Exclusive Luxury African Safaris

Exploring the Tanzanian wilderness can be rugged, so make sure you feel
as comfortable, pampered, and grand as possible while trekking through our national
parks on safari. Luxury safaris are available for anyone who wants to experience the
finer things in life.
Tanzania - couple enjoying luxury accommodation easy travel tanzania scaled - luxury safari
Tanzania - couple enjoying luxury accommodation easy travel tanzania. Psd - luxury safari

Luxury African Safari for Couples & Friends

Couples, families, and friends are all welcome! Discover the incredible natural splendour and unique wildlife of Tanzania while still traveling, eating, and sleeping in luxurious comfort.
Join us for an unforgettable trek across our national parks with exclusive lodges, gourmet food, and personalized service.

Luxury African Safari for Family

You and your family deserve a break, and even when planning a family trip, you shouldn’t sacrifice comfort for experience.
Bring everyone along for a luxury safari experience, staying in the plushest accommodation and experiencing the best Tanzania has to offer.
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Tanzania - family safari in tanzania easy travel tanzania 1 - luxury safari
Tanzania - private dinner in serengeti national park easy travel tanzania - luxury safari
Tanzania - private dinner in serengeti national park easy travel tanzania 1 - luxury safari

Luxury African Safari for Seniors

Let’s face it: you’ve likely had your fair share of roughing it in the wilderness.
If you’re ready to experience a new corner of the world but want to ensure you still get to enjoy luxurious accommodation, delicious food, and specialized service, we’ve got you covered.

Luxury Safari
Accommodation in Tanzania

Want the perfect luxury stay? Talk to our Luxury
accommodation Expert. Please contact us.

Luxury Safari
Accommodation in Tanzania

Tanzania - solo safari in tanzania easy travel tanzania - luxury safari
Tanzania - solo safari in tanzania easy travel tanzania 1 - luxury safari

Luxury African Safari for Solo

Since when are vacations just for big groups of people? Travellers of all kinds are welcome in Tanzania, and if you’re a solo traveller looking for a little extra comfort on your safari, we are more than happy to accommodate you.
Enjoy the wonder of Tanzanian wilderness with five-star travel experiences!

Luxury African Safari and Zanzibar Tours

What says ‘luxury’ more than the pristine beaches of the Zanzibar coastline?
How about a safari complete with accommodation at lavish game lodges, perfect dining experiences, and detail-oriented service? Contact one of our safari and island experts to plan your perfect safari and island getaway!
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Tanzania - sunset romance in africa easy travel tanzania - luxury safari
Tanzania - sunset romance in africa easy travel tanzania 1 - luxury safari

Luxury African Safari Tailor made

Sometimes the options for luxury travel can be overwhelming, and no single cut-and-dry tour will do.
Luckily, we’re experts at making sure you have the exact kind of trip you want from your African safari, by tailoring each day and night to your needs. Contact our Tailor-made tour expert to get started!

Pure Tanzania Wilderness

1 night in Arusha, 4 nights on Safari | Private Tour | Luxury | SPL10


Best Luxury Tanzania Safari

1 night in Arusha, 5 nights on Safari | Private Tour | Luxury | SPL17


The Perfect Tanzania Luxury Safari

1 night in Arusha, 6 nights on Safari | Private Tour | Luxury | SPL20


Best of Tanzania Luxury Safari

1 night in Arusha, 7 nights on Safari | Private Tour | Luxury | SPL29

Luxury Safari Frequently Asked Questions

Your top questions answered for an unforgettable luxury safari experience.
Explore our FAQs below.
A luxury safari tour is, essentially, a normal safari tour but with some extra ‘bells and whistles’ added for a comfortable and memorable experience. The best accommodation options, the most gourmet dining experiences, and added luxury activities round out the package to make it an unforgettable safari!
Luxury accommodation options are a cut above the rest in Tanzania, meaning that there is a heightened attention to detail and more diverse options while staying at a luxury accommodation. Swimming pools, elegant dining options, large rooms and suites, and private game drive options are all things you can expect at these places. Read up on all of our accommodations here.
While the wildlife won’t necessarily recognize that you’re on a luxury safari as opposed to an average safari, you can expect to see some incredible sights when travelling in a private, luxury vehicle. All our safari guides communicate with each other, and if you tell your guides which animals you would most like to see, they can bring you to the locations where you’ll have the best chance to spot them!
With the word ‘luxury’ in the description, it is not going to be particularly budget-friendly, but you can rest assured that you will be getting what you pay for on a luxury safari. Contact one of our trip planners today to get a quote on what your luxury safari will cost.
We think so, because you’ll be getting the best of both worlds: a beautiful, unpredictable experience with the Tanzanian wildlife paired with the plush travel style that makes your trip as comfortable and as indulgent as possible!
Depending on where you go and what kind of safari you’re interested in, there are endless experiences that you can enjoy. Some examples are exclusive wildlife photography, spa and wellness retreats, bush dinners, game drives at night, fly-in safaris, walking safaris, or hot air ballooning.
As with any safari, this depends on what you most want to experience. The Dry Season will offer more opportunities to see wildlife around watering holes, while the Rainy Season offers incredible views of the lush, untamed wilderness of Tanzania’s national parks. Check out our When To Go section for more information.
Private luxury safaris offer travellers a more intimate experience on safari in Tanzania, tucked away from the crowds and popular tourist spots to ensure privacy. Group luxury safari tours, on the other hand, are shared experiences for the more social travellers. While still luxurious and comfortable, it will include other people.
We use regularly maintained Toyota Land Cruiser 4×4 safari vehicles. These are some of the most reliable and rugged vehicles used for game drives through the Tanzanian wilderness, offering exclusive access to some of the most tough-to-reach places in Africa.
While we would love for you to pack your ballgown on a luxury safari tour in Tanzania, there are a few must-haves that you should pack first before anything too fancy. Check out our suggested packing list for going on safari.
Because you’re on a luxury safari, there are many options open for your meals to be included! Since we can make each trip to your specifications, we can ensure that you’re covered for each and every meal on your safari – if that’s what you want. If you’re more interested in experiencing local cuisine, however, and want your options kept open, we can accommodate that too.
Absolutely! Tanzania is one of the safest travel destinations in Africa, and we pride ourselves on our commitment to our guests’ safety while they’re in our care. We only ask that you listen attentively to your driver guide while out in the parks (there are wild animals, after all!) and obey the local laws and customs to ensure you have a peaceful trip.
Absolutely! We want to make sure that you have the best possible experience when you book your luxury Tanzanian safari tour with us, so we are happy to tailor it to your exact specifications. Get in touch with us, and we’ll help you craft your perfect trip.
You can definitely bring children on a luxury safari. Some children are lucky enough to experience the luxe side of life before they reach adulthood. If your children enjoy the finer things in life, bring them along on your Tanzanian luxury safari. If you want to bring them, or your friends, please let us know as it would be our pleasure to accommodate them!
For years, we’ve worked to make sure that only the best, most experienced, and most enthusiastic driver guides work with us. We are proud to work with these tour guides who are as passionate about our country as we are, and if you’d like to get to know them a little better, check out some of their profiles!
While we aren’t photography experts, we know a good shot when we see one. Rest assured, however, that whatever your level of photography skill, we’ve seen incredible shots taken on everyday smartphones as well as expensive cameras with massive lenses. Because of the natural beauty of Tanzania, you’re unlikely to get a poor shot, but the kind of equipment you want to bring is entirely up to you.
Our simple answer: as far as possible. While some seasons experience lower tourist traffic and can often be booked closer to your departure date, luxury safaris require more time in advance simply because there are fewer luxury accommodation options. If you want the best, you’ve got to plan well in advance for it. That said, if you’ve left things to the last minute, get in touch with us and we will do our best to make your dream a reality.