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Позиция: Руководство для водителя
Дата рождения: 6 March 1962
Место рождения: Mwanga district, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
Язык общения: Кисуахили и английский
Количество лет в туристической сфере: 31 years – I have been a guide for 18, and have done 13 years of camping safaris as a normal staff member
Количество лет работы с Easy Travel: 10 лет


I first realized I wanted to be a guide on a wildlife trip in school. I was absolutely fascinated on that trip by the nature around us in Tanzania, and it sparked my passion. I became a guide after I completed high school and joined a local wildlife college where I studied for the next two years. After finishing, I started as a member of the camping staff at Tanzania Outfitters. I managed to work my way up through various different camping companies, becoming a camping manager in charge of organising and managing all camping arrangements for clients. I did this for 13 years before I was accepted as a trainee guide, and my education started up again. I learned guest handling, game drive routes, scanning for animals, and first aid. By 1990, I was an official driver guide. I chose to work with Easy Travel because they have a reputation for good management, giving back to the community, caring for their staff and improving their careers.

I think my favorite thing about being a guide is getting the opportunity to meet with people from all corners of the world and being satisfied that I can help them learn about the culture and wildlife of Tanzania. However, the biggest challenge of being a guide is to satisfy the expectations of each client. People come from all around the world, and each has different expectations for their trip to our country. As a guide and their main person in Tanzania, I must find different ways of making sure that I meet each of my clients’ needs regardless of the diversity of our parks.

People usually describe me as a hard-working guy, and they enjoy what I’m doing. I’m really happy with my job, and I feel like that comes through to the people around me. I have been married for 22 years and have been blessed with three wonderful kids aged 22, 18, and 12. We live about 20 kilometers east of Arusha in a town known as Usa-River in Arumeru district.

Любимый парк в Танзании

All parks are beautiful and they each have their own positive features in different times of the year. I like the Serengeti most due to its mass movement of animals, the Great Migration.

Любимое животное

: Hyena. They play an important role in making sure the environment is clean. Also, they are unique in the wildlife as females are entitled to lead their clans. The grown cubs migrate to nearby clans and will be welcomed.

Любимая еда

Maize meal (Ugali) served with barbecued meat or stew with salads.

Любимое хобби

Listening to music with a cup of tea or coffee.

Любимое телешоу

I like keeping up with the news, as it informs me of the important issues and events happening around the world.

Любимый певец/группа

Diamond Platinum and Wasafi. Diamond is the best vocalist from both inside and outside Tanzania! His beats also tend to be different and attract new listeners.

10 Questions with HAMDANI

Visiting Tanzania is a trip of a lifetime because Tanzania has a wide range of attractions including an abundance of wildlife, beautiful vistas, and incredible beaches along the seashore. We have different ethnic groups of people which form hundreds of different tribes, yet there is no tribal or religious conflict, which we are very proud of. Tanzania is very safe, people are always welcoming, and there is good customer care. 

The most incredible thing I have seen while on safari was a bull elephant who wanted to cross the road. While at the middle of the road, he decided to come toward us, and stopped by the vehicle, stretching his trunk onto the windscreen of our vehicle! We were incredibly silent and after about two or three minutes, he ignored us and left us alone.

My favorite tour that Easy Travel offers is this six-day trip below:

2 days: Game drive Tarangire National Park.

1 day: Game drive in Lake Manyara National Park.

2 days: Game drive Serengeti National Park.

1 day: Game drive in Ngorongoro Crater.

This trip rolls through different sceneries from bush savannah, to the base of the Rift Valley, to the Ngorongoro highlands, all the way to the endless plain of Serengeti into one trip. This tour has the option of a cultural tour as well for those who will be interested to visit some tribes which are so beautifully bound to their culture and tradition.

Easy Travel is the best choice for guests coming to Tanzania because of the excellent management and care of the guests. Effective communication is the key before, during, and after safaris. Easy Travel are always very quick in terms of response for all situations and always keep clear communication going from start to finish.

December is my favorite month because it is in the short rainy season, so the weather is cool. The Great Migration is roaming around short grass plains and gives a spectacular view.

When it is on the short grass plain (the southeast part of Serengeti) at the border of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. It is the best time to see the horizon of millions of wildebeest, hundreds of thousands of zebras, lions, hyenas, cheetahs, and so many other animals.
People don’t expect that the wildlife in Tanzania is so plentiful. They expect a few animals here and there, but they don’t expect it to be such a rich, immersive experience.
My favorite part about Tanzania is our cultures. For example, the Maasai culture. It is a unique culture, and they are so proud of it. They respect one another and they live in a society where all the responsibilities are distributed based on age.

Джамбо – “Hello”

Асанте Сана – “Thank you so much”

Hapana tafadhali – “No, thank you”

People will be surprised to learn that I also love to practice agriculture. When I’m not on safari, I’m always found on my rice farm!  


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