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Sujuni Alphayo Mollel

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Position: Mountain Guide
Date of Birth: 1st July 1992
Place of Birth: Arusha City, Tanzania
Language Spoken: English and Kiswahili
Number of years in the travel industry: 14 years, two years as a mountain porter, 12 years as a mountain guide
Number of years working with Easy Travel: 7 years

About Sujuni

I was born in Arusha in 1992 and attended Levolosi Primary School. After seven years, I finished primary school and was lucky enough to be chosen to go to the Oloirien Secondary School, where I studied for four years. Next, I joined the Arusha Vacation Training Centre, a Tourism College, where I spent 18 months. My first experience climbing Mount Kilimanjaro was as a mountain porter, a job I did for two years. At the start of 2012, the Kilimanjaro National Park authorities (KINAPA) invited tour operators to put forward any of their staff (including porters) who wanted to undergo the necessary training to become mountain guides.

I managed to get onto the course and later succeeded in passing the practical and theory exams. As a result, KINAPA gave me a mountain guide license, and I have been doing this for the past 12 years. After obtaining my KINAPA license, I started looking for a job opportunity.

For six years, I worked as a freelance mountain guide for many companies, giving me invaluable experience in this career choice. In 2017, I was fortunate enough to secure a job opportunity with Easy Travel and Tours, and I have been with them since then until now. My first experience up on the mountain with Easy Travel was a revelation compared with the other companies I had worked with. This is because I witnessed people working together and communicating exceptionally well. The Easy Travel crew work together, as opposed to working in competition with each other. To describe my time so far, I can say that I have achieved a greater experience since I joined because Easy Travel is a company that commits to giving continuous training to its mountain crews. The training covers customer care, cleanliness, respect for nature, and first aid. Also, the company directors want first-class mountain crews and love seeing the great things their staff can achieve. They meet the mountain crews, person-to-person, to motivate the team to do better and to solve the challenges faced during treks. I feel very lucky to work in a company such as Easy Travel.

As for myself, my native tribe is the Maasai tribe which beliefs in having genuine respect for one’s elders and youngsters alike. What I love about the Maasai Culture is that we still practice our traditions, such as our style of dress, our food, our lifestyle as cattle herds, and our traditional settlement called the Maasai boma, which attracts many interested people from around the world. During my early years studying, I lived with my family, mainly my mother and elder sister. After I became an official mountain guide, I got married in 2013 in Arusha. I currently live with my wife and two children. My son is Brighton, and my daughter is called Michelle, and we all live together in Mlangarini Village, south of Arusha City.

Favorite Park in Tanzania

My favorite park in Tanzania is the Kilimanjaro National Park which is located near Moshi in the Kilimanjaro region. Of course, this is the home of the highest freestanding mountain in the world – from which I earn my living! This famous mountain has three peaks, Kibo, Mawenzi, and Shira. Kilimanjaro has no fewer than seven routes to ascend to the summit and back again. Also, Kilimanjaro has five zones where every trekker must pass to the summit. This park allows us all to make a living by attracting trekkers from all over the world. The residents who live on Kilimanjaro’s foothills make a living through irrigation farming and their plantations of trees.

Favorite Route

My favorite route is the Machame Route, which trekked over six days

Favorite Food

My favorite food is called ‘Ndizi Turupa,’ which is a tasty meal made of green bananas (plantains) that are mixed with coconut milk, beef, and a variety of vegetables such as ladies’ fingers (okra), tomatoes, onions, green beans, potatoes, carrots, and capsicum. I love this dish because it is made of natural food that strengthens us.

Favorite Hobby

My favorite hobby is listening to music because it relieves stress and makes you feel good! Another hobby I enjoy is watching basketball during my time at home. Another of my hobbies is swimming in the pool or at the Chemka Hot Springs, which is in Moshi.

Favorite TV Show

My favorite TV show is Mr. Harvey.

Favorite Singer/band

My favorite band is Morgan Heritage, a reggae band from Jamaica. My favorite solo singer is Richie Spice, who mostly sings reggae, although I also enjoy listening to country music.

14 Questions and answers with Sujuni Mollel

Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa, allowing you to see different attractive views at different elevations between 3000m to 5895m above sea level. The changes in landscape and vegetation are evident from the lowest zone right up to the Summit Zone. They are fascinating because of the ever-changing flora and fauna as you ascend and descend.

My favorite route is the six-day Machame Route because I believe this is the easiest and takes the fewest days. This route allows trekkers to acclimatize properly and has a high success rate, with 95% of trekkers reaching the summit. You ‘walk high and sleep low,’ which means you climb to a higher elevation, and then you come down to sleep at a lower elevation – this helps combat altitude sickness. The amazing scenery includes spectacular species of flora, such as the giant groundsels.

Easy Travel is a very reliable company, and you will not regret your choice of booking with them. It uses only excellent gear/equipment, provides reliable and comfortable vehicles, and the company Directors treat the mountain crews respectfully. Any challenges present before, during, or after the trek is solved as soon as possible. The mountain crew works harmoniously, positively impacting the trekkers’ experience.
My favorite month for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is September, which is during the dry season. There is less probability of rainfall in this month, and many trekkers choose to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in September.
My favorite section of Mount Kilimanjaro is the Barranco Wall because when you wake up in the morning, you start climbing the wall straight after breakfast which involves either a scramble or climbing in ‘monkey-style.’ Once you reach the top of Barranco Wall, you are at an altitude of 4200m above sea level and realize that you have used up all your breakfast energy! 

There are many things that trekkers do not expect to experience on a Mount Kilimanjaro climb:

a) A trekker may not expect to get quite so tired from climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

b)They may be surprised to meet such a dedicated, motivated, and hard-working crew; also unexpected by many people are the constant changes in weather during the trek and the many variations in the vegetation as you climb.

c)The sight of the permanent glaciers on Mount Kilimanjaro surprises some!

We have more than 120 tribes, and we all live together, work together and make the most of it. The respect that we have for each other is surely impressive, despite our differences. We also have different religions, and although we pray in our ways, we still share and live together in harmony. That is my favorite part of the culture in Tanzania! 

‘Jambo’ which means ‘hello’

‘Asante’ which means ‘thank you

‘Naipenda Tanzania,’ which means ‘I love Tanzania.’

Our guests would be surprised to learn of all the knowledge I possess about Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, and its culture. I organize, lead and arrange the crew for the trek, and I seek to represent the company very well. To do this, I dress appropriately and explain how I care for the crew and the trekkers.

Preparation is very important for a Mount Kilimanjaro trek. The first and most important thing is to prepare mentally and physically for the trek. Exercises like walking (not less than 5km a day), running, yoga, jogging, and cycling will all help to prepare you physically. I also advise trekkers to check their medical health with their physician before they arrive. Trekkers are also advised to prepare their gear and get expert advice.

I have climbed Mount Kilimanjaro more than 170 times. The first time I climbed as a mountain guide was in 2012, and now I have climbed via all seven routes – so I certainly have enough experience to be a good mountain guide. 
The first major challenge is the weather and any changes that might occur. Some routes are steep in nature, such as the Umbwe Route and the Machame Route. Oxygen levels decrease on the trek, which can cause trekkers to use Diamox as a supplement. Drinking more water is very important. Another thing is the rain and snow, which are a challenge because they can soak your clothes and make you feel uncomfortable. It is very cold at night- and some trekkers are not used to it.
The first is to walk ‘slowly, slowly,’ which in our language is ‘pole pole.’ Drink water – about 3 liters a day – and juice and soup, which are supplements. Having plenty of time to sleep or rest is advisable once you arrive at the camp. It is very important to follow any advice and instructions provided by your medical adviser/doctor and to have any medication in the advised prescription and timing. Before doing anything, it is advisable to inform or seek advice from your mountain guide so that he is aware.

Trekkers can become uncomfortable when it rains; they don’t experience the scenery and views. Sometimes they may arrive at the camp wet and soaked due to the rain.

If a trekker becomes sick, we must arrange to take the unwell trekker back down. If a stretcher is needed, several crew have to descend with them, which means fewer crew members to continue upwards – each having to carry more equipment than before!


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