Campsite, Toilets and Washing
By easytravel
Published November 23, 2021
3. Campsite, Toilets and Washing
What is the camping like?

At Easy Travel, we are proud of our equipment and our tents are no exception. (On the Marangu Route, you will sleep in mountain huts.) Our tents are actually 3 person tents, but we only ever put two climbers in each, so they feel spacious and are warm at night. We provide you with a mattress, but you should bring your own sleeping-bag. (If you prefer, you can hire one from us.)

The best news is that you do not have to worry about putting up your tent at the end of a hard day’s trek. Our mountain crew will have erected the tent before you reach camp, so it will be ready for you with your bags waiting inside.

Apart from the tent in which you sleep, you will also find a communal dining-tent where you can take your meals.

And in the morning, your crew will pack up the tents for you, too.

What are the toilets like on Kilimanjaro?

Toilets up on the mountain are usually of the ‘long-drop’ type (essentially, pit latrines), though some of the huts on the Marangu route do have flush toilets. Easy Travel provide toilet paper. On routes other than Marangu, climbers can choose to hire portable toilets at an extra cost. Please advise us in advance if you wish to hire a portable toilet for your climb.

How do I wash myself on the mountain?

There are no showers on Kilimanjaro, but we provide soap and bowls of water and you may wish to carry wet-wipes for additional hygiene.