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Daily Health Check

A matter of great significance in keeping you safe on Kilimanjaro is the daily health check, carried out by our trained and experienced guides. Constant monitoring of your progress on the climb, together with this more ‘formal’ check allows our team to identify any health warning signs before they become serious.

  • In carrying out the important health check, we use a pulse oximeter. This piece of equipment monitors your saturation of oxygen and also your pulse rate as you ascend. It is simply attached to your finger to produce a reading, which tells us if your oxygen saturation is at a safe level. (Oxygen saturation levels decrease with altitude, which is why monitoring is so crucial.)
  • The effects of AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) are also measured by the tried-and-tested Lake Louise Scoring System. Demanding complete honesty from you, the climber, this tool involves open and honest responses to a series of questions posed by your guide.
  • Our mountain teams always carry bottled oxygen, which is used when the adverse effects of altitude require it. Please note that this is reserved for emergencies, namely where it is needed for climbers suffering from AMS. Easy Travel (and indeed, any other responsible operator) do not advocate the use of supplemental oxygen on the mountain, as such use is actually dangerous.

Please be clear that safety is always our priority and if the guides decide it is not safe for a climber to continue, then that decision is final. We do everything we can to get you to the top but will never compromise on safety. Never.