Food and Drinks
By easytravel
Published November 27, 2020
    1. What can I expect to eat for lunch when out on safari?

      One of the great things about a private safari is the flexibility it offers you. When it comes to food, you can make the daily choice of whether to enjoy your breakfast and lunch in the comfort of your tented camp or lodge, or enjoy a picnic box out in the bush. In the morning, you may want to enjoy the stunning sunrises by taking an early game drive and then return to your accommodation for breakfast, or prefer to have breakfast at your lodging first and then set off on your day’s game drive with no need to return to your accommodation at mealtimes.

      For breakfast, a picnic box will typically include coffee, bread, pastries, juice, a banana, apple, hardboiled-egg, bacon or sausages. A lunchtime picnic box might contain chicken, bread, sandwiches, banana, apple, juice, muffin and chocolate. Any special dietary requirements can be accommodated – just let us know in advance.

    2. Are you able to cater for visitors with special dietary requirements?

      We ask that our guests give us advance notice of any special dietary needs when planning the safari trip. We when pass this information to your accommodation choices, to ensure that your requirements are met at each place you visit.

    3. Do you provide drinks in the safari vehicles?Of course – you will need refreshments when out on safari, and we offer you bottled water, soft drinks, juice, coffee and tea. And our safari vehicles are all equipped with a small cooler to ensure your drinks remain chilled during the safari.