About Easy Travel
By easytravel
Published November 23, 2021

1.1)Who are Easy Travel?

Easy Travel are a well-established, family-owned and managed, Tanzania- based, Kilimanjaro and safari operator with 35 years’ experience and a first-class reputation.

1.2) Why should I book with you?

At Easy Travel, we really care. We care about our visitors, we care about safety, we care about our guides, our porters and all our staff. We care about Kilimanjaro, we care about Tanzania, its wildlife and the environment. And we love what we do, we want to be the very best!

1.3) What do Easy Travel do to look after the community and the environment?

Many companies will tell you they are responsible operators. At Easy Travel, we know that Mother Nature gives us our livelihood and that we must respect our people, the environment and the wildlife. Ethics and social responsibility drive everything we do, the way we act.

We take our responsibilities very seriously, taking a full part for example in excellent projects such as World Environment Day, when over 100 of our staff willingly cleaned up the streets of Arusha.

We also support a local home for the elderly, providing funds for their utility and food bills. Shortly, we will be building a henhouse for them, allowing them to sell eggs and chickens.