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The Five Most Important Words To Know When Visiting Zanzibar

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    “Paradise is exactly like where you are right now. Only much, much better.” – Laurie Anderson There’s paradise, and then there’s Zanzibar.

    So You’ve landed in East Africa, perhaps for a Tanzanian safari or for a beach holiday on the coastal region in Zanzibar. Swahili is a national language in many African countries, specifically Tanzania, Malawi and Kenya. If you’re in need of some help learning some basic Swahili phrases get around, we have your back. Not only is Swahili a unique African language in its own right, it’s also one a beautiful language to learn. Once you know a few Swahili phrases or words, connecting with local Swahili people will be easy, and the beauty of travel will soon fill your heart. Swahili culture is influenced by the Swahili language, and once you learn the official language of the Swahili people, you’ll fall deeply in love with their culture too.

    Five Useful Swahili Phrases That Everyone Traveling To East Africa Should Know

    Asante Sana

    Perhaps the most important phrase in the Swahili language, meaning “thank you very much.” We all want to be courteous and respectful to other people and cultures, and this may be the best way to express your gratitude when interacting in Swahili. This is a key phrase, so jot this down and practice!

    Kwa Kiswahili

    Literally meaning ‘in Swahili’, this will come in handy when you’re wanting to practice your Swahili with a travel guide or someone else who can translate for you on your travels. Ask Swahili speakers who can translate for you and converse with them to practice!

    Kiasi Gani

    “How much?” In Swahili. Always the must-have for any traveler in any country. If you can buy items in another language, you’re on your way to a faster understanding of the language and culture in any foreign country.

    Nyama Choma

    Mmmmm, grilled meat. Impress your waitors with this one when ordering on a Swahili or English menu when you’re feeling like a plate of protein.

    Lala Salama

    Another one from the essentials phrase book, meaning “sleep well.” Give a courteous thank you to your new Swahili speaking friends and wish them a good night’s sleep when you decide to turn the light off. Another one of the must-have language tools for travellers wanting to speak Swahili in casual interactions.

    Why Zanzibar is Perfect for Everyone

    The Zanzibar archipelago is truly one of Earth’s magical places. And while this island chain off the coast of Tanzania offers a wellspring of activities, Zanzibar also seems to encourage a “do-nothing” approach. You can arrive and spend all day, every day with activities: spice farm tours and visits to Stone Town, scuba diving and kayaking. Or, as soon as your plane touches down, you’re headed straight to the beach with a book, suntan lotion, and no agenda.

    It’s your call

    The glory of Zanzibar is this: adaptability. Zanzibar can adapt to anyone’s needs. Plus, it’s absolutely gorgeous. These islands meet you exactly where you are, so to narrow down any Zanzibar agenda, let’s commit the following five words to memory:

    Main Takeaway?

    If you plan to visit Tanzania for safari or to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, you would be remiss not to schedule some “dhow-n” time in Zanzibar. Flights are cheap, infrastructure is well-established, and Easy Travel can customize your island getaway in a flash, however you see fit. Whether it’s Stone Town and stand-up paddle boarding, spice hunting and scuba diving, or strictly books and suntans, the choice is yours.