By easytravel
Published November 27, 2020
    1. What is the cost of a safari to Tanzania?The cost of a safari to Tanzania depends on a number of different factors, principally the accommodation style you choose, the number of days your trip lasts and how many people will share your vehicle. Once you discuss your requirements with us, we will devise an itinerary for you and advise you of the exact cost.
    2. What are the accommodation options and what are they like?

      Easy Travel safaris are available with four different choices of accommodation styles to suit your taste and budget. We offer Basic, Comfort, Comfort Plus and Luxury style accommodation options.

      Easy Travel selects the best available accommodations in each category. Basic style accommodation is on public campsites, with shared bathroom facilities. In the other three categories, accommodations include private bathroom facilities. The rooms in these three categories are spacious, furnished with either twin beds or king-size beds, a dressing table and a wardrobe where you can store your luggage. Lodges and tented camps located within the National Parks use generators for power. Please note that although some accommodations have hot showers available 24 hours per day, others only have hot showers at set times in both morning and evening.

    3. Does the wildlife come close to the camps and lodges?Perhaps the best thing about a Tanzanian safari is that you get really close to the wildlife, and sometimes it might seem that the wildlife actually wants to get close to you. There are no fences around most camps, so the animals wander in and out as they wish. These are wild animals, not tame pets: you have to be cautious and of course we at Easy Travel take your safety very seriously. Attacks on visitors are very rare, but you have to act sensibly. In particular, those with children should never let them out of sight or let them wander alone. You will often be escorted from your tent to dinner, and back again, particularly at the smaller tented lodges. Any concerns you have about safety should immediately be raised with a staff member or camp manager.
    4. Are mosquito nets provided at all camps and lodges?Those who choose our Comfort style accommodations (tented camps) will find them equipped with mosquito nets. Although not all camps/lodges in Tanzania have mosquito nets, during the nightly turndown service the bedrooms are sprayed with mosquito repellent. We also encourage visitors to bring their own insect repellent and to use it during the safari.
    5. Will I be able to do my laundry at the camps and lodges?Most of the lodges and camps are able to offer laundry services, at extra cost to yourself. In our Comfort style accommodations, please note that all laundry is done by hand, and drying relies on sunlight. Please only ask for laundry services when you are staying more than one night. This ensures that there will be sufficient time for your clothes to dry before you depart the camp.
    6. What types of cuisine are available?You will find that both western-style and local cuisines are available on our safari trips. A vegetarian choice is offered at each meal. Easy Travel can cater for special dietary requirements, with advance notice.
    7. Can you provide me with a single room?Prices for safaris are based on room-sharing, but you can have a room to yourself, at additional cost. Please let us know what your accommodation preference is when making your initial enquiries.