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Visa and Passport Requirements

Every visitor to Tanzania is responsible for possessing the necessary permission to enter the country. Easy Travel cannot give comprehensive information or advice on this subject, mainly because entry requirements vary depending on which country you are coming from. In addition, from time to time, rules and regulations about entry are changed, so all those intending to visit should carefully check the Tanzania Immigration website for information about visa and passport requirements.

In summary, you will need a valid passport with at least 6 months until its expiry date and, for most people, a visa. Visas can be obtained online in advance, or on arrival at the port of entry in Tanzania. Note that it is no longer possible to get visas from Tanzanian Embassies in many countries.

You should also possess a return ticket and be able to prove that you have sufficient funds for the duration of your stay.

Visitors from non-Commonwealth countries must possess a valid visa unless their country has an agreement with Tanzania by which the requirement for a visa is waived.

Visitors from Commonwealth countries do not require visas unless they are citizens of the United Kingdom, Canada, Nigeria, or India. Any visa obtained must be of the correct type, namely for vacation, business, study or other authorised activity.

Visas are issued online by the Tanzanian Immigration Services, or at official entry points at Kilimanjaro International Airport, Dar es Salaam International Airport, Zanzibar Airport, Namanga, Tunduma, Sirari, Horohoro, Kigoma port and Zanzibar Harbour.

The entry point for most of our visitors will be Kilimanjaro International Airport. Before entering the airport building, you may be asked to show your boarding pass. You may also be asked to demonstrate that you have the necessary vaccination against yellow fever (see below).

Once inside the airport, you will join one queue if you already have a visa, or a different queue if you have to obtain one on arrival. The airline cabin crew will have given you a declaration form to complete, but you will find additional copies in the airport. Your completed form should be given to the immigration officials.

The cost of obtaining a Tanzanian visa on arrival is $50, payable in US Dollars, or $100 for US citizens, again payable in US dollars.

Easy Travel advises all visitors to obtain their visas online, well in advance of their intended trip. Trying to obtain your visa on arrival can result in lengthy delays at the port of entry.