Drones In Tanzania – For Now, A Big ‘No-No’

Drones In Tanzania - Are They Allowed?

Most people love to take photos on their holidays and a safari in Tanzania provides excellent photo-opportunities beyond your wildest imagination. Every safari is different, so we cannot tell you what you might capture with your camera or mobile phone, but leaving Tanzania without pictures would be unforgivable, that’s for sure! After all, how often in your life will you see a pride of lions basking in the sun, a herd of elephants on the march, or a pod of giant hippos wallowing in their murky pool?

Drones In Tanzania - The rules and regulations

But we must give a word of warning, as the use of drones for any purpose is strictly prohibited in all of Tanzania’s National Parks and visitors are advised not to bring drones of any other unmanned aerial vehicle into Tanzania. This prohibition is imposed by our Government for security purposes, and – in a dangerous world – we must all comply with this rule, without exception.

But here’s the good news! Our Easy Travel driver-guides are the best in the business, 100% dedicated to getting you the very best photo opportunities out in the wild. You only need to read a few reviews on Tripadvisor to see what our visitors say about the guides’ incredible ability to spot the wonderful wildlife of Tanzania and get in the best positions for you to take breath-taking, jaw-dropping pictures that will ‘wow’ your friends when you get home…and give you a permanent, photographic bank of memories to stay with you forever.

The combination of your camera or phone and our Easy Travel driver-guides will ensure that, even without drones, you can capture our natural wonders in fantastic pictures. And don’t forget, if you need a ‘view from above’ of our National Parks and their fascinating inhabitants, we offer you the option to book a hot air balloon safari. If you decide to take one of those…don’t forget your camera!

Tanzania Visa Application FAQs

Your safari has been planned, the excitement is building; Tanzania’s wildlife, people and incredible scenery are awaiting your arrival. Now, it’s time to make sure that your paperwork is in order. Yes, we know it’s boring, but it is essential to get everything right so that your arrival in beautiful Tanzania is as smooth as possible. It’s so important – please read on!

Easy Travel and Tours are providing the information below to assist visitors in applying for their visas. We are always here to help! Nevertheless, we must stress that each visitor must apply for their visa well in advance of their proposed visit, comply with the correct procedures in their application and be in possession of a valid, appropriate visa when they arrive. The official website for applications is www.immigration.go.tz, which also provides contact numbers if applicants require further information or have any queries.

It is very important to take a note that the only official website to apply for Tanzania online visa is www.immigration.go.tz. The Tanzanian immigration does not recognize nor accept any other website or agent that claim to be Tanzania Visa application centre.

Q. Do I need a visa?

A. The short answer is yes, unless you hold a passport from one of the countries listed below. If your country is in this list, then the good news is that you are exempt from the requirement for a visa. If your country is not on this list, you must get a visa. As the list is updated frequently, please check immediately before applying.

Exempt countries:

Antigua & Barbuda
Ashmore & Certie Island
British Virgin Island
British Indian Ocean Territory
Cayman Island
Channel Island
Cocoas Island
Cook Island
Christmas Island
Falkland Island
Heard Island
Hong Kong
Isle of Man
Naue Island
Norfolk Island
Papua new Guinea
Ross Dependency
Solomon Island
South Sudan
St. Kitts&Navis
St. Lucia
St. Vicent
St. Helana
South African Republic
Trinidad & Tobago
Turks & Caicos

Q. Once I get my visa, am I guaranteed entry to Tanzania?

A. As with most countries in the world, the possession of a valid Visa for the United Republic of Tanzania does not provide automatic right of entry into the country. The Immigration Officer at the port of entry may refuse entry to any person, if he is satisfied that such a person is unable to fulfil the immigration requirements or that such person’s presence in the United Republic of Tanzania would be contrary to national interests or security.

Q. Is it still possible to obtain a visa on arrival?

A. Yes, it is still possible to obtain a visa on arrival at entry points. The Tanzanian Government has not yet fully phased out visas on arrival, but the government will phase out visas on arrival at some point which is not yet known.
We recommend visitors to apply visas online in advance to avoid unnecessary ques at the entry points and to allow visitors to check out faster.

Q. Which visa should I apply for?

A. Nearly all those booking safaris or mountain climbs with us will need to apply for an ‘Ordinary’ single-entry visa. However, if you are intending to make multiple entries into the country, or are travelling for any purpose other than tourism, or are intending to stay in Tanzania for more than 90 days you should read the guidelines on the website carefully to ensure that you apply for the correct type of visa. All US citizens, please see ‘How much does a visa cost?’ below

Q. How do I pay for my visa?

A. During the online application process, you may pay for your visa by use of a credit card (Visa or Mastercard.) We at Easy Travel do not advise paying for your Visa by the ‘SWIFT transfer’ option offered on the Government website, as it can be difficult to trace payment and this may delay the granting of the visa and prevent your entry to Tanzania.

Q. How much does a visa cost?

A. Currently, a single-entry ordinary (tourist) visa costs $50 USD and a multiple-entry visa costs $100 USD. Note that US Citizens must apply for the multiple-entry visa, and pay $100 USD, even if they are only making a single trip. Prices for any other types of visa are detailed on the website.

Q. How do I know if my visa has been approved?

A. You will be notified by e-mail. Before receiving approval, you will be able to check the status of your application online.

Q. How long does my visa last for?

A. An ordinary single-entry visa will last for 90 days.

Q. Apart from being required to make a payment, what other documents do I need?

A. You will need to be able to upload a passport-size photo of yourself, the biographic data page of your passport, and a copy of your return flight ticket. Passport size photograph usually has dimensions of 4.5mm X 3.5mm.Your passport-size photo and biographic data page of the passport needs to be saved in Jpg/png formats separately with maximum size of 300kb each, see below picture for better understanding.

Please note that your passport must have validity for at least six months after the date of your departure from Tanzania, and also have at least one full unused/unstamped visa page.

Q. My visa application has been rejected. How do I get my fee refunded?

A. Unfortunately, fees paid for a visa application cannot be refunded.

Q. When should I apply for my visa?

A. Although the government website indicated that a visa application takes 10 days to process, we advise that you should apply for your visa as soon as you are able and certainly not less than 30 days before your departure for Tanzania.

Q. I am from a country which is listed below in the category of ‘Referred Visa.’ When should I apply for my visa?

A. We advise any visitors in this category to apply for their visas at least 90 days before their proposed arrival in Tanzania and to obtain visa approval before booking any flights or incurring other costs (such as non-refundable hotel bookings). Visitors from these countries will need to have a referral letter from Easy Travel: we can write this once we have received the deposit for their booking. Countries in this category are listed below, but as the list is updated frequently, please check immediately before applying.

Q. Referred Visa Countries:

Equatorial Guinea
Kazakhstan Republic
Kyigten Republic
Sri Lanka
Somali land
Sierra Leone
Yemen and
Stateless persons or persons with refugee status.

Q. I have found several websites offering visas to Tanzania. Can I apply through any of these sites?

A. No, we strongly advise you to use only the official government website, www.immigration.go.tz. Other rogue sites may cost more and will not be able to fast-track applications; they may also be ‘scam’ sites, taking your money without actually providing a visa.

Q. I have received confirmation of the grant of my visa. Do I still need a yellow fever certificate?

A. Yes – if you are arriving from, or transiting through, certain countries. The grant of a visa is entirely separate from any requirements with respect to yellow fever. Please see www.moh.go.tz and ensure that you comply with the requirements. Entry to Tanzania may be denied if you do not comply with these, even if you possess a valid visa.

Q. Which entry points can I use to enter Tanzania?

A. Applicants who have a visa can enter Tanzania through any of the following five entry points:
• Julius Nyerere International Airport (JNIA)
• Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA)
• Abeid Amani Karume International Airport (AAKIA)
• Namanga border
• Tunduma border

Tanzania Bans Single-use Plastic Bags

Important: your action is required!

Here’s your chance to help!”

We all care about the environment, about nature, about the wonderful wildlife that Tanzania has to offer. We all share the responsibility of preserving what we have…otherwise, it may disappear forever.

In an important development, Tanzania has joined nearly 60 other countries in banning single-use plastic bags, and visitors to our beautiful country will have to take a share of the responsibility to keep it beautiful.

You can no longer bring any single-use plastic bags into Tanzania, nor use them when you are here!

Your responsibility as a visitor will start from the moment you arrive at the airport, or other entry point (for example, if arriving by land from a neighbouring country). You are allowed to bring in the see-through, zip-lock bags which you use to carry your liquids and toiletries through airport security, but you are expected to keep hold of these and not to dispose of them while in Tanzania. No other plastic bags should be brought into the country in either your hand luggage or your checked-in luggage. Failing to comply could result in delays when you arrive.

End Of Plastic Bags In Tanzania

A small exception to the ban has been made for certain milk and sugar bags authorised for use by Tanzanian retailers and additionally, any plastic or plastic packaging for medical services, industrial products, the construction industry, the agricultural sector, foodstuff, sanitary and waste management are not prohibited.

Replacements will be in the form of environmentally-friendly, biodegradable bags and these will shortly be available in Tanzania. Visitors arriving with any other plastic bags will have to surrender them on arrival and will be provided with alternatives.

Bag Usage In Tanzania - Zanzibar

The new regulations take effect from 1st June 2019, and just being a tourist or a visitor in any other capacity will not be acceptable as an excuse for carrying or using plastic bags.

Please observe these new rules and ensure that all members of your group are aware of them, too. Together, we can work to tackle the huge problem across the world, namely the dreadful pollution caused by non-biodegradable waste – especially plastic bags.

Currently, less than 10% of the world’s production is recycled. One thing’s for sure: the use of plastic is both an environmental catastrophe and a horrible eyesore – especially when set against the natural beauty of the Tanzanian landscape.

Help Tanzania to remain beautiful – so do not bring any single-use plastic bags into the country!

Accommodation on a Basic Safari: What you Need to Know

Basic Small Group Safari Tour - Camping In Tanzania

Since when did our most memorable travel experiences come to be determined by the fluff of hotel pillows? Since when did exploring the world become contingent on pampered luxuries? Since when did getting on an airplane and traveling to the ends of the earth require infinity pools, high-speed wifi, and expensive cocktails? (well, I rarely refuse a drink). Since when did an adventure of a lifetime, of witnessing the beauty and wildness of our world become so…so…cushioned?

Okay, truth be told: sometimes luxury travel does feel darn good. Sometimes being pampered, being set up in high-end resorts and lodges with every amenity imaginable is just what the doctor ordered after a long stint of work back home, or life event worth celebrating in high style.

But this thread isn’t about poolside daiquiris. This post will not help you navigate your daily massage appointments. It’s not about private jets or celebrity-status exclusivity replete with every luxury you can think of. No, for this one we focus on inclusivity, on traveling as pure connection, on travel’s pure essence: the essence of adventure, the motivation, the why. Here we’ll explore why we fly halfway around the world for safari, the connections we make, and why a Basic tour with Easy Travel both meets and exceeds this true essence.

What Makes Safari Great? The Connection

As much as we love the luxuries in life, let’s be real: safari is not about high speed Internet or poolside suntans. It’s about the wildlife. It’s about wilderness. It’s about those amber-hued landscapes arcing with giraffe neck and warthog tail. It’s about your heart beating in your chest, faster and faster as you immerse yourself into the bowels of the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, and Tarangire—this breathing, seething planet where millions (yes millions!) of wildebeest charge past crocodiles and lions to survive another day while Kori bustards fly through the sky with their seven-foot (2.1m) wingspans, weaving past baobob trees, some of which are more than 6,000 years old.
Now this is what safari is all about. It’s about connections: to age-old landscapes and age-old cultures, to that steamed ugali sticking to your fingers (Food Of Tanzania), to that sweet-salty taste of banana beer on your lips. For many, safari is less about the accommodations and more about the experiences. Luckily, Easy Travel offers both. Our three main tiers of safari options can meet your every need and budget without compromising quality or safety. Take a look…
Basic Small Group Tour Dinner In Tanzania

The Three Trip Options of Easy Travel: Basic, Comfort, and Comfort Plus.

Before we dive into the specifics of a Basic package, let’s take an overview of Easy Travel’s three package tiers—basic, comfort, and comfort plus (View Our Styles) to see what’s included, the differences in amenities, travel, etc:

    • Basic: Travelers sleep in public campsites; bathroom facilities are shared with fellow travelers at the camp; private tents, personal chef, personal driver and gear specialist.
    • Comfort: Travelers stay in small lodges and tented camps; ensuite bathroom facilities; a mid-range balance of comfort and price. Personal driver and gear specialist.
  • Comfort Plus: travelers stay in state-of-the-art, luxury lodges or tented camps where the quality of service and facilities are equivalent to a large hotel organizations; personal driver and gear specialist.

Here’s What Basic Accommodation Looks Like…

Now let’s focus now on Easy Travel’s Basic category. It’s a bit of a misnomer, as “Basic” implies some minimum, that what you receive is something simple and barebones. This is far from the truth. In fact, nothing Easy Travel does is basic or simple. Choose Basic and you weave through all the same superlative landscapes as Comfort and Comfort Plus packages. You will witness extraordinary lion kills, Serengeti sunsets, and hippo-bloated rivers.

For a Basic tour, the main difference is that you will be camping for the entirety of your trip. What does this look like? First, imagine a large tent of your own in which you can stand in, move around, wiggle and dance and do yoga if you’d like. It’s that big. Oh, and did I mention you set up nothing? Yes, after a full day of game drives you arrive to your public campsite and tents, sleeping pads, and bags, and dinner table will all be prepared for you. Again, not “Basic.”

Every morning and every night, hot water for tea, hot chocolate, and coffee will be served alongside exquisite meals prepared by a personal chef. Easy Travel’s Basic tours require you to share facilities, such as restrooms and some dining halls, which just means you’ll be able to rub shoulders with interesting folks from around the world. Win-win.
Sleeping Arrangements On Safari With Easy Travel On Their Small Group Tours

Here are Five Must-Pack Items for a Basic Tour:

    1. Headlamp – These are one of our all-time favorite tools, as they make for hands-free convenience when rifling through your tent at night.
    1. Camping Towel – Invest in a quick-dry towel for showering and face-washing. Indispensable.
    1. Toiletries – Most shampoos, soaps, and hand sanitizers will be difficult to find in Tanzania. Better to bring them.
    1. Cozy Sandals – After a long day in boots, it’s nice to have a comfy pair of sandals or Crocs to put on.
  1. Travel Pillow – Resting your head on something cozy at night is underestimated. These days you can find ultralight, packable pillows for both camping and long flights. Great investment.

This is the connection I speak of. Because what you return from safari with aren’t photos of bathtubs porcelain and ironed linen but memories of cheetah stripes and elephant herds, Am I right? Most clients who choose a Basic package understand this and are willing to give up a little cushion of lodges and save their shillings for the experiences that last a lifetime.

Bottom Line?

Choose a Basic tour and you have the opportunity to wake up, open your tent, and have a Ngorongoro sunrise flood right in. You might discover zebras browsing grass next to your camp or perhaps even the distant roar of a lion at night (don’t worry, our campsites are safe!). You’ll be able to witness, from the comfort of your own rolled tent flap, constellations of stars hanging above, after an evening Serengeti campfire.
These are the sights, sounds, and smells of a Basic tour. These are the elements of coming alive. These are the moments we live for. With a Basic tour you still receive the high-quality experience of a private, state-of-the-art safari vehicle, an experienced driver and guide, personal chefs, and camping gear.

Getting You There?

If all this calls you, take a look at the Basic tours Easy Travel offers and give us a call or contact us via email today to start planning your Basic safari.

Safari With Kids: Everything You Need To Know

Child Using Binoculars On A Safari In Tanzania

“Don’t just tell your children about the world. Show them.”

Your thirteen-year-old daughter can no longer blink. Instead, she is transfixed on the pink horizon ahead, thousands of flamingos flying and feeding over Tanzania’s Lake Natron. Blinks can wait; she doesn’t want to miss a second of this magic.

Your family is on a ten-day safari. The sun is setting over a primordial lakebed in the Great Rift Valley, where fossilized footprints nearby date back three million years. It’s only been four days and your children have already received a semester’s worth of education in ecology, conservation biology, anthropology, and bilingual communication. More importantly: they are engaged. No yawns, no “are-we-there-yet’s?” Your kids are living it, breathing it, falling in love with endangered species and exploring age-old volcano calderas. Your family will forever share these indelible memories.

Family On Safari In Tanzania With Easy Travel

To visit Tanzania is kind of like stepping into a time capsule. You’ll walk alongside 3.5 million-year-old footprints, crane your neck up at ancient volcanoes, and weave through wildlife that’s been evolving over millennia. But Tanzania is also a destination for those interested in our planet’s future.

Here, you will find 120 ethnic groups carrying some of our planet’s critical linguistic and cultural diversity. Also, 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites pepper the landscape, along with the planet’s largest remaining land migration, and East Africa’s most prosperous economy. Tanzania is both a step back in time, while also a nation that leads East Africa into a promising future, on the cutting edge of both economy and ecology.

Child Dancing With An Easy Travel Tour Guide And The Massai Tribe On Safari

Three Reasons Why Traveling with Children is Important (Read: Necessary)

Let’s begin by reviewing three main reasons why it’s important to expose young minds to the world:

1 – Multiple Perspectives

As our planet becomes more tightly bound in global trade and communication, these intercultural systems demand compassion, empathy, and understanding. There’s simply no better method to cultivate such competency than through travel at a young age. Source

2 – Patience, Flexibility, Adaptability

Traveling as a youngster puts you in situations that require patience, where you must find new ways of thinking and problem-solving, and become adaptable to changing scenarios. Source

3 – It Pays Off in the Classroom

Like the flamingo scene above, an entire classroom education can be captured in a week of safari. To experience the world with all your senses—touch, smell, taste, sight, sound—are ways we humans learn best. Science proves this, that young minds learn optimally by doing, not by mechanical learning or contained inside all day. Not all classrooms have four walls. Source

Everything You Need To Know About Going On A Safari With Kids In Tanzania

Is Taking My Children to Tanzania Safe?

The short answer is: YES. Tanzania is one of the safest destinations in Africa and one of the easiest logistically to experience a lot in a little amount of time. A family-run business for over three decades, Easy Travel loves working with families. Here’s a simple checklist for traveling to Tanzania with kids:

Before you Go:

    • Get a Passport – First things first: no passport, no entry. If your children do not yet have a passport, make this your first priority. The process can take 4-8 weeks in the U.S. and Europe.
  • Travel Vaccinations and Insurance – This is always an interesting one with little kiddos. Hepatitis, Yellow Fever, Rabies, Typhoid. Getting your jabs early-on is always helpful. Travel insurance is a must-do, too! Source
  • Educational Materials – Don’t wait for your experience in-country to be the learning opportunity. Books, films, and podcasts are all helpful media preparations to stoke your family’s context for the journey ahead. Here are some resources we found helpful – View More.

Upon Arrival:

    • Slow Start – Jet lag can be tricky upon arrival, and children might need a bit more time to adjust. To absorb the long flights and hopscotching time zones, a friendly Easy Travel driver will be waiting for you at the airport when you land, and they will take you directly to your accommodation in Arusha to help you settle in, hassle-free. Here are the latest tips on curbing jet lag: View More!
  • Get on your Feet – Taking children to Arusha’s Maasai market or an artisan cooperative is a great way to ease into Tanzanian life. Getting those feet on the ground and some old fashion exercise is a great way to stabilize after a long flight.

While on Safari:

    • Road Trip! – The best thing about traveling in Northern Tanzania is that you can access a ton of world-class destinations in a short amount of time. For this, you will spend several hours on the road and in vehicles during game drives. Easy Travel understands that car travel is central to safaris, and that’s why we always invest in state-of-the-art, customized Land Rovers for every tour. They even come with coloring books! Pack a pair of binoculars and/or any trusted road trip games for your children.
  • Get to Know your Friendly Driver-GuidesOur experienced drivers will make every long-distance journey for your family as comfortable, fun, and informative as possible. Easy Travel’s driver-guides are all parents themselves, and they love kids! Here’s an interview with Gerald Mollel, Senior Guide for over 20 years!
  • Choose Family-Friendly Lodges – Some lodges are more kid-friendly than others, and Easy Travel can help organize this for you. Lodges will often provide an additional bed for children, sharing a room with parents at a reduced cost. Others might offer rooms with two double beds. (Sorry, luxury tented camps don’t allow children younger than 11 years old.) Swimming pools are great venues for children to play, to cool off and expend energy. Some safari accommodations will have them, and most beachside resorts in Zanzibar will, too. Happy kids, happy parents.

Easy Travel Guide With Young Family On A Safari In Tanzania

Bottom Line?

Tanzania is a land of pure awe. It’s a nation of economic stability and great ethnic and biological diversity. It’s a perfect living classroom for every member of your family. Easy Travel can tailor-make any  itinerary to meet the needs of you and your children—it’s what we love to do most. So call us and let’s start crafting your family itinerary today.

Getting You There?

Looking to experience an African Safari with your young ones? Easy Travel cater for all ages and have over 30 years of experience creating a variety of Safari Experiences suitable for all types of adventures. Looking to join us on a Private Safari Tour to Tanzania and witness the Big Five? Or are you interested in your own Tailor Made tour? Contact Us today to get started.