game drive to Crater and drive to Tarangire.

Days 8 & 9: Game drive in Tarangire National Park.

Day 10: Game drive in Tarangire then drive back to Arusha for overnight or departure.

Easy Travel is the best choice because we have experience stretching back over 30 years. We also prioritize our guest services, allowing a richer experience than clients expect.

 It is difficult to mention exactly which month is best for Tanzanian travel, because all year around we have different experiences in our parks based on the weather patterns.
My favorite part of the Great Migration is when it is at the Mara River in Serengeti. I enjoy being able to watch this great act of nature, and I always have plenty of information to tell my clients about the migration circle and our ecosystem.

 People don’t expect the high conservation of wildlife in Tanzania’s national parks. However, when they are doing their game drives, they become surprised to see just how many wild animals are here.

My favorite part of Tanzanian culture are the dances of different tribes and their local foods.

Hakuna matata – “No worries”

Asante sana – “Thank you”

Karibu tena – “Welcome again”

Our guests will be surprised to learn about my driving knowledge along the less-worn roads. I also go jogging around camps when I get a chance!

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Tanzania - louis review - safari driver louis

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