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Tanzania - jan - when to go

Experience the natural splendour of Tanzania in all its beautiful, bursting, colourful glory when you visit in January.

Tanzania’s green season offers luscious, scenic landscapes and once-in-a-lifetime photography opportunities.


Tanzania - february - when to go

The best time of year to spot abby animals taking their first step on the savannah, February in Tanzania is incredible.

Bird watching, lush foliage, and cleansing afternoon thunderstorms greet visitors travelling in February.


Tanzania - march - when to go

An often-overlooked time of year, visiting Tanzania in March offers spectators beautiful birding opportunities and low crowds.

While occasionally hot and humid, the animals of Tanzania can often be seen out and about with their babies.


Tanzania - april - when to go

Scenic green landscapes, baby animals, flocks of colorful birds, and low crowds greet travelers visiting Tanzania in April.

While there may be showers during the day, the abundance of animals makes up for it.

Tanzania - tanzania specialist - when to go

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Tanzania - may - when to go

Tanzania in May is your last chance to see the lush, natural splendor of Tanzania’s National Parks before the dry season.

Witness beautiful, green forests and wild, grassy plains full of young animals when visiting this time of year.


Tanzania - june - when to go

One of the best times of year visit, the dry landscapes in June will give visitors many opportunities to see animals.

With cool, dry weather, opportunities for water are scarce, meaning animals cluster around watering holes.


Tanzania - july - when to go

Visiting Tanzania in July is the perfect time to experience a safari the way it was meant to be done.

With the land becoming drier, animals can be spotted congregating near the closest watering holes.


Tanzania - august - when to go

Right in the middle of the long, dry season, Tanzania’s national parks become washed out – meaning animals are easier to spot.

A popular time to visit, August in Tanzania is one of the best chances to see animals in all their splendor. 

Tanzania - tanzania specialist - when to go

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Tanzania - september - when to go

With better visibility due to the cool, dry weather and shining Sun, September in Tanzania is one of the best times to visit.

The end of the long dry season, animals are desperate for food, making this the best time to see action.


Tanzania - october - when to go

Your last chance to experience an authentic safari atmosphere, October is the end of the long dry season in Tanzania.

Dense clusters of animals, easy driving through parks, and lots of animal action await you in October!


Tanzania - november - when to go

Come to Tanzania in November to witness nature spring back into life during the short rainy season.

With the return of the rain to the savannah, the fields, forests, and mountains of Tanzania explode with lush greenery.


Tanzania - december - when to go

Perfect and clear for photography, December is when thousands of birds return to Tanzania from their annual migration.

Finish your year off in warmth, comfort, and natural beauty by visiting Tanzania in December.