Flights, Insurance, Visas and Entry Requirements
By easytravel
Published November 27, 2020
    1. Are there direct flights to Tanzania?Several airlines fly directly into Tanzania, either daily or three times per week. Among those with direct flights are KLM, Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways, Qatar Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Condor Charter Flight and Rwandair which fly into Kilimanjaro International Airport. Other airlines such as Emirates, South African Airways, Etihad Air and EgyptAir fly into Dar es Salaam International Airport daily.
    2. Does Easy Travel also organize domestic flights?

      Easy Travel can organize domestic flights for Zanzibar and to the Northern and Southern National
      Parks of Tanzania. Visitors should be aware that the aircraft employed are light aircraft which land
      and takeoff from small airstrips either inside or close to the relevant National Park.

    3. Is there a maximum weight limit for luggage carried on domestic flights?

      Yes. The luggage limit, including hand luggage, is 15kgs. The only exception is where an airline uses ATR aircraft on flights between Arusha or Kilimanjaro to Zanzibar or Dar es Salaam: on such flights there is a 20kg weight limit. On internal flights, the weight limits are strictly enforced and any excess weight will be subject to a charge of $5 per kg. You should also be aware that there is no guarantee that excess weight will be accepted, especially in peak season. Safety will always be the pilot’s top priority. Passengers are advised never to check in high-value items such as cash, jewellery, cameras, laptops etc.

    4. Can I leave some luggage with you and then collect it at a later date during my trip?

      Easy Travel are happy to look after your luggage, free of charge, if you leave it with us at our Arusha offices. This can be particularly convenient for those visitors who are climbing Kilimanjaro and then following it with a safari or beach holiday.

    5. Do I need to obtain travel insurance before travelling to Tanzania?

      All visitors must obtain adequate travel insurance before they depart for Tanzania. Insurance policies must be comprehensive, covering for any reason, medical evacuation, cancellation, curtailment of arrangements and loss of baggage.