7 Days – Grumeti River and Migration

Grumeti River And Migration – 7 Days

Arusha, Western Serengeti, Central Serengeti, Ngorongoro

Travel Period: Fourth week of May to Fourth week of June
Trip Introduction

At this time of year, we spend time in the Western Serengeti, a magnet for the migrating herds during these months. Our safari also takes us into the Central Serengeti, ensuring that you see the very best of the world’s greatest natural park. And that’s not all… we finish this incredible adventure at a completely different location, the equally amazing Ngorongoro. Wonderful experiences which will remain with you forever. Expect to tick off a long list of animals, found for you by your expert driver-guide. Watch out for Wildebeest, lion, elephant, buffalo, maybe cheetah plus many, many more as well as colourful birdlife. Beautiful Tanzania will simply unveil itself before your very eyes! Accommodation on this amazing tour is available in our popular ‘Comfort’ tour style

Trip Style
Comfort – Accomodation: Travelers will be staying in small lodges and tented camps, bathroom facilities are ensuite, this option is perfect balance of quality and price. Comfort accommodations are handpicked to ensure the best quality.


From: JRO To: Arusha
Distance: 55Km Time: 1 Hr
Hotel: African Tulip Hotel
Meal: Half Board
What You See
View of Mount Meru
Glance of Arusha City
From: Arusha To: Grumeti, Western Serengeti
Time: 3 Hrs
Camp: Mbalageti Tented Chalet
Meal: Full Board
What You See
Unique bird species, Dwarf Mangoose, Elephant Migration
Lion, Dik Dik, Impala, Snakes Baboons, Jackal
From / To: Western Serengeti
Camp: Mbalageti Tented Chalet
Meal: Full Board
What You See
Elephant, Girrafes, Hippo, Buffallo, Zebra
Blue Monkeys, Dik Dik, Water buck
Warthog, Flamingoes, Birds, Different Type of Trees
From: Western Serengeti To: Central Serengeti
Distance: 80 Km Time: 2.5 Hrs
Camp: Serengeti Tortilis Camp
Meal: Full Board
What You See
Acacia Tree, Serengeti Savana, Buffalo
Giraffe, Gazelles, Impala, Hippo, Wildebeest, Warthog, Birds
From / To: Serengeti
Camp : Serengeti Tortilis Camp
Meal: Full Board
What You See
Cheetah, Elephant, Eland
Thomsons Gazelle, Rhino, Ostriches
From: Central Serengeti To: Ngorongoro
Distance: 145 Km Time: 4 Hrs
Camp: Ngorongoro Tortilis Camp
Meal: Full Board
What You See
Lion, Wildebeest, Leopard, Zebra
Hyena, Honey Badger
From: Ngorongoro To: Airport
Distance: 245 Km Time: 5 Hrs

Meal: Half Board
What You See
Elephant, Buffallo, Spoted hyenas
Jackals, Cheetah, Different Type of Trees

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