A Go-To Guide For Booking A Trip To Tanzania With Easy Travel

The Ultimate Guide To Booking A Trip To Tanzania

Planning a trip to Tanzania is a huge decision. The country overflows with world-class activities. In just two weeks you could summit the tallest mountain in Africa, complete the most famous safari circuit on the planet and finish with a few days of relaxation in paradise.

There are a thousand ways to build your own personal Tanzanian adventure. And this is where Easy Travel comes in, to make your preparations, and booking your trip, well, easy!

Here follows a handy guide on how to go about booking your dream trip with Easy Travel.

Step 1: Choose Your Tour

The first step is to choose what you want to do in Tanzania. Do you want an active, hiking holiday that’ll steer you to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak? An idyllic beach getaway on the tropical shores of Zanzibar? Or an unforgettable Tanzanian safari?

The best way to get a better idea of what each tour offers, is to visit the Easy Travel website and click through the different options.

A Basic Safari Booking Made With Easy Travel In Tanzania

Step 2: Choose Between Private Tour or a Small Group Tour

Once you’ve settled on the tour of your choice, you need to decide between joining a small group tour or opting for a private tour.

    • With Easy Travel’s private tours you gain exclusive use of a safari vehicle, along with your personal guide, from beginning to end. Private tours might be priced a little higher than small group tours, but what you receive is a different level of customization, intimacy and privacy. For example, if you feel like sleeping in a bit on a particular morning, you have the flexibility to start a little later from the lodge.
  • To choose a small group tour with Easy Travel — either Basic or Comfort — is to share transportation and resources with others. Small group tours up Kilimanjaro never exceed 10 people, while small group safari tours never exceed 7-people. It is the most economical option for solo travelers, pairs, and groups of three. (Insider tip: If you are a group of 4 or more, booking a private tour can actually be similar in price, or cheaper!)

Step 3: Choose Your Style

Easy Travel offers guests four main styles of safari options to meet your every need and budget without compromising quality. Let’s take a look…

  • Basic: Here, travelers sleep in public campsites and bathroom facilities are shared with fellow travelers at the camp. Tents are generally shared, unless you have paid for a single tent. Basic tours also come with a dedicated chef and a personal driver. Read more about our basic tours here.
  • Comfort: Travelers stay in small lodges and tented camps with en-suite bathroom facilities. Comfort tours offer a mid-range balance of comfort and price. A personal driver is also included in your tour. Comfort style tours don’t have chefs, as all meals are served at the lodges / tented camps.
  • Comfort Plus: Here, travelers stay in state-of-the-art, luxury lodges or tented camps where the quality of service and facilities are equivalent to a large hotel organizations. Again, this style of tour includes a personal driver.
  • Luxury: Here Easy Travel will tailor your tour to your desire and in this option, travelers stay in top-tier, luxury tented camps or lodges. These accommodations generally also offer drinks on the house – such as house wine, house beer, soft drinks and water.

Handy Tips: The price of your tour increases in direct relation to the level of comfort and luxury it offers. Also, our Kilimanjaro Treks are only offered as a Basic Style Tour, due to camping on the mountains.

Interior View Of The Serengeti Tortilis Camp

Step 4: Decide On The Number Of Days

Once you have decided which tour and which style you want to go with, you need to decide on the number of days you’d like to be traveling for.

Done that? Great! Now open the selected tour’s page on our website, and you’ll see that at the bottom right hand side of the page, there’s a booking form that you need to fill out. Once filled out and submitted, one of our agents will get in touch with you.

However, if you are not sure about which program you’d like to choose, go to the Tailor Made Tour page on the website and complete that booking form. One of our Booking Agents will then suggest a program for you.

Step 5: Receive Your Itinerary

Our agents are our angels and we pride ourselves on our quick turn-around time on requests for travel itineraries. Once your dedicated agent has received your request, (s)he can start assembling your tour, and the agent will generally get back to the client within 24-hours or earlier

Step 5.1 The Availability of Lodges

It’s worth noting that the rooms in lodges are provisionally booked based on the arrival date that the client supplied us. However, if the client does not provide us with a date, Easy Travel will still put a program together with suggested lodges. But, it may happen that by the time the client sends his/her actual travel dates, that the suggested lodges might not have space available. In this instance, the client will receive supplementary lodges in the same price range  / experience.

Step 6: Confirm your Booking

The last piece of the puzzle is confirming your booking. Further down the line, once your trip itinerary has been finalised with the Easy Travel Booking Agent and you’re happy with the tour, you will be sent an invoice.

    • After the invoice for the booking is sent to the client, Easy Travel will continue to hold the booking for a total of 7 days
    • A deposit of 30% should be paid within 7 days to secure the booking. If the deposit is not paid within 7 days, the lodges where Easy Travel booked, will release the rooms.  In such a scenario, Easy Travel will suggest alternative lodges / camps with the same quality if the original accommodation is not available.
  • The remaining balance of the invoice then gets paid 45 days before arriving in Tanzania.

Time to get excited

With booking and payment sorted, there is nothing left to do other than get excited for your upcoming adventure with Easy Travel! Whether you’ve booked a safari tour or a trekking tour, there are brilliant travel trip notes are available on our website to help you prepare, pack, plan your visas and travel! Our experts have you covered. Contact us Today!

11 Reasons Why Easy Travel is the Ultimate Safari Operator in Tanzania

Wildlife Skulls In The Serengeti - Tanzania

Traveling half-way across the world to Africa for a safari holiday of a lifetime is a big decision. We know. And whilst sitting in the office, or at home in the UK, US or where in the world you may be reading this from, it’s very tricky to pick one safari operator.

So, if you are wondering ‘Why Easy Travel?’ you’ve landed on the right blog post. We have compiled a list of 10 reasons, that should take you no longer than 3 minutes to read, about why Easy Travel is different to any other tour operator in Tanzania.

Ready? Let’s go!

1 – Trip Advisor’s Hall of Fame

For the past five years, Easy Travel has received TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence, placing us in their exclusive Hall of Fame. This comes after 1000+ positive reviews shared by the people we care about most: our clients!

Trip Advisor Hall Of Fame

2 – 30+ Years of Experience

Since 1987, Easy Travel has been offering world-class safari tours in Tanzania. That’s over three decades of accumulated knowledge and on-the-ground experience, financial stability, attention to detail, exceptional care and thousands of satisfied customers.

30 Years Of Safari Excellence In Tanzania

3 – Tailor-Made Tours

Easy Travel staff loves to craft customized itineraries for our clients. Obsessed with elephants? We know where to go. Sunrise hot air balloon ride over the Serengeti? No problem. Want to spend 7 days climbing Mount Kilimanjaro? Sure thing. Whatever your style — basic, comfort, comfort plus, luxury — we’ve got you covered.

A Romantic Getaway With Our Tailor Made Tours

4 – Our guides are beyond brilliant

Our friendly, passionate guides are experts at a wide variety of skills: Tanzania’s cultural and natural history, language skills, and first aid training. Easy Travel Guides are multilingual – speaking Swahili, English and either German, Spanish, French or Italian. Our guides truly go the extra mile to ensure each client always feels fully supported.

Our Amazing Guides In Tanzania

5 – KPAP Certified

For over three decades, Easy Travel been organizing treks to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, and we are a proud member of an elite group of KPAP-certified Kilimanjaro operators. As a KPAP-certified operator, we are dedicated to treating each and every porter with the uncompromising dignity they deserve.

KPAP Certified Porters With Easy Travel

6 – Best Safari Vehicles Fleet in Arusha

Easy Travel has an impressive fleet of 50 safari vehicles – with all the extra bells and whistles to navigate Tanzania. Our vehicles are sort of like SUVs on steroids! They are fully customized Land Cruisers complete with a pop-up roof, seven individual bucket seats, multiple device plugins, and its own cooler.

A Shot Of Easy Travels Off Road Safari Vehicle

7 – Easy Travel Has The Best In-House Auto Shop in Arusha

Because we take such great pride in our fleet, we’ve invested in our own full-service auto repair shop, to ensure that every SUV is 100% ready when the rubber meets the dirt. Only a handful of tour operators share this level of commitment. With veteran mechanics managing state-of the-art machinery, everything is completed in-house: the painting, welding, tailoring, electrical work. We even have our own fuel pump! Learn more about our Auto Shop.

Our Mechanics Working Hard On Our Fleet

8 – We Never Subcontract Safari Vehicles

East Africa is notorious for unrelenting roadways that challenge even the toughest vehicles. Because you will be spending considerable amounts of time inside your vehicle, one of the most important considerations for lasting comfort on safari is reliable, safe vehicles. For this reason, unlike many inbound tour operators in Tanzania, Easy Travel never subcontract any of their safari vehicles. After each safari, every vehicle receives a comprehensive service to ensure the vehicle is in excellent condition before it starts any trip.

Our Easy Travel Vehicles On Safari In Tanzania

9 – Top-Rated tour operator on TripAdvisor

On Tripadvisor, 96% of our 1,374 reviews gave us a five-star rating, making Easy Travel the highest rated tour operating company in the region.

Top Tour Operators In Tanzania

10 – Female Empowerment

Female empowerment is a central pillar of our success! 50% of our employees are female. This has without a doubt, made us a stronger, more resilient and happier team.

Female Empowerment At Easy Travel

11 – Environmental stewardship

Being part of the tourism industry, our existence depends on a thriving natural environment. Our mission is to ensure we play a leading role as environmental stewards. During our recent World Environment Day clean-up the team collected a staggering amount of 74,631 plastic bags and 16,206 plastic bottles! Read more about our clean-up efforts:

World Environment Day

World Earth Day

Environmental Stewardship


Getting You There?

To learn more about Easy Travel’s top-rated Tanzanian tours and their high bar of excellence, start by reviewing Safari packages, Mount Kilimanjaro Treks, or Spice Island getaways. Get started here.

Five Chimpanzee Facts That Will Blow your Mind

Amazing Facts About Chimpanzees

On July 2, 2018, Easy Travel owner Sayyedah Hirji Gulamhussein watched in awe as world-famous primatologist-anthropologist Dr Jane Goodall stepped on stage in Arusha, Tanzania, to deliver a riveting speech about her life’s work and love: chimpanzees.

Sayyedah left feeling deeply inspired. It’s generally agreed that Jane Goodall is the world’s leading expert on chimpanzees. She has been an instrumental figure in wildlife conservation worldwide, most notably in East Africa. Goodall has dedicated her entire life to studying, understanding, and caring for the welfare of our closest nonhuman relatives, and the bulk of her chimpanzee studies occurred in, yes, Tanzania.

A Chimpanzee Spotted Laying Down Under The Bushes

July 14, 2018 is the First-Ever World Chimpanzee Day. To honor Jane Goodall and these incredible animals, we are dedicating a post entirely to the chimpanzee, our closest cousin on the tree of life. To this day, Tanzania remains one of the best places on Earth to spend time with these chimps. So here it is, all the need-to-know info about chimpanzees, just for you.

Sayyedah - Easy Travel Owner Meeting Dr Jane Goodall

How Jane Goodall Fell in Love with Chimps (and Tanzania)

Before we dive into chimp life, here’s your two minute history on Jane Goodall: Goodall was born in London, England in 1934. In her early twenties, she visited a family friend’s farm in Kenya’s highlands, and this began a lifelong love affair with East Africa. Goodall would later connect with famous archaeologist Louis Leakey, who hired her as secretary and sent her to the Olduvai Gorge (site to the earliest known evidence of our human ancestors; a recommended stop on Easy Travel tours!) and, later, to Gombe National Park, in 1960. Back in England, after receiving her PhD in ethology Goodall would return to Tanzania and spend years studying chimpanzee behavior, thus setting into motion one of the longest scientific research projects in the world.

Certificate From Jane Goodall For Visiting

She would later go on to establish the Jane Goodall Institute in 1977. Today, Goodall travels over 300 days a year as the world’s foremost advocate for wildlife conservation. Watch this breathtaking video of Jane Goodall assisting in a chimpanzee reintroduction program:

Introducing the Chimpanzee:

    • Species Name: Pan troglodytes. The genus Pan includes both the chimpanzee and bonobo. Both are endangered.
    • Average Lifespan: 45 years in the wild. The oldest known chimpanzee was 79 years old. (source)
    • Size: 5 – 5.5 feet (1.5 meters) 70-130lbs (32-60kg)
    • Range: Native to sub-Saharan Africa, some found in Northern Africa.
  • Estimated Population: 170,000 – 300,000 in the wild.

Family Of Chimpanzees Spotted In The Wild

Five Things to Know about Chimpanzees

1. They are our Closest Nonhuman Cousin

Google something like: “what animal is our closest relative?” You know what comes up? Chimpanzees. Well, the Great Apes come up—chimps, bonobos, orangutans, and gorillas. 98% of our genes are shared with chimpanzees. Humans are to chimpanzees as horses are to zebras—we’re that similar! Mind officially blown.

2. Chimps Aren’t Monkeys 

Despite common misconception, the Great Apes are not monkeys, but, rather, of the family Hominidae, of which humans are part. Want to know a wildlife hack  to know the difference between monkeys and apes? Check out their butts. Monkeys have tails. Great Apes don’t.

3. Chimpanzees Understand Death 

Recent findings suggest that chimpanzees (like elephants) will mourn the death of kin. This is added to self-awareness, tool use, and warring factions as notable behaviors shared with humans: Here

Mind Blowing Facts About Chimpanzees

4.  Their Beds are Way Cleaner Than Ours

Not only do chimpanzees make their beds each night, but they also choose new locations and fresh materials, too. That’s right. Chimps will sleep in trees, and their nests are always far cleaner than the average human bed. (Source)

5.  Tanzania: Ground Zero for Chimpanzee Sightings

If there’s one place to visit chimpanzees in their natural habitat, it’s Tanzania. In Gombe National Park (Western Tanzania), there exists the most famous chimpanzee reserve in the world, again a result of Jane Goodall’s lifelong study and wildlife reserve.

Bottom Line?

Tanzania teems with an abundance of life that must continue to be respected and protected, like the chimpanzee. Jane Goodall’s work is far from over. Easy Travel is a committed outfitter to responsible tourism, and we strive to give back more than we receive. Take this approach and everyone wins.

Getting You There?

Interested in exploring chimpanzee habitat while in Tanzania? Our team can organize a tailor-made trip to Gombe National Park, and customize your trip to complement any other add-ons. From the more traveled Northern safari circuit to the most adventurous, off the beaten path destinations, like Western and Southern Tanzania, Easy Travel can meet you at any level of adventure.

Additional Resources:

National Geographic – Facts About The Chimpanzee

Things we have learnt about Chimpanzees

Jane Goodall – 10 Things About Chimpanzees

Help Easy Travel Become Tanzania’s Best Inbound Tour Operator!

World Travel Awards Nominee Easy Travel

We would like to share some big news with you. It’s huge, like elephant-sized huge. Easy Travel has been nominated by the World Travel Awards as Tanzania’s Best Inbound Tour Operator.

We’re floored. We’re honored!

For over 30 years that we have been designing life-changing experiences in Tanzania – our customer care and tailor-made tours have gone far beyond simply meeting the needs our clients. Here at Easy Travel, leading trips is one thing, but caring for the people and place is equally as important and we invest considerable resources into sustaining a relationship of reciprocity with their home country of Tanzania.

We are one of only a few
KPAP-certified tour operators (Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project), a program ensuring ethical treatment for porters on each trekking tour. 
Mount Kilimanjaro Hiking Tour Staff Selfie
Female empowerment is another central pillar of our success. Fifty percent of our employees are female, a level of inclusion that extends outward from the office and into the landscapes and communities for which their tours operate.

Easy Travel Staff Photograph - World Travel Awards

Recently, out staff mobilized on both Earth Day and World Environment Day to end plastic pollution in Arusha, aiming to make it the cleanest city in Tanzania. The team collected a staggering amount of 74,631 plastic bags and 16,206 plastic bottles at the end of the World Environment Day clean-up.
World Environment Day As Supported By Easy Travel In Tanzania
It’s this level of genuine care for place, people, and planet that drives our work and we now need you to help spread this to the world.

Easy Travel World Travel Awards 2018 Nominee

Take (Literally) One Minute and Vote

Follow the steps below and place your vote. It takes a minute and would be mean the wild world to us.

How to Vote:

It’s quick and easy:

  • Click THIS LINK here to vote – it will take you to the exact voting page.
  • Vote Easy Travel ✅
  • Then as you submit your vote, you will be asked to create a profile with your email.
  • That’s it!

From our home to yours, we say: asanti sana.

Fingers crossed!

Easy Travel Enters TripAdvisor’s Exclusive Hall of Fame

Easy Travel Earn TripAdvisor Hall Of Fame

Breaking News! Easy Travel is proud to announce that we have been awarded TripAdvisor’s 2018 Certificate of Excellence, for the fifth year in a row. This adds us to their Hall of Fame, an elite group of outfitters who have received this certificate five consecutive years in a row. Whoop!

Gifts From Easy Travel To Clients Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro

Honestly, we consider this one of our highest honors. Why? Because TripAdvisor awards are a direct reflection of our customers’ experience. These certificates aren’t just bought; we don’t apply for them. They come directly from TripAdvisor, from the reviews and ratings of our clients, and are the result of our impassioned staff that works tirelessly to craft life-changing experiences, just for you.

Selfie With The Porters Before Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

What Exactly is a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence? Hall of Fame?

With over 350+ million reviews, TripAdvisor is the world’s most powerful customer review platform. Here, people rate and comment on their personal experiences at restaurants, hotels, outfitters, and more. There’s no better way to gauge the quality and consistency of a business than by reviewing their TripAdvisor ratings.

Consistency gets to the heart of TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence. These awards are given to the top 10% of all listings, those outfitters that receive consistently exceptional reviews over time. Think of it as a way for TripAdvisor to sift through the riffraff and authenticate companies whose reliable performance passes the test of time. Easy Travel has received this illustrious honor for the past five years, which puts them in an even smaller category of companies: TripAdvisor’s Hall of Fame.

What Did Easy Travel Do to Deserve all this Praise?

In truth, we’ve been creating world-class experiences for much longer than five years. For over three decades (!!!) Easy Travel has been a top-rated tour operator in Tanzania. What does that look like on the ground? That looks like fully-customized safari vehicles driven by trusted and experienced guides. That means supporting responsible tourism, hiring only KPAP-certified porters for every Kilimanjaro trek. That means an empowered support staff, 50% of which are female, fully committed to tailoring your trip.

Such excellence reflects the quality and care put into every aspect of Easy Travel’s tours and customer support. Family-owned and locally operated, Easy Travel offers every client the experience of a lifetime, an exquisitely crafted trip you will never forget.

The Amazing Porters That Help Make Your Mount Kilimanjaro Tours Possible

Bottom Line? Thank You.

For as much passion as we put into our safari, trekking, and beach packages, YOU are the true reason we keep doing what we do. YOU are the reason we keep receiving these certificates of excellence. Year after year, positive customer ratings flood in to confirm a sense of trust we establish with our clients.

Asante Sana. Thank you, our clients who join us in Tanzania for life-changing, exceptional journeys. Thank you, our staff who work long hours to ensure that every single detail is taken care of. And thank you, our suppliers and partners who we work alongside to guarantee that our gear meets the highest marks of quality and safety, and whose accommodations remain consistently world-class and reliable.

Easy Travel is customer-loved. Easy Travel is consistent. We are about changing lives, about inviting you into our beautiful home country and hearing it ROAR. It’s about connecting your lives to ours and offering life-changing moments that constitute a life fully lived. And for the fifth year in a row, our clients have voted us as Tanzania’s best and most reliable tour operator.

Getting You There?

To learn more about Easy Travel’s top-rated Tanzanian tours and their high bar of excellence, start by reviewing Safari packages, Mount Kilimanjaro Treks, or Spice Island getaways. Get started here.