On the Mountain
By easytravel
Published July 3, 2020


What is the guide-to-climber ratio on your Kilimanjaro trips?

This is an important question, as many budget operators will send out groups with an insufficient number of guides, simply to save costs. At Easy Travel, we always use a good ratio of guides-to-climber, because if an evacuation becomes necessary, we want to be able to send the rest of the group safely to the top. We also want the climber who needs evacuating to be accompanied on the descent by a properly trained person. The number of guides is therefore an important safety consideration and once your group size is determined, we will let you know how many guides will accompany you, but as guidance you can look at our information on Guide Numbers.

What training do the Easy Travel guides have to undergo? What skills and qualifications do they have?

A good guide is a massive bonus, whatever type of trip you are taking, wherever you are in the world. But on Kilimanjaro, a good guide is essential, as here you have to stay safe and your guide is a key part in that. You want a guide who is experienced, highly skilled, medically trained, knowledgeable (about Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, the wildlife and flora and fauna. Easy Travel guides are all of those, but they are also passionate and caring. And fun, too!

Our guides all undergo thorough training by the Kilimanjaro National Park and their training is verified by the College of African Wildlife Management at Mweka. In low season, our guides training is refreshed by the college.

Do you look after your staff?

Our staff are 100% dedicated to looking after our climbers and we are 100% dedicated to looking after them and you. Any climb is only as good as the mountain crew that accompanies it. That’s why we employ top professionals and look after them. We pay them properly, on time and in full – not something you can take for granted with cheap operators. We equip and clothe them appropriately, we make sure they are fed nutritiously, three times per day and we ensure that the tipping by the climbers is done in a transparent manner. We are a partner of the independent porters’ welfare organisation, KPAP who ensure that operators look after their porters. There is a KPAP representative porter on every climb, something we are very happy to encourage.

Most of our guides have worked with us for many years, which is testament of the great relationship we have with them. But we never take them for granted, as we know how valuable they are – to you and to us.