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Why Climb Kilimanjaro? Why climb with Easy Travel?

Kilimanjaro is a name that creates excitement. And your first sight of Africa’s highest mountain, with its snowy collar, will be unforgettable. As the world’s highest freestanding mountain, it will surely take your breath away. But just looking at Kilimanjaro is not enough, you really need to get yourself to the summit, to the ‘Roof of Africa,’ where that first sighting will be surpassed by an indescribable sense of achievement. And nothing can beat the sensation of looking down on our incredible continent from a height of over 19,000 feet!

Reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro is a challenge. On a tough climb, you need a friend you can trust, someone who will give you the best chance of reaching the top.

With Easy Travel, you have found that friend: a local, Tanzanian, family-owned, ethical company with decades of experience, employing passionate and safety-conscious guides, enjoying a high success-rate, using excellent gear and showing genuine care for our adventurous guests. With Easy Travel you won’t just join a group, you’ll be part of a family. And from start to finish, the Easy Travel family will look after you. All of this combines to give us an enviable reputation, evidenced by our testimonials. And one other thing: we make it fun!

Here are some good reasons why Easy Travel is your best partner for Kilimanjaro:


On Africa’s highest mountain, you need a partner you can trust.

Over decades of providing reliable, safe, exciting and fun operations, Easy Travel has built an unrivalled reputation amongst its guests and indeed its competitors. At the very heart of this reputation is trust, something which is built slowly but surely over years of meeting and exceeding the expectations of those who choose to climb with us.


Safety should be your number 1 priority when you choose a partner for your Kilimanjaro climb. It’s certainly the number 1 priority with Easy Travel and everyone in our dedicated teams. You might find someone who will offer to take you up Kilimanjaro or Mount Meru for a few dollars less; there are certainly companies who can offer lower prices, but ask yourself ‘why?’ The answer is almost certainly because they are cutting corners in some part of their operations.

At Easy Travel, we never cut corners, we never compromise on safety. We’ll take you up the mountain, we’ll bring you down. Safely.

Attention to Detail

One of the keys to the success of Easy Travel is attention to detail. But what does this mean in practice? For us, it means that we leave nothing to chance. We employ specialist staff in our office, so from the time of your first enquiry, you are in excellent hands. Our specialists will want to know about you as an individual; they will want to know about your medical history, your dietary requirements, any allergies you have. Each climber is different, so we take time to listen, to understand and to cater for those differences.

Communication is one of our core values, so rest assured that all this information will be passed on to the dedicated crew who will take you up the mountain.

Attention to detail runs throughout our company, from checking the condition of equipment, to the thoroughness of our pre-climb briefing, to the quality of the food we provide, to staff training, to porter welfare, to constantly checking the welfare of our guests on the mountain, to overall customer service and of course, to safety.


Consistency is all about providing the same, high-standard, quality service to our visitors, every time. Every climb is slightly different, of course, but our desire to give those visitors an unforgettable experience never changes. With 35 years of service, we have developed and improved our systems and working practices, always listening to (and acting on) feedback from those who travel and climb with us. And while that feedback is consistently good, giving us our ‘number 1’ rating, we are never complacent. If we can improve our service by a mere fraction, we will do so.

Mountain Crew Training

Every member of our mountain crews is a professional, highly trained in ‘mountaincraft’, safety and customer service, and equipped with all the skills and knowledge necessary to give you the best experience possible. But although our crews are fully trained before you even meet them, that is not enough for us. Each crew is briefed before each climb, and feedback is received and acted upon after each climb. We provide training in English for our porters and of course our mountain chefs are skilled professionals, fully trained in food hygiene.

What’s more, we take the opportunities presented by each low season to refresh the crew’s training, ensuring that we are in a process of continual improvement, ensuring that everyone is up-to-date and equipped with the latest knowledge.


The old saying states: ‘There’s no substitute for experience’ and at family-run Easy Travel we have 35 years of it. Of course, it has to be good experience, and we certainly have that, too, having lead thousands of successful Kilimanjaro climbs in 35 years – as well as exhilarating safaris and relaxing Zanzibar beach breaks. One look at our visitor reviews will tell you what our valued guests think of our service.

There really is no substitute for experience, so don’t try to look for one! Choose Easy Travel, with all those years of experience, to look after you and give you the experience of a lifetime on the mountain.

The Best Guides

To get the best out of your mountain experience, you need the best mountain guides. Easy Travel chooses its mountain guides very carefully, our reputation depends on doing exactly that. They must be experienced, safety-conscious, responsible, trained to deal with every eventuality on the mountain – and all to a very high standard. Both knowledgeable and fun, as well as passionate about what they do, these guys are absolutely the key to your success. We value them highly and you will, too!

Porter Welfare

Mountain porters are the ‘tough guys’ of the Kilimanjaro experience. Easy Travel understands their importance and the importance of looking after them. Their welfare is your welfare, so we treat them well. As a company, we are partners of KPAP, (Kilimanjaro Porters’ Assistance Project), the organisation created to ensure the fair and ethical treatment of porters, which includes fair porter remuneration, as well as good standards of accommodation, food and clothing for them. We fully endorse the work of this organisation, embrace its terms and conditions and regularly score above the required KPAP standard. On our climbs, one KPAP porter monitors the welfare of all porters and feeds back to senior management. They also ensure that all tips given by our guests are fairly distributed to the team members on every climb.

The Best, Most Reliable Equipment

Cut-price Kilimanjaro operators sometimes see an opportunity to cut costs when choosing the equipment necessary for the climb. Unless you are an experienced mountain climber, you may not appreciate the importance of having the correct, high-quality gear. You need to be sure that the best equipment has been provided, and you need to be sure of this before you set out. Finding out that there’s a hole in your sleeping-bag, or that your tent is faulty, when you are halfway up a mountain, is too late! That’s why Easy Travel are 100% committed to providing the best gear and to checking its condition (and replacing it, when necessary) before every climb. Top-quality gear is key to both comfort and safety, so we make no compromises in this area.

Private Mobile Toilet

There are, of course, no toilet blocks on Mount Kilimanjaro, only the basic, long-drop, ‘pit’ style which can be a bit intimidating for some trekkers. With Easy Travel, we provide each group with a private mobile toilet, which is carried up the mountain from camp to camp by our porters, and designated for the exclusive use of your group, a maximum of six people per toilet. Climbers really appreciate having these toilets on the mountain, as they offer a cleaner, more hygienic experience than the public toilets. They are water-based, flushable toilets with a seat. Rest assured that the waste from these is all disposed of responsibly, with it being transferred to the National Park toilets for proper disposal. The hygiene of your private toilet will be maintained by our dedicated crew.

Excellent Food

If you are thinking that mountain climbing means camping and that camping necessarily means disappointing food…think again! Within your Kilimanjaro team you will discover a dedicated chef and his assistants, all committed to ensuring that your food on the mountain will be a highlight of your climb. After all, climbing a mountain of this size requires effort, and a balanced, nutritious, and delicious diet throughout your climb is essential. Like many of the guests before you, we think you will be delighted and surprised by the quality and variety of the cuisine that our chefs magically conjure up on the mountain.

A Choice of Routes

There is more than one way to climb a mountain and we would ask you to read up carefully about the various routes we offer. At this stage, names such as Marangu, Machame, Lemosho and Rongai might mean very little to you, but reading the descriptions will help you to choose which route is the right one for you. Bear in mind your budget and how much time you want to spend on the mountain. And of course, our experts at Easy Travel will be delighted to answer all your questions to help you make your decision.

We are a local, Tanzanian Climbing Operator

With Easy Travel, remember that you will be booking with a genuine, local, Tanzanian, Kilimanjaro Outfitter, with no agencies or middlemen involved. Too often, many would-be climbers who book from abroad don’t realise that the companies they choose are only agencies, not the actual operator who will take them up the mountain. Easy Travel is a Tanzanian family company, owned and managed by Tanzanians, passionate about what we do and experts on beautiful Tanzania. We are based in Arusha, Tanzania’s tourist capital.

Easy Travel never subcontract to other companies for our mountain climbs, so you can be sure that we will take care of you from start to finish. From the moment you start your enquiry until we wave you goodbye at the airport, you have direct contact with us.

Committed to Environmental Responsibility

With our 35-year old relationship with Kilimanjaro, we understand how we must respect the mountain. For all of us at Easy Travel, this is not a choice, it is an obligation to look after the mountain that gives us our living. As one example of our passionate commitment to this, on every climb we designate one or two porters to collect up the garbage left behind by other groups. So, we always leave the mountain in a better condition than we find it.

Needless to say, we collect and recycle all the plastic used by our business; in addition, we have a zero policy on plastic water bottles. In these very tangible ways, we can reduce the burden of plastic pollution, one of the biggest challenges currently facing the planet.

We affiliate with KPAP as part of our commitment to the welfare of our porters and with Carbon Tanzania to reduce our carbon footprint. By partnering with Travelife, we commit to sustainability in all of our operations. You can find out more about these excellent organisations in ‘Our Affiliations,’ below.

Professional Planning and Preparation, from start to finish

As soon as you contact us, your journey begins. Our staff at Head Office are professionals, true specialists, knowledgeable and focused on giving you all the help and information to guarantee you the best experience. That can advise you on when to climb, which route you might prefer and give guidance on the preparations and planning in readiness for what will be a trip of a lifetime. Ask them whatever questions you want, they will never tire of providing the answers. You might have questions about pre-climb training, want some medical advice, seek help about your equipment…ask away, they are here to help!

Because our guests recommend us

Whichever Kilimanjaro Outfitter’s website you visit, you will be told what a great company they are and why you simply must book with them. Of course, what else would you expect? Easy Travel’s website is no different in that respect, which is why we would ask you to read what our previous climbers have said about their experience. After all, it is those opinions which are the most important evidence that Easy Travel are providing a first-class climbing experience.

And because we are fun!

Climbing Kilimanjaro is hard work, there’s no escaping that fact. But by focusing on safety, providing great staff, excellent equipment and fantastic food, we can give you the very best chance of reaching the summit as safely and comfortably as possible.

And just as important, you will find our team members to be personable, approachable and entertaining. Yes, it is a serious climb, but with Easy Travel it will be fun as well!

Our Affiliations

As a responsible Kilimanjaro Operator, Easy Travel is proud to be affiliated to a number of ethical bodies who are committed to improving the visitor experience in Tanzania. Between them, these organisations also contribute to important issues such as the environment and porter welfare. Below, we tell you about each of these; why they are important and why we wish to be affiliated with them.

Kilimanjaro Porters’ Assistance Project (‘KPAP’)

Be aware that not all Kilimanjaro Operators look after the welfare of their porters. But if you want to book with a company that does look after these hardworking guys, make sure that they are KPAP affiliated. This worthwhile organisation is dedicated to ensuring that the working terms and conditions for those who carry your gear up the mountain are fair and are adhered to. After all, you want to make sure that your porters are paid well and on time, that they are properly fed, and that their health is looked after. Easy Travel is very proud to be a KPAP member.

Carbon Tanzania

Dedicated to conserving forests and protecting wildlife, Carbon Tanzania is another of Easy Travel’s proud affiliations. We recognise that our relationship with the planet’s flora and fauna should be interdependent and so we value how this social enterprise works tirelessly in Tanzania to protect large areas of wildlife-rich forest while also respecting the lifestyles of the indigenous peoples.


Focusing on sustainability in the tourism sector, this excellent organisation offers a fair structure for tour operators to improve their social and environmental impact, benchmarked against sustainability criteria. In a world where visitors such as you are rightly concerned about caring for the planet in all its fragility, we at Easy Travel are happy to associate ourselves with Travelife and proud to have been given one of its awards.

Tanzanian Association of Tour Operators (‘TATO’)

TATO is the umbrella body for tour operators in Tanzania, committed to maintaining high standards amongst its members. TATO’s activities include the provision of training and Easy Travel is proud to be equally committed to great quality tourism. Externally, TATO lobbies on behalf of its members and seeks coordination and cooperation between the private and public sectors.

African Travel and Tourism Association (‘ATTA’)

We also affiliate with ATTA, which is an active Trade Association engaged in the promotion of tourism in Africa, flying the flag across the world for the enchanting African continent. ATTA has more than 550 members spread across 22 African countries, and includes tour operators and PR companies, as well as specialists in accommodation and transport.

Our Reviews

We are proud of and very grateful for the feedback we receive from our visitors. We are also fortunate, but very humbly, we do not consider that such feedback comes from luck. At the very heart of our operation are our seven core values, those principles to which everyone at Easy Travel adheres. If you read these, you will understand a bit more about us and perhaps why we get such positive feedback from our incredible guests:

Good communication, especially when you’re climbing, is essential. At Easy Travel, everyone understands this, everyone practises it, and everyone knows that first-class communication involves listening as well as talking.

Having and sharing expert knowledge is also a core value at Easy Travel. Whether it is during your booking process, or high up on the mountain slopes, you want a team that knows what to do, a team of experts you can rely on. That’s what we provide: true expertise.

Honesty is a quality we never compromise on. We tell you the truth about your climb, during the enquiry and booking process, on our website, in our briefings, face-to-face. The last thing you want is a nasty surprise, halfway up Kilimanjaro. So, we tell you straight, exactly what you need to know.

Whatever we do, we do it with passion. We are fortunate, we live in a beautiful country, so it is easy to be passionate! The mountains give us our livelihoods, and we respect that. All of our crew members love what they do, and they want to share their passion with you.

Valuing relationships ranks very highly with us. Our relationships with our guests are hugely important, as are the relationships with our staff, our porters and everyone who contributes to a great and safe climb. If we properly value the people we interact with, then we have the makings of a great business and top-class customer service. And our relationship with our environment is equally important.

Easy Travel has been in business for over 35 years, that’s a lot of experience. And not just experience, but great experience, experience of delivering unforgettable memories to our thousands of guests over many, many years.

All of the above core values allow us to provide excellent service, to you, our guests, from the first point of contact to the moment we say ‘goodbye’ to you as you leave Tanzania. Everything we do, from the smallest detail, is geared towards your satisfaction. Do we succeed? Read our reviews and make up your own mind!

Our Awards

It’s one thing to receive an award for high achievement, but it’s another to consistently rank at the top for customer satisfaction. For the past seven years, Easy Travel has received TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence, placing us in their Hall of Fame. This comes after 2500+ reviews, (of which 98% are ‘excellent’) written and shared by the people we care about most: YOU.