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    Everything you need to know about Easy Travel’s safari vehicles

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    Fleet the ultimate safari tour operator Easy Travel Tanzania

    Roads in the Serengeti are rough, but you don’t have to worry about this since you will be fully comfortable inside Easy Travel’s modern safari vehicles.

    Safari vehicles

    It’s sort of like an SUV on steroids: a fully customized Land Cruiser complete with a pop-up roof, seven individual bucket seats, multiple device plugins, and its own cooler. Yes, a built-in cooler full of water.

    The camera battery from your personal outlet beeps. Fully charged. You load your camera then turn to the Canadian friend sitting behind you and ask for a bottle of water. Sure! He pries open the vehicle’s cooler full of ice-cold beverages. After a sip, you stand up and stick your head out of the pop-top just in time for the driver to spot three lionesses hunting wildebeest to your right.

     Camera in-hand, fully charged, you are ready. You are in the game. You are in the mix, surrounded by the wildest place on Earth and watching predator-prey drama unfold from the comforts of your personal, four-wheeled safari stronghold. You think to yourself: This is life fully lived.

    Driving in Tanzania can often resemble a video game. Day and night, you never know what obstacles you might find: road closures, traffic jams, herds of unmoving cattle. 

    Roughly one-third of Tanzania’s 54,000-mile public road system is asphalt, making the other two-thirds an adventurous amalgamation of dirt and gravel. So for this reason alone, it is necessary to have transportation that is reliable and safe.

    Introducing the Easy Travel Safari Vehicle Fleet​

    Tanzania - our vehicle - everything you need to know about easy travel’s safari vehicles

    For over two decades, Easy Travel has been developing an impressive fleet of 50 customized Land Cruisers to navigate Tanzania with an exceptional record of performance and safety. Let’s first take a quick look under the hood of your typical Easy Travel vehicle, then cover three reasons why Easy Travel’s rigs consistently rank as some of the best in the business. Vroom vroom!

    Under the Hood: A Quick Tour of an Easy Travel Safari Vehicle

    Tanzania - easy travel safari off road vehicle 2 1024x684 1 - everything you need to know about easy travel’s safari vehicles

    What does it take for an automobile to endure weeks on the road in Tanzania? A lot. It requires a fully-loaded, fully-maintained four-wheel drive SUV with all the extra bells and whistles. That’s precisely what every Easy Travel safari comes with. Some specs:

    • 4×4 Custom-built Land Cruisers
    • Heavy-duty wheels
    • Extra fuel tanks
    • Opening, sliding windows
    • Power sockets for cameras, smartphones, etc.
    • Pop-up hatch
    • Sits 7 individual chairs plus a driver
    • Refrigerator full of cold waters and soft drinks.

    Three Reasons Why Easy Travel's Safari Vehicles are Industry Leaders:

    1 – The Best In-House Auto Shop in Arusha.

    Tanzania - easy travel tanzania safari vehicles maintenance repair - everything you need to know about easy travel’s safari vehicles

    Because Easy Travel takes such great pride in their 50 safari vehicles, they’ve invested in their own full-service auto repair shop, to ensure that every SUV is 100% ready when the rubber meets the road. Only a handful of tour operators share this level of commitment. With veteran mechanics managing state-of the-art machinery, everything is completed in-house: the painting, welding, tailoring, electrical work. They even have their own fuel pump!

    2 – Every Driver is Multi-Talented and Top-Notch

    Tanzania - easy travel safari off road vehicle 1 1024x684 1 - everything you need to know about easy travel’s safari vehicles

    Imagine a professional ecologist, botanist, anthropologist, multilingual diplomat fluent in five languages, and master automobile mechanic all rolled into one single person. This is the quality of driver and guide that Easy Travel commits to each safari expedition. Take a close look at our guide profiles.

    3 – Obsessive Safety Checks

    Tanzania - easy travel safari off road vehicle 3 1024x683 1 - everything you need to know about easy travel’s safari vehicles

    Before embarking on safari, every vehicle undergoes a “head-to-toe” inspection to make sure no compromising imperfections remain for you, the traveler. We call it obsessive because, well, it is. Easy Travel mechanics are experts in their field: keeping each vehicle at top performance so that no mechanical errors occur while on safari. In the event that anything unfortunate does occur on the road, included in each Land Cruiser are high-frequency radios and first aid kits. Learn more about Easy Travel’s vehicles here.

    Bottom Line?

    East Africa is notorious for unrelenting roadways that challenge even the most experienced drivers and vehicles. Yes, Tanzania’s government has been investing heavily in infrastructure, (source), but worry not: you’ll get your ruts and bumps. Because you will be spending considerable amounts of time inside your vehicle (no getting out in the Serengeti!), one of the most important considerations for lasting comfort on safari is reliable, safe vehicles. Easy Travel is known for having the most professional and modern fleet of Land Cruisers on the road. So fasten your seatbelts, grab your binoculars, and let’s sniff out some life-changing experiences together.

    Getting You There?

    Whether your sights are set on Mount Kilimanjaro, the beaches of Zanzibar, or a weeklong safari, chances are you will spend some time in an Easy Travel vehicle. Contact us today and let’s design your adventure together.

    Musaddiq Gulamhussein - Owner - Easy Travel Tanzania

    About the author: Musaddiq

    Meet Musaddiq Gulamhussein, owner of Easy Travel Tanzania, a tour company creating life-changing safari experiences for over 35 years. Musaddiq has explored Tanzania, developing a deep understanding of the local cultures and traditions. Follow his journey and gain insights into the African Safari experience through Easy Travel's social media and blog.

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