Tour Overview
By easytravel
Published January 28, 2021

Life-changing: that is what we want our safaris to be, and this short trip is no exception. Visitors are
amazed by the variety of Lake Manyara’s birdlife, astounded by its dramatic escarpment, while words
cannot adequately describe the wonder that is Ngorongoro. A huge volcanic crater filled with wildlife?
Hard to imagine, but thanks to this trip, a reality that will come true.

Put your trust in our safe and super-knowledgeable driver-guides. No-one knows the wildlife routines
better: where and when the animals like to drink, to eat and where the predators like to hunt. Prepare
yourself for extraordinary experiences.

From multi-coloured, seemingly unlimited species of birdlife to herds of lumbering but majestic elephant,
from prowling lions to wallowing hippo, all set in the extraordinary, unique landscapes of Lake Manyara
and Ngorongoro, this tour provides guests with breath-taking, awe-inspiring moments. One minute, you’ll
marvel at the grace of a grazing giraffe, then perhaps be entranced by herds of wildebeest and zebra. And
in Ngorongoro, do keep a lookout for the rare black rhino.