Easy Travel and Earth Day – Our Tanzania, Our Responsibility

What if I told you there was a way to live without single-use plastic?

What if every grocery store, every petrol station, every school and street vendor and sports event didn’t even know what plastic bags looked like and that, if you had any leftover plastic bottles or bags, you would be highly discouraged from your community to use?

Can you imagine a real-life end to plastic pollution, where your pavement wouldn’t have a single piece of litter anywhere, where animals no longer have to swallow our plastic rubbish, where oceans are not overcome ? Can you imagine?

Easy Travel Earth Day 10

This Earth Day, Easy Travel is not only imagining an end to plastic, we (literally) took the issue into our own hands.

On Earth Day weekend, (22- 23 April 2018) Easy Travel took the lead on plastic cleanup in the safari capital of the world and our home base, Arusha. With a rapidly growing population of over a half million residents, litter and waste collection is a major issue, and the root of this is a growing use of plastic every day. Unfortunately, recycling is not the norm in Arusha. We want to change that.

To celebrate Earth Day we led a clean-up through the main road in Arusha, aiming to collect all the litter and rubbish we came across. Through a full day of cleanup, Easy Travel inspired lasting change in our community behaviors, to spread positivity through Tanzania’s safari community that each consumptive action matters, that there are easy changes that can be made to minimize our impact and look for alternatives to plastic.

No to Plastic, Yes to Planet.

By saying NO to single-use products, you are saying YES to the planet. Why? Because you are saying YES to respecting this life-sustaining Earth, while keeping it clean and beautiful for future generations. At Easy Travel, our existence depends on a thriving natural environment and our mission is to ensure we play our role as environmental stewards, its our Tanzania, and our responsibility.

That’s why we’re saying no to plastic, and yes to the planet. This Earth Day, we stand up to take action. Easy Travel pledges to help clean the streets of Arusha and inspire positive action in the theme of Earth Day, to end plastic pollution.

 This is what the water drainage looked like after we finished

Join the Revolution. End Plastic.

Join us in this effort. From safari companies to small and large businesses to personal habits, let’s join together and #EndPlasticPollution. Our planet’s wild things deserve nothing less than this humble commitment. After all, we are in this together. Join us.