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Published May 21, 2022


Tanzania - killian driver guide - safari driver gerald
Position: Driver Guide
Date of Birth: 25 September 1990
Place of Birth: ): Arumeru District, Arusha Region, Tanzania
Language Spoken: Kiswahili, English, Spanish, and Iraq
Number of years in the travel industry: 7 years
Number of years working with Easy Travel: 3 years


My history as a guide goes back to 2008 when I was in secondary school. I first realized that I wanted to become a guide after I met a few clients who were doing a walking tour and passed through my village with a local guide. I was motivated by the way that this guide was explaining everything about our village from our way of life, to the landscape, to the wildlife around us. From there I started to learn about birds, animal behavior, and trees through books that my parents bought for me after I asked them.

After finishing school in 2011, I joined the Wildlife College in Arusha where I studied an intensive wildlife course. Among the many things I learned from the college, I learned about animal behaviors and their life cycles, the birds of East Africa, landforms, customer care, and hospitality management.  In 2012 I took a driving course for four months and got my driver’s license, meaning I could become a driver guide. From there I did my practical training in several national parks in the northern circuit of Tanzania including both Tarangire and Serengeti to gain some experience. Thereafter, in 2015, I started my first job as a driver guide. 

My favorite thing about being a tour guide is being able to share my knowledge with my clients. This makes me feel especially proud when clients listen to me and when I can answer each of their questions. Through interacting with clients, I expand my knowledge of the rest of the world and I get to know the culture of people from other countries.

The most challenging part of being a guide is to make sure I fulfil my client’s needs. Every client has a different requirement when it comes to seeing something at our National Parks. Because the parks are not fenced, all wildlife is given natural movement throughout the land. Sometimes a particular animal will have left the park or will be very difficult to see. I do everything I can to make sure that my clients are happy and satisfied.

One aspect of sustainable tourism is to take good care of clients and assure that their needs are met. Easy Travel is doing even more than this by providing their guides with the best safari vehicles which includes comfort in the vehicle, maintenance, and service of the vehicle after every trip and not subcontracting out to other tour operators. The Easy Travel staff are also well organized when communicating with their clients and have great teamwork.

Many people describe me as a cooperative guy. I have good relationships with my relatives and people in the community and I am always ready to help other people. I love doing social activities within the community. I have a beautiful and happy family which I started when I got married to my wife, Esther, over a decade ago.  We are blessed to have two kids aged 11 and 10. We enjoy our life a lot and are always supportive of each other. We all live in Ngaramtoni district in Arusha region.

Favorite Park in Tanzania

Serengeti National Park because this amazing park is home to all the big cats, the Great Wildebeest Migration, and a huge range of amazing wildlife. I feel proud and happy when I explore within the Serengeti and I can show my clients as much wildlife as possible.

Favorite ANIMAL

My favorite animal is the cheetah; they are the fastest animal in the world and their hunting technique is brilliant. These magnificent creatures hunt by chasing prey in an open area where it is easier for them to run and see the full scope of the plains.

Favorite Food

I like ugali with green vegetables. This is our traditional food, which is very easy to cook, delicious, and satisfying. I like it so much and I always share my cooking tips with my clients regarding the recipe!

Favorite Hobby

I like to do several things when I am not on safari but I prefer to listen to music during my free time at home.

Favorite TV Show

I love watching comedy. When watching comedy, I tend to forget about everything else and I just enjoy the show.

Favorite Singer / band

My favorite singer is Koffi Olomide. He has a very strong voice, active beats, and he doesn’t disappoint when on stage.

10 Questions with KILLIAN

Tanzania is among the best countries to visit because the citizens are very peaceful, always welcoming, and we have many beautiful and genuine attractions. Tanzania has everything to satisfy any kind of client from adventure trips to those who want just to relax. There are packages that Easy Travel can offer which I guarantee are wonderful for all clients.

The most incredible thing is when I saw a pride of 13 lions chasing a leopard in the Serengeti National Park plains. The leopard ran to the nearest tall tree to save itself. Because the tree trunk was so long and straight, the lions were unable to climb up. The leopard waited up the tree as the lions were all gathered on the ground waiting for it to come down, but after several hours the pride got tired and decided to move on. It was a lucky day for that leopard because normally different cats kill one another for territorial reasons, but it was exciting to see how the two types of cats interacted.

Day 1: Pickup and overnight at Arusha.

Day 2:  Arusha – Tarangire National Park.

Day 3: Tarangire – Serengeti.

Day 4: Serengeti full day.

Day 5: Crater tour – overnight at Ngorongoro/Karatu.

Day 6: Lake Manyara – Arusha/ Departure.

Easy Travel works tirelessly to offer well-arranged trips for any time of the year and for all types of clients. There is a strong team working behind the scenes for all successful safaris from the directors to the rest of the staff just to ensure the experience of a lifetime is provided to clients

August is my favorite month because it is within the dry season where the possibility of seeing many animals is high because animals move a lot in search of food and water.

My favorite part of the Great Migration is the Mara River crossing. You can see thousands of wildebeests crossing the river to the nearby Masai Mara reserve in Kenya.

There are many beautiful things and moments that many guests don’t expect to experience before coming for their trip, however, after their trip, many guests become speechless. For example, there are animal actions like cheetahs jumping up and sleeping on the roof of the vehicle, or a pride of lions coming up and sleeping beside our safari vehicle. It is an unpredictable experience that gives us surprises daily, whilst still keeping our guests safe and sound.

Tanzania is home to more than 120 tribes, each practising their own cultures however, the most fascinating cultures amongst these tribes are the Maasai People. They have been carrying their way of life and have been protecting their traditions for centuries. This tribe is friendly, welcoming, and eager to show their culture to tourists.

Jambo – Hello – Hola

Karibu tena – Welcome again – Beinvenido

Asante sana – Thank you very much – Muchas gracias

Many guests are surprised to know that I’m a good farmer. When I’m not on a tour trip, I spend my time on the farms cultivating maize and beans.


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