Types Of Safari: Migration Safaris
By easytravel
Published March 17, 2021

All of our Migration Safari itineraries are designed to give visitors the best possible opportunities of seeing The Great Migration, and our driver-guides are passionate and experienced in finding you the best wildlife experiences. Visitors should be aware, however, that the wildlife act according to the availability of water, not to the schedule of any safari operator. When booking a Migration Safari, you may have an expectation of witnessing a ‘river crossing’ but there can be no guarantee that this will take place on any particular day. If the wildebeest don’t want to cross, then no crossing will take place. Many of our Migration Safaris will visit two different locations – for example the Western Serengeti and the Northern Serengeti. But should you see a crossing in Western Serengeti, do not also expect to see one in the Northern Serengeti on the same safari. Nature and the rains will always dictate the whereabouts of the animals, and the migrating herds cannot be in two separate places at the same time!