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Five Reasons To Travel To Tanzania in 2019

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    It's called Tanzania.

    Imagine a country with the tallest of mountains and the deepest of lakes. A landscape fumbling and tumbling with millions of animals and unspeakable beauty. A place where in one day you could awaken to a sunrise in a primordial desert landscape, then end up on a paradise island for sunset, barefoot along some flour-soft sandy beach, cocktail in hand. Can you imagine this place? Okay, now set your imagination aside because this place exists.

    Look: I’m not here to persuade you to visit Tanzania. With seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites and sixteen national parks, there’s nothing I can say that the country doesn’t already boast itself. If you are considering a journey to Africa in 2019 and wish to experience as much raw beauty, friendliness, and life-changing moments per square mile, look no further than Tanzania.

    Here are five reasons why Tanzania is your destination for an Africa getaway next year:

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    1 . Density of Wildlife

    For experiencing a ton of wildlife in a little time, Tanzania wins. Here you will see the Great Wildebeest Migration and the single largest concentration of large predators on Earth (Serengeti National Park). There are reports of 430 different species and four million wild animals in Tanzania. Four million! Life-changing encounters at every turn? Guaranteed.

    2. Access and Infrastructure

    Tanzania has long benefitted from commitments to infrastructure and transportation. The international airports, highways, and ferries are all well positioned to shuttle you right into the action. When every minute counts on safari, Tanzania’s highlights are all within a day or two’s drive (or flight).

    Panorama of Dar Es Salaam City Centre with waterfront and ships

    3. Political Stability

    A recent Pew Research poll stated that nearly 80% of the Tanzanian population is satisfied with the way democracy is working in their country. Tanzania’s new president John Pombe Magufuli has promised to fight corruption, along with massive investments in infrastructure and public services. These promises seem to be working, making Tanzania a leader in regional stability. (Source: Click Here)

    4. Reasonable Prices

    Because the safari economy is a major economic driver in Tanzania, you will find many tour operators and experiences at all levels of quality, amenities, and price. Because of this, Tanzania might be your best choice for maximizing quality of experience at reasonable costs.

    5. Variety of Experience

    Committing to Tanzania means you’ve got options (and pssst…they’re all world-class.) From scraping the ceiling of Africa with a climb up Mount Kilimanjaro, to wildlife watching in Serengeti or a week of island life in Zanzibar, let’s call 2019 the Year of Unparalleled Adventure. And let’s name Tanzania for what it is: the single best destination on Earth to make next year exceptional.

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