Tanzania - travel advice - travel advice

You’ve decided to visit Tanzania! But how do you get here, how do you get around?

And what about visas, money, gratuities, and what to pack? Here’s where Easy Travel provided you with the answers.


Tanzania - travel advice safety - travel advice

The good news? Tanzania is safe! But it’s an adventure, so how safe is it?

Here’s what you need to know, whether it’s safari safety, mountain safety, safety on other activities, or COVID-19 safety.


Tanzania - travel advice health - travel advice

Safety is one thing, and health is another. Staying healthy will ensure you have a memorable trip.

This comprehensive section will cover general health, required travel insurance, medicines, medical facilities, and vaccinations.

Local Laws and Customs

Tanzania - travel advice local laws - travel advice

Traveling is about experiencing fascinating cultures. But laws and customs are different from those at home.

Let us advise you whether it is etiquette, drugs, cybercrime, or simply what to wear (or not to wear).