About Us
By easytravel
Published July 24, 2020

Visiting Tanzania is truly the trip of a lifetime, and we know that our guests approach us in the hopes of making their travel dreams a reality. We have spent over 35 years travelling Tanzania, gathering a team of the best guides, cooks, mechanics, climbers, and craftspeople, and conducting thousands of trips, so it’s safe to say that we are experts in our country. We love what we do, and that passion is proven in the awards for travel excellence that we have received, thanks to the kind (and true) words of our countless five-star reviews.

Our guests deserve the very best. Tell us your vision for the trip of a lifetime, and we will make it a reality for you. Tanzania is the most beautiful country in the world, from rolling safari plains, to iconic mountains, to beaches of paradise, we have it all – and we can’t wait to share our country’s natural beauty with you. Welcome to Tanzania. Karibu to travelling the Easy Travel Way.

We encourage you to spend some time reading through the rest of our About Us section. We’ve gone into detail regarding 20 different things that set Easy Travel apart from the rest. When planning a trip to Tanzania, you want to know that you have partnered with the best of the best. From our awards to reviews to details about our staff, facilities, and accreditations, this section is here to tell you about everything you need to know regarding how Easy Travel has earned the reputation as the superior choice of tour operators in Tanzania.

1. 35 Years of Experience

Tanzania - 35 years of - about us

We believe there is truth in the old saying: ‘there is no substitute for experience’. Having operated as a family-run business for 35 years, Easy Travel has experience, but importantly, we continue to have experiences that we constantly learn from. Each year, we set out to improve on the last, using our experience to provide the best possible trip for you.

In our 35 years, we have combed over each square kilometre of Tanzania, and know exactly how to lead a tour up Kilimanjaro, find the best spots to see wild animals in national parks, and when to hit the beautiful beaches of Zanzibar. Let us help you make lasting memories in Tanzania – we’ve got the experience to make your travel dreams a reality.

2. Awards – Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 2013-2023

Tanzania - our awards sized 2023 2014 - about us

There’s something to be said for consistency when it comes to service delivery. For the past nine years, we have been awarded with the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Award. TripAdvisor sets the gold standard when it comes to informing tourists and planning international trips and our certificate is awarded annually based on countless five-star reviews from satisfied guests who recognise that we are the best in the business of making your Tanzanian travel dreams a reality.

3. Reviews

Tanzania - our reviews 1 - about us

While awards and recognition from other companies and tourism websites are something we are proud of, our true goal is to make lasting memories and incredible experiences for the people we serve. In the past nine years, we have received tons of positive reviews from people whose lives we have touched.

There is nothing we enjoy more than reading through the experiences of our guests after they have had the trip of a lifetime in our beautiful country. We genuinely care about the happiness and satisfaction of every single traveller who chooses to explore Tanzania with us – and it’s that attention to detail that brings our guests back to us again and again.

Take some time to read through our reviews to understand why we are the tour operator of choice in Tanzania.

4. Driver-Guides

Tanzania - easytravel guide luis with clients on top of safari vehicle - about us

When you are making your way through the national parks of Tanzania, the person who will make the biggest impact on you is your Safari Driver Guide.

We pride ourselves on only hiring the most experienced, enthusiastic, and skillful Guides in the industry.

Each of our Guides has anywhere from 15 to 25 years of safari experience and they are all deeply passionate about helping people discover the beauty of Tanzania. However, our Guides aren’t just experts who can explain the flora and fauna of our country – each of our Guides are also skilled mechanics, drivers, and coordinators who want to make your trip perfect. After all, you deserve nothing less. Learn more about our Safari Driver guides here.

5. Mountain Guides

Group taking selfie

Any enterprising mountaineer will tell you that your ascent of Kilimanjaro is only as good as your Mountain Guide. Our Mountain Guides are serious climbers – most of them have summited Kilimanjaro anywhere from 250 to 300 times. With this extensive experience, each Guide knows the mountain like the back of their hands, and will use this experience to ensure you feel the same way after your summit with us.

Safety, of course, is our paramount concern and our Guides are trained to expect and be able to respond to every eventuality on Kilimanjaro to ensure that you get up – and down – the mountain safely and comfortably. However, our Guides are not just highly skilled mountain climbers, but they are also all locals who love the mountain and enjoy sharing their knowledge of Kilimanjaro and its rich history.

Our passion for our country is what sets Easy Travel apart. We are committed to excellence, and sharing our passion for Tanzania with you.

6. Safari Specialist

Tanzania - safari specialist - about us

The only way that we can give you a true Tanzanian safari experience is to have experienced it (and we mean ALL of it) ourselves. Our Safari Specialists are members of our staff who meticulously and regularly explore each park, lodge, and destination in order to get a well-rounded understanding of the country and everything it has to offer you.

With this knowledge, our Safari Specialists will craft a bespoke itinerary for you based on your time, budget, and travel interests, as well as acting as your go-to person with Easy Travel Tanzania from the time of booking to the moment you head back home! We love hearing about what you want from your time with us. Which animals are you hoping to see? Which parks have you been dreaming about? We want to know it all, so we can make your dreams a reality.

7. Kilimanjaro Specialist

Man by laptop

To create the perfect mountain-climbing excursion, you need the knowledge and experience of an expert. That is exactly what you’ll get with one of our Kilimanjaro Specialists helping create your trip up Kilimanjaro or any of Tanzania’s towering peaks.

From booking, our Specialists will help you with how to pack, how to train, which route will be the best, and what season to visit. Rest assured, our Kilimanjaro Specialists will have you ready to roll the moment you touch down in Tanzania.

8. Directors

Tanzania - directors - about us

With our fleets of safari vehicles, our network of contacts, and our wide-ranging options, it may be hard to imagine that Easy Travel Tanzania started and remains a family-run business. Directors Sayyedah and Musaddiq are partners both in business and in life, and are committed to giving each guest the perfect Tanzanian experience. During your time with us, you become an honorary member of our family.

We also understand that we can create real change through our employment practices, so all of our decisions are made with an eye on the empowerment of women and the conservation and sustainability of the environment. Tanzania is nothing without its women and its natural, countrywide beauty, and our practices honour this ethos.

9. Accreditations

Accreditation logos

We understand that not only are we a mid-size tour operator that conducts trips all over the country, but that with our size comes responsibility. Easy Travel is affiliated with several bodies and organisations committed to giving visitors to Tanzania the best experience possible through ethical and responsible business practices. Here are a few of them:

The Kilimanjaro Porters’ Assistance Project (KPAP)

The highest mountain in Africa would almost certainly never be summited as much as it is without the knowledge, guidance, and experience of the local porters. However, some tour operators will turn a blind eye to the welfare and wellbeing of these incredible hard-working people.

The KPAP is a non-profit that maintains standards for Kilimanjaro porter employers and ensures that the porters’ rights are respected when undertaking the gruelling climbs up the mountain. Whichever operator you choose to book your trip up Kilimanjaro with, make sure it is KPAP accredited, like Easy Travel, which is a proud long-time member.

Carbon Tanzania

We are very aware that you’re likely coming to Tanzania for one reason: nature. Whether you’re going to see the chimpanzees of the west, the Ngorongoro Crater in the north, or the pristine sands of Zanzibar in the east, Tanzania’s tourism thrives off of its natural beauty. That’s why we have chosen to associate ourselves with Carbon Tanzania.

This social enterprise is dedicated to preserving the natural landscape and wildlife of Tanzania. Our planet is being eroded by fossil fuels and pollution, but Carbon Tanzania is fighting to preserve Tanzania’s beauty and resources. We wholeheartedly support them in this endeavour, and are proud to be accredited with them.


Travelife is an initiative focusing on promoting environmental sustainability within the international tourism industry. We want to make sure that our environmental impact is kept to a minimum, and our association with Travelife helps us do just that – we even won an award with them recently!

Tanzanian Association of Tour Operators (TATO)

All tours run in Tanzania are overseen by the umbrella body of the Tanzanian Association of Tour Operators. We are proud members of TATO, which is an organisation that does not just set the high standards by which we measure our operations, but also acts as a lobbyist, a coordinator, and an arbitrator of disputes.

African Travel and Tourism Association (ATTA)

We believe Africa is the most beautiful place on Earth, but it can often get overlooked when it comes to tourism. ATTA is a trade association that helps promote tourism to our beautiful continent, flying the flags of 22 different African countries. We are proud to say that we are one of ATTA’s 550 members.

10. Safety

Warning sign

From the time you touch down at the airport to the minute you return for departure again, you are putting your safety in our hands, and this is something that we take very seriously.

In visiting a new country and going on incredible adventures, you will be introduced to situations that you have never experienced before. However, you can rely on us to make sure that there are no cut corners, no questionable situations, and no excuses when it comes to your safety. Our guests are our family during each visit, and your safety is our biggest priority.

11. Trust

Trust chart

We believe that a company’s reputation relies on one thing above all else: trust. If we have given a guest an expectation and we don’t meet it, we have lost their trust and lost our reputation as a result. We are proud to have cultivated a reputation of trust over decades of meeting, and exceeding, expectations from our reliable, safe, and exciting tours, as is testified in countless complimentary reviews on various travel platforms.

12. Training


Making sure that your trip around Tanzania is perfect takes experience, skill, and training. We want you to have the best experience possible, so we provide the best possible training for the people who make that happen. From the office staff to mountain guides to drivers to chefs – we make sure each employee is highly skilled and proficient, and we use the annual low season in Tanzania to update their training.

13. Committed to Environmental Responsibility

Group talking to children

We have been working intimately with Kilimanjaro and the beautiful natural landscape of Tanzania for the past 35 years. In that time, one develops a deep respect for the land, and through that respect, a commitment to maintaining and preserving it to the best of our abilities.

Our goal for each ascent is to leave Kilimanjaro in better shape than we found her, by collecting waste, recycling, and maintaining a rigorous zero-tolerance policy on single-use plastics. We fervently believe that we, as a company, can set an example for environmental awareness and preservation.

14. We are Local Tanzanian Tour Operator

Tanzania - we are local tanzanian tour operator - about us

Some tour operators are not local – they swoop in from afar, use middlemen or local agencies, and make slap-dash tours that feel a little empty. Easy Travel is a genuine, local, and thoroughly Tanzanian tour operator, based in Arusha, Tanzania’s tourism capital. As a result, you can trust that we genuinely care about how we deliver as a tour operator.

We take responsibility for our tours – we never subcontract to other companies for different types of trips. Whether you are joining us for a mountain climb or a safari, we are the ones directly organising and running your trip from start to finish, considering every tiny detail ourselves.

15. Porter Welfare

Tanzania - porter welfare - about us

As we mentioned elsewhere, we are a proud member of KPAP, the Kilimanjaro Porters’ Assistance Project, which is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the welfare of porters on Kilimanjaro. These people are incredibly hard workers, helping pitch and tear down camp sites, preparing food, carrying equipment… the list goes on. Making sure our porters’ rights are respected is a firm priority of ours.

16. 4X4 Toyota Safari Vehicles

Vehicle in water

Our safari vehicles are the very best. No expense has been spared when it comes to ensuring the quality of the vehicles that carry our most precious cargo: our guests. Rugged, powerful, and reliable, we use only top-end customised Toyota 4x4s as our vehicles to bring you through Tanzania’s national parks.

Every time you journey into the wild, you are essentially stepping into the unknown: wild animals, potholes, flash-floods, and difficult terrain could await you. This is why we are so meticulous in doing a head-to-toe evaluation and maintenance on each vehicle before it is used on every tour.

We would much rather tell a prospective guest that we are fully booked than even consider using another company’s vehicle. When it comes to safety, we only rely on the vehicles we know and maintain so that the quality and safety standards are ensured.

17. Mountain Transfer Coaster Bus


Climbing Kilimanjaro is exciting to be sure, but you must get there first. We own and maintain our own Mountain Transfer Coaster Bus which is used specifically to bring climbers to the base of Africa’s highest peak. With enough room to bundle all of your camping and climbing equipment, our bus can bring you swiftly and efficiently to your starting point.

18. Workshop and Office

Mechanic working

We believe in having a hand in every facet of our business. Because our tours are so extensive and cover an entire country, we wanted to make sure that we had a solid, centralised location where we could oversee all of our operations. We have that with our central office and workshop in Arusha. Here, we do everything in-house from scheduling trips to customer services to vehicle maintenance. We trust our own quality, so it’s all in-house.

19. We Do Not Subcontract

Mechanic under car

In a dynamic, fast-paced environment like tourism, we believe that subcontracting and using outside companies is akin to shirking our responsibilities. We believe that we have a responsibility to our guests and our employees to create a safe and reliable system – so we never subcontract. We can guarantee our in-house, impeccable quality, so we never hire ‘out’.

20. Excellent Relationship with Suppliers

Shaking hands

If trustworthiness is important for the people we bring on tours, then it is just as important for the people who help us run the tours. While we don’t subcontract any direct work, our jobs can’t be done without suppliers for food, equipment, vehicle parts, and a host of others. We’ve spent over thirty years building strong relationships with our suppliers to give our guests the best experience possible.