Extra Activities on Safari
By easytravel
Published November 27, 2020
    1. Can Easy Travel organize for us to have a balloon trip as part of our safari experience?Yes, we can organize this, though the balloon trips are undertaken by a separate company. The lower age limit for balloon ride is 7 years. Many visitors take advantage of this amazing opportunity to see the incredible wildlife of Serengeti, Tarangire or Ndutu from a totally different perspective. A balloon trip will normally involve a one-hour flight, followed by a full champagne breakfast. Your balloon trip will also be commemorated by the award of a certificate. Visitors should be aware that, as safety is always the priority, the pilot will take the decision to cancel the flight in the event of bad weather. In such a case, you will be moved to a subsequent flight the next day (subject to availability) or given a refund if there is no such availability, or if your safari itinerary does not allow you to take a subsequent flight.
    2. Will there be opportunities for cultural visits during my trip?Of course! Although our wildlife is fascinating, we know that many of our visitors are equally interested in the lives and culture of our people. So, we offer the opportunity of a cultural tour during the safari trip. This normally involves a tour of Mto wa Mbu village, which includes a visit to a rice farm, banana plantation, a tasting of the local village brew and a look inside a traditional house. Please note that the cost of this activity is additional to your trip cost. If you are interested, please ask when booking your safari so we can schedule it in your itinerary.
    3. After my safari, can I add a trip to Zanzibar, Pemba or the Mafia Islands?Easy Travel can organize an add-on trip to Zanzibar, Pemba or Mafia. Accommodation options in Zanzibar are plentiful, although those in either Mafia or Pemba are much more limited. In addition to the cost of any add-on trip you choose, please note that there is an infrastructure tax ($1.50 per person) in Zanzibar, payable on arrival. On arrival, those visiting Mafia must pay a Marine Park Fee of $20 per person / per day.