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Mountain Rescue And Evacuation

Descent is always the most immediate and effective solution to a climber suffering from altitude sickness.

Your Easy Travel mountain team is always equipped with a portable stretcher which can be used to evacuate a climber when they are unable to walk unaided and descent is necessary.

Very importantly, the Easy Travel guides also carry oxygen tanks.

Some climbers ask us whether we carry a Gamow Bag, which is a portable hyperbaric chamber, on our Kilimanjaro climbs. A Gamow Bag is used for a climber suffering from AMS and simulates descent. Actual descent is the most effective response to AMS, so we do not routinely carry these bags. We can provide a Gamow Bag as an option, at extra cost. If this is of interest, please enquire when making your reservation.

Your guides also know when things are serious and evacuation by helicopter is the only option. This is done with the recognised rescue organisation, Kilimanjaro Search and Rescue (SAR).

This organisation works in partnership with Easy Travel (and other operators) and provides a helicopter rescues operation on Mount Kilimanjaro. SAR operate Airbus AS 350 B3 helicopters out of the nearby airport at Moshi.

The service involves mobilization of trained and experienced pilots, aircrew and rescue doctors who are all used to whatever situation might arise on the mountain. Response to any emergency call is swift. In conjunction with the actual rescue operation, SAR also operates a specialist medical facility, focussing on conditions caused by high altitude. Treatments is available 24/7, from the SAR medical teams.

To be eligible for the services offered by SAR, you must ensure that you have the necessary travel insurance. This must include cover for high-altitude trekking up to 6,000 meters.