Ready For Safari Blog Posts

Ready For Safari Blog Posts

Looking to venture on an African safari? Explore the Big Five? Experience Sunsets and African Sundowners at the end of a game drive? Easy Travel share their experience and prepare you for your journey of a lifetime to Tanzania.
Majestic Male Lion In The Serengeti - Lion King
The Lion King: you’ve seen the movie, now enjoy the reality!

Lucky enough to have seen the exciting, 2019 remake of ‘The Lion King’ movie, released in July 2019? Then maybe it’s time for some real-life adventure. If so, Easy Travel can turn your movie dreams into reality. We can’t promise that your safari will be exactly the same as

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Herd Of Elephants spotted on a walking Safari in Lake Manyara, Tanzania
A Walking Safari in Lake Manyara

Closer to Mother Nature “I can smell elephant” says our guide in hushed tones. Elephant? As a complete novice at taking a walking safari, I can only smell my own fear. The three of us have been on foot in the forests of Lake Manyara for about twenty minutes,

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Drones In Tanzania - Are They Allowed?
Drones In Tanzania – For Now, A Big ‘No-No’

Most people love to take photos on their holidays and a safari in Tanzania provides excellent photo-opportunities beyond your wildest imagination. Every safari is different, so we cannot tell you what you might capture with your camera or mobile phone, but leaving Tanzania without pictures would be unforgivable, that’s

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Tanzania Visa Application FAQs

Your safari has been planned, the excitement is building; Tanzania’s wildlife, people and incredible scenery are awaiting your arrival. Now, it’s time to make sure that your paperwork is in order. Yes, we know it’s boring, but it is essential to get everything right so that your arrival in

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Tanzania Bans Single-use Plastic Bags

“Important: your action is required! Here’s your chance to help!” We all care about the environment, about nature, about the wonderful wildlife that Tanzania has to offer. We all share the responsibility of preserving what we have…otherwise, it may disappear forever. In an important development, Tanzania has joined nearly

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Basic Small Group Safari Tour - Camping In Tanzania
Accommodation on a Basic Safari: What you Need to Know

Since when did our most memorable travel experiences come to be determined by the fluff of hotel pillows? Since when did exploring the world become contingent on pampered luxuries? Since when did getting on an airplane and traveling to the ends of the earth require infinity pools, high-speed wifi,

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Child Using Binoculars On A Safari In Tanzania
Safari With Kids: Everything You Need To Know

“Don’t just tell your children about the world. Show them.” Your thirteen-year-old daughter can no longer blink. Instead, she is transfixed on the pink horizon ahead, thousands of flamingos flying and feeding over Tanzania’s Lake Natron. Blinks can wait; she doesn’t want to miss a second of this magic.

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Couple On A Private Safari Tour In Tanzania
What’s the Difference Between Small Group Safaris and Private Safaris?

Safari Scenario #1: Smells of scrambled eggs and tea wake you up before your alarm does. You and your partner rise slowly in your personal bush tent surrounded by Serengeti National Park. Stomach growling, you head to the breakfast table where a hot meal is being served. Four others

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Safari Dos And Donts In Tanzania
10 Safari Do’s and Don’ts

Two safari vehicles bounce along a dirt road in the Serengeti National Park. Surrounding them are 5,000 square miles of savannah roaring with wildlife, a protected tract of land larger than New York State.

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Hot Air Balloon Safari Experience From Above Tanzania - Serengeti
What to Expect on a Hot Air Balloon Safari?

There’s a fire blazing in the middle of the Serengeti and you’re the first to spot it.

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