Staying in Touch
By easytravel
Published November 23, 2021
4.1) Is there wi-fi and phone signal available on the mountain?

You will usually have no problem getting a phone signal or with accessing wi-fi (public areas only) in your Arusha hotel. With some service providers, you may occasionally be able to get a phone signal on Kilimanjaro itself. Do not depend on this; simply let friends and families that you will be out of contact during your climb,and then view any available phone signal on the mountain as a bonus.

4.2) How do stay in touch with my loved ones when I’m in Tanzania?

Phoning home on a mobile phone from Tanzania can be very expensive. To stay in touch, we recommend installing WhatsApp on your phone before you leave home, as this allows you to call or text for free wherever there’s wi-fi. (This only applies when the person you are contacting also has WhatsApp installed, too.)