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What to expect on a hot air balloon safari In Tanzania

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    Experience the magical beauty of the Serengeti as you ascend to the sky on an African hot air balloon safari in Tanzania!

    Here, you’ll witness the enchanting view of the rising sun and the wildebeest herds retreating across the grasslands of the Savannah. It’s a fantastic, life-changing experience where you can have a bird’s eye view of your African safari wildlife tour.

    With the abundant scenery on a Tanzania safari, there are a lot of things to expect. You can anticipate seeing majestic sightings, such as the scene of the theatrical crossings during the Great Migration around May and June.

    Furthermore, you’ll also see the astonishing view of the Grumeti River crossing the western corridor of the Serengeti National Park, moving westwards into Lake Victoria. The corridor of the west extends 50 km and covers broad savannah grasslands, rolling hills, shady acacia groves, and riverine forests.

    Hot air balloon safari in Tanzania: What to expect

    • Pre-dawn Departure
    • Safety Briefing
    • Majestic Scenery
    • Height & Duration
    • Luxurious English Breakfast

    Pre-dawn departure of balloon safari: 05:00

    Hot air balloon safari in tanzania

    Flights of hot air balloons typically depart at sunrise. Thus, expect an extra early wake-up call. The representative of your chosen organization will get you from your lodge and transport you to the hot air balloon launch site.

    Safety briefing of balloon safari: 05:45

    Tanzania - balloon breafing - what to expect on a hot air balloon safari in tanzania

    Though hot air balloon rides are full of fun, safety always comes first. Thus, you can expect a safety briefing in your air balloon safari experience.

    All passengers are required to attend the safety briefing before the fight to ensure their safety. After this, it’s time to board and see the spectacular sunrise and safari view from above the ground. Take-off is at 06:00!

    Majestic scenery

    Tanzania - majestic scenery - what to expect on a hot air balloon safari in tanzania

    Expect the balloon to hover on treetops with the never-ending view of breathtaking savannah plains in front. For an hour, you can enjoy the scene of wildebeests, elephants, lions, zebras, and others in their natural environment underneath.

    It would be best to take your DSLR camera and binoculars with you to see the fantastic sights of the safari from your hot air balloon ride. With these items, you’ll get to see grazing hippos near a river like Grumeti or Seronera, as well as keep the highlight of your Serengeti excursion.

    You could also see a hyena prowling on his track or a lion’s return from her hunt. If you travel around May or June, you’ll get to see the Wildebeest Great Migration, which is the most incredible animal migration in the world.

    From December onwards, the wildebeests assemble to calve in February in South Serengeti plains. They can produce 8000 newborns each day on a three-week marathon!

    The plains of Serengeti are especially suited for air balloon flights, allowing you to get a closer aerial view of the safari. So, you’ll surely get overwhelmed by the number of spectacles you’ll get to enjoy in your African Hot Air Balloon Safari.

    NOTE: Make sure to wear a lightweight, long-sleeved jacket and long pants before heading out to the launching site.

    Height & flight duration

    Tanzania - height and flight duration - what to expect on a hot air balloon safari in tanzania

    Flight duration is approximately one hour. Based on the weather condition and the pilot’s expertise, the balloon can hover on treetops and up to 1,000 feet.

    For safety reasons and ecological disturbance, you won’t get too up close with the wildlife. But, things could take a turn, so it’s best to be prepared for anything.

    Luxurious English breakfast

    Tanzania - luxurious english breakfast - what to expect on a hot air balloon safari in tanzania

    Perhaps one of the best experiences on your hot air balloon safari trip is the fantastic and luxurious breakfast you’ll ever have. After landing, you’ll be taken to a champagne breakfast.

    Your luxurious English breakfast will be set up outside, immersed in the Serengeti wilds. Imagine sitting in the wilds of the Serengeti in fine white linen and cutleries with soft and squishy pastries and bottomless coffee and tea.

    You indeed get the picture!

    Sunrise or sunset

    Tanzania - sunrise or sunset - what to expect on a hot air balloon safari in tanzania

    Both Sunrise and Sunset in Serengeti are incredible! Nonetheless, viewing wildlife activities from the air is best done early in the morning as animals are most active at this time.

    You’ll also get to view the spectacular sunrise that you’ll never forget in your life!

    Best time to visit for a Tanzania balloon safari

    Tanzania - best time for tanzania balloon safari - what to expect on a hot air balloon safari in tanzania

    The most popular choice for hot air balloon rides in Tanzania is over the great Serengeti National Park. Serengeti is a vast collection of African plains, teeming with the most incredible wildlife sightings on the planet. Let’s consider the following dates:



    April, May, or November

    Central Serengeti


    Western Serengeti

    July, August, September, October

    Northern Serengeti

    December, January, February, March


    What to wear on a Tanzanian balloon ride safari

    Tanzania - what to wear on tanzania balloon ride safari - what to expect on a hot air balloon safari in tanzania

    Casual, comfortable clothes are the ideal clothing in safari Tanzania. It’s best to pack lightly to make the best out of your African hot air balloon experience.

    Most lodges and camps offer clothes laundering for a small fee, so it’s unnecessary to bring many clothes on your safari adventure. It’s also best to dress in layers to adjust to temperature changes in safari.

    As much as possible, avoid dressing in dark colours like black and dark blue as these can attract tsetse flies. So, stick to clothing with neutral or khaki colours.

    Here is a useful list of suitable clothing for your balloon safari:

    • Trousers/Pants
    • Covered comfortable shoes
    • Scarves
    • Long sleeved shirts
    • Long hair should be tied up
    • Any loose items to be placed in your jacket
    • A hat for after the flight to avoid getting sunburnt

    It’s also helpful to bring the following items with you:

    • Insect repellent
    • Sunglasses
    • Sunscreen

    How much is the hot air balloon ride in Tanzania safari?

    Tanzania - cost of hot air balloon ride - what to expect on a hot air balloon safari in tanzania

    The Serengeti National Park balloon rides cost approximately $500 for an adult when booking with Easy Travel ($600 when you book directly with the balloon company). The price includes getting you from your camp or lodge and transporting you to the launch site.

    Upon landing, you’ll get your toast of wine and a full luxurious ‘English breakfast’ after. The price isn’t inclusive of park entry fees, so it’s best to check your tour package operator for the inclusivity of your package.

    What to do after your balloon ride?

    Tanzania - to do after balloon ride safari - what to expect on a hot air balloon safari in tanzania

    As you might already know, there are a lot of sites to see in Tanzania. So, visiting different spots is a must.

    See some of the areas worthy of adding to your itinerary and visit personally in Tanzania:

    • Mikumi National Park
    • Ngorongoro Crater
    • Ruaha National Park
    • Selous Game Reserve
    • Serengeti National Park
    • Arusha
    • Dar Es Salaam
    • Katavi National Park
    • Lake Manyara National Park
    • Mahale Mountains National Park
    • Tanzania Coast
    • Tarangire National Park
    • Zanzibar


    So, what are you waiting for? Plan, grab your passport, commence your journey to Tanzania, and experience the most unforgettable hot air balloon flight ever! These Serengeti Balloon Safaris are a must ‘bucket list experience’. Get in contact with Easy Travel today to start planning your dream safari experiences.

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