Camping Safari in Tanzania - 5 Days

1 night in Arusha, 3 nights on Safari  |  Private Tour  |  Basic  |  SPB5


Tanzania - 26 2 - camping safari in tanzania
Visiting three of Tanzania’s natural wonders, and spending a night in each location, this five-day safari is sure to leave you some superb memories to take home – and keep forever. Departing from Arusha, our first destination in the Northern Circuit will be mighty Tarangire: beautiful, diverse and teeming with wonderful wildlife. Next up comes Lake Manyara National Park with its varied landscapes and colorful birdlife, before we continue to the famous Ngorongoro Conservation Area with its incomparable crater. In each location, wildlife abounds…but the incredible settings are also awe-inspiring in themselves.

Tour Overview

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This five-day safari will take your breath away, introducing you to some truly extraordinary bird and animal experiences, a real adventure in the wilderness of Tanzania. You will get close to the wildlife in Tarangire and Manyara, while a visit to Ngorongoro always gives you at least a chance of sighting a black rhino – a wonderful, rare and enigmatic creature.

Your driver-guide will take you safely on this journey full of adventure. No-one knows the wildlife routines better, no-one can give you a deeper insight into our country’s culture. Extraordinary experiences await adventurous travellers with open minds.


Month Season Traffic Weather Road Trails Sky Recommendation
January Peak Medium Little to no rainfall Dry Sunny & Cloudy Highly Recommended
February Peak High No Rainfall Dry Sunny & Cloudy Highly Recommended
March High Low Short Rainfall Wet & Muddy Cloudy Highly Recommended
April Low Low Long rainfall Wet & Muddy Cloudy Recommended
May Low Low Short Rainfall Wet & Muddy Cloudy Recommended
June Peak High No Rainfall Dry Sunny & Cloudy Highly Recommended
July Peak High No Rainfall Dry Sunny Highly Recommended
August Peak High No Rainfall Dry Sunny Highly Recommended
September Peak High No Rainfall Dry Sunny Highly Recommended
October Peak High No Rainfall Dry Sunny Highly Recommended
November High Medium Little to no Rainfall Wet & Muddy Sunny & Cloudy Recommended
December High Medium Little to no Rainfall Wet & Muddy Sunny & Cloudy Recommended

Physical Level

Tanzania - 11 7 - camping safari in tanzania
Moderate. Safari trips with our ‘moderate’ rating require visitors to have an average level of fitness and at times these trips will demand short periods of physical activity, such as walking or canoeing. They are best suited for those who have a sense of adventure and who are prepared to participate in such activity. Any walking or canoeing on these trips will be at an easy/moderate level. Visitors will spend some significant time in vehicles on the sometimes rough roads of Tanzania – the so-called ‘African Massage.’


Tanzania - 17 6 - camping safari in tanzania
Accommodation on this tour is in our Basic category, with one night’s hotel accommodation in Arusha and three nights out on safari in the public campsite. Our Basic level accommodations are selected by Easy Travel to focus on good value.

Tour Summary

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5 Days, 4 Nights 1 night in Arusha 1 night in Tarangire 1 night in Lake Manyara 1 night in Ngorongoro
  • Day 1 – Arrival Day: Kilimanjaro International Airport – Arusha
  • Day 2 – Arusha – Tarangire
  • Day 3 – Tarangire – Lake Manyara
  • Day 4 – Lake Manyara – Ngorongoro
  • Day 5 –Ngorongoro Crater – Kilimanjaro International Airport

Tour Map

Tour Itinerary

Tanzania - 16 5 - camping safari in tanzania Tanzania - 15 5 - camping safari in tanzania Tanzania - 14 6 - camping safari in tanzania Tanzania - 13 6 - camping safari in tanzania Tanzania - 12 6 - camping safari in tanzania Tanzania - 11 7 - camping safari in tanzania
Welcome to Tanzania Whatever your arrival time at Kilimanjaro International Airport, your Easy Travel driver-guide will be waiting for you with a warm welcoming smile. Kick back and relax in your comfortable vehicle as he takes you to your hotel in Arusha, Tanzania’s self-styled ‘safari capital.’ On your one-hour journey to the hotel, you will get a brief impression of this large, bustling, commercial city. Depending on your arrival time, you may have your pre-safari briefing today; if not, it will take place early tomorrow morning.

Located 7km from the centre of Arusha, Arusha Planet Lodge warmly welcomes you to Tanzania. Balcony views out onto the lush gardens are an attractive feature of the spacious bedrooms. Styled with tasteful African touches, they are all non-smoking and equipped with air-conditioning and televisions. You can enjoy the cool of the hotel’s outdoor swimming-pool, or simply relax and make use of the sun-loungers – and both indoors and out, there are plenty of places to unwind. Wi-Fi is available in public areas.

When it comes to dining, Arusha Planet Lodge can offer a choice of international or local cuisine in its pleasant restaurant. Meals are prepared to order, and staff will encourage you to try our local Tanzanian specialities. Try nyama choma, rice/ugali with fish, banana stew and many others.

Our welcoming team will look after you – enjoy your stay!

Meal PlanDinner at your hotel.
Tanzania - 11 7 - camping safari in tanzania Tanzania - 7 9 - camping safari in tanzania Tanzania - 6 9 - camping safari in tanzania Tanzania - 14 6 - camping safari in tanzania Tanzania - 15 5 - camping safari in tanzania
Tour Briefing Unless your arrival time yesterday allowed time for your safari briefing, then this will take place after breakfast. We will provide you with all the essential information, before we set off to our first safari destination, the diverse Tarangire National Park, where we will enjoy lunch, take an afternoon game drive and spend the night.
Journey: (morning) Arusha to Tarangire National Park (afternoon) Our two-hour (120km) morning journey first takes us westwards from Arusha. Along the route, your eyes will be opened to all the colours and character of Tanzania: perhaps some Maasai herdsmen driving their flocks of goats to new pastures. You’ll get to know your driver-guide, amazed at his depth of knowledge as he effortlessly answers all your questions.
Day’s Highlight Your game drive in Tarangire, with its incredible diversity, massive baobab trees and herds of elephants.
Safari (Game Drive) in Tarangire National Park

Tarangire is huge. As you stand at the park gate and look south, it stretches as far as the eye can see. Known as the ‘Elephant Playground,’ this phenomenal park contains huge herds of these mighty mammals. But Tarangire is also home to buffalo, lion, wildebeest, zebra and gazelle and the park can rival Serengeti for sheer animal densities. What might you see today? Perhaps a solitary male lion stretched out beneath a tree, perhaps a trio of male cheetah enjoying some lazy bonding-time in the sun. Maybe some graceful Grant’s gazelle or zebra bounding away from the road or a couple of giraffe munching happily from the choicest acacia branches. For Tarangire specialities, look out for kudu and oryx.

Here as in other parks, it pays not to ignore the small animals. It’s so easy to be mesmerized by the power and majesty of an elephant or the elegance of the giraffe. Ask your guide to find you an agama lizard, especially a male one who changes colour in front of you according to the temperature! Or a hyrax, known as pimpi, an insignificant-looking creature of around 30cm in length…who astonishingly is related to elephant!

Not many trees will pass you by without something of avian interest catching your eye. A memorable flash of colour might be a lilac-breasted roller or blue-eared starling. Ostrich are plentiful and it’s hard not to chuckle at the sighting of the well-named, studious-looking secretary bird as it awkwardly pads across the grasslands.

The park is also famous for its splendid baobab trees, rolling savannah and acacia woodland. It can be dusty – wear a scarf over your mouth – but this is a minor inconvenience for sighting wildlife in such abundance.


Publicly operated by the Tanzania National Parks Authority, Tarangire Public Campsite lies inside the park itself. The campsite is unfenced, which means that animal visitors are a possibility here! Toilet facilities and showers are available, though note that there is only cold water at this campsite. Your meals will be prepared for you by our Easy Travel staff.

At night, entertainment will be provided by the sounds of the wildlife as you fall asleep under the star-filled African skies. This is real adventure-time!

Meal plan Breakfast is enjoyed at Arusha Planet Lodge. Lunch will be a nutritious and balanced meal, also provided by the hotel for you to take out on safari. Your dinner will be a full, cooked meal provided by our safari chef at the Tarangire Public Campsite.
Tanzania - 10 8 - camping safari in tanzania Tanzania - 9 9 - camping safari in tanzania Tanzania - 8 10 - camping safari in tanzania Tanzania - 7 9 - camping safari in tanzania Tanzania - 12 6 - camping safari in tanzania
Journey: (morning) Tarangire National Park to Lake Manyara (afternoon) After our morning, en-route game-drive as we depart magical Tarangire, we will travel from there to Lake Manyara, where we will take lunch, enjoy an afternoon game drive and spend the night. Our travel time is around 2 ½ hours (139km).
Day’s Highlight Your game drive in wonderful Lake Manyara, with the Rift Valley escarpment and the lake itself as the wonderful, natural backdrops.
Safari (Game Drive) in Lake Manyara National Park After our lunch, we jump in our vehicle to cover the highlights of this park. Set against the rugged Rift Valley escarpment, and characterised by its shimmering lake, Manyara is rich in vegetation and the wildlife that thrives here. Enjoy the tranquillity as majestic pink flamingos wade elegantly, picking out a meal of algae from the shallow, alkaline waters. On land, Manyara’s terrain is compact, yet boasts differing environments such as diverse forests fed by waters seeping from the nearby escarpment. Monkeys are abundant, but look out too for the lions, giraffe, warthog and grumpy Cape buffalo who all call this park ‘home’. Hold your nose when we reach the hippo pool, because these big lumps smell!

Set on the edge of bustling Mto wa Mbu town, the home to a mix of Tanzania’s colourful tribes, Twiga Public Campsite provides organised, spacious camping facilities with a grassy area for the tents. There’s an on-site bar, restaurant, shop and curio shop. Campers here can make use of the pleasant pool.

There are toilet and washing facilities, access to Wi-Fi and even the possibility to enjoy a massage.

Meal Plan Breakfast is enjoyed at Tarangire Public Campsite. Lunch will be a nutritious and balanced meal, also provided by our safari chef for you to take out on safari. Your dinner will be a full, cooked meal provided by our safari chef at the Twiga Public Campsite.
Tanzania - 11 7 - camping safari in tanzania Tanzania - 6 9 - camping safari in tanzania Tanzania - 7 9 - camping safari in tanzania Tanzania - 12 6 - camping safari in tanzania Tanzania - 16 5 - camping safari in tanzania Tanzania - 17 6 - camping safari in tanzania
Journey: Lake Manyara National Park (morning) to Ngorongoro (afternoon) After lunch, our afternoon journey will lead us north-west to Ngorongoro, a journey of around 2 ½ hours (96km), but first we have the excitement of spending time on a walking safari in beautiful Lake Manyara National Park. With its dramatic escarpment, lush forest – and, of course, its lake – this is a place rich in wildlife.
Day’s Highlight Your walking safari in wonderful Lake Manyara National Park, with the Rift Valley escarpment and the shimmering lake itself as the wonderful, natural backdrops.
Lake Manyara Walking Safari

Our morning walking safari gets you very quickly into the safari mood. Accompanied by a park ranger, you will be so close to Mother Nature, discovering wonders too small to see from a 4x 4 vehicle. Perhaps your guide and ranger will explain the importance of the rhino-horned dung beetle, or exchange bird calls with the sulphur-breasted bull shrike. Maybe you’ll taste a desert date, a popular snack for monkeys! And all the time, you’ll feel the tension that only a walking safari can bring: the desire to find large mammals conflicting with the need to stay safe!

In silence, in single file, you’ll make your way through the bush, perhaps stumbling across a giraffe chomping on high branches or a herd of elephants grazing gently. Don’t worry, your ranger is an expert: your safety is his chief concern.

After our walk – and, of course, our lunch – we set off to Ngorongoro where we will spend the night.


Imagine tall trees, clear starry skies, the sounds of animals shuffling nearby at night-time. Welcome to Ngorongoro Simba Campsite, the public campsite based on the crater rim above stunning Ngorongoro Crater. This is a simple place, a great location in the middle of nature and just a short distance from the beating heart of the famous Conservation Area.

Here, you can sit by your tent and marvel at the surroundings or chat to your companions in one of the communal spaces provided at this public campsite. Washing and toilet facilities are basic here and as these are shared facilities, the cleanliness can suffer a bit when the campsite is busy. Guests dine together in a common dining area. Most important of all, don’t forget that the site is located at an altitude of 2300 metres (7546 feet). It can be very cold at night, so warm clothes are absolutely essential here!

Meal Plan Breakfast is enjoyed at Twiga Public Campsite. Lunch will be a nutritious and balanced meal, also provided by our safari chef for you to take out on safari. Your dinner will be a full, cooked meal provided by our safari chef at the Ngorongoro Simba Campsite.
Tanzania - 25 2 - camping safari in tanzania Tanzania - 20 7 - camping safari in tanzania Tanzania - 19 5 - camping safari in tanzania Tanzania - 18 5 - camping safari in tanzania Tanzania - 17 6 - camping safari in tanzania
Journey: (morning) Ngorongoro Crater to Kilimanjaro International Airport (afternoon) After our morning visit to the incomparable crater – see below – and then lunch, we will have a 5-hour journey, covering the 250km back to Kilimanjaro International Airport.
Day’s Highlight Like nothing else on Earth, the stunning crater of Ngorongoro is a unique home for many, many species of Tanzania’s wildlife. With some luck, you may even see a black rhino here.
Safari in Ngorongoro Crater

From our accommodation, we set off after breakfast, a 6am departure to reach the rim and then descend into the vast crater itself. At one side there’s the Lerai Forest, classic mountain forest landscape with almost tropical characteristics. This is good elephant country, so keep your eyes peeled. By the side of the nearby swampland is what is sometimes called the ‘elephant graveyard’ as the mighty male tuskers at the end of their lives come to chew on the soft, swampland grasses once their teeth have failed them.

The crater has a population of around 120 lions, with well-defined territories; 15,000 wildebeest, 9,000 zebra, 400 hyenas, and around 50 black rhino. Many wildebeest and other herd animals are resident, benefiting from the many sources of year-round waters and are boosted by some migrators in season. Buffalo, Thomson’s gazelle and eland are also present in numbers. Hippos can be found in pools and swampland and highland birdlife is colourful and plentiful around the waters. Flamingos can often be seen in Lake Magadi, which occupies part of the crater floor.

Meal Plan Breakfast is served at Ngorongoro Simba Campsite. Lunch will be a nutritious and balanced meal, also provided by our safari chef for you to take out on safari and enjoyed after your morning game-drive, before we return you to the airport for your flight home. As today is your departure day, please note that dinner tonight is not included in the tour.
Departure Instructions

Please note that the Camping Safari in Tanzania – 5 Days tour ends at Kilimanjaro International Airport at 17.30 hours. Your departure can only take place today if you have pre-booked a domestic flight which leaves from Kilimanjaro International Airport at 19.40 hours or after, or an international flight which leaves at 21.00 hours or after. Otherwise, you will need to book an extra night’s accommodation (not included in the tour price) and take a flight the following day.

Post Tour Extension

After your exhilarating time on safari, you may want to extend your Tanzanian holiday with time on Zanzibar’s wonderful beaches. Please contact us for details.


Easy Travel Trip Safety AMREF Flying Doctor Insurance. A Flying doctor Insurance to Air transfer you before dark from nearest airstrip to hospital during Emergency
Tanzania - jeep - camping safari in tanzaniaEasy Travel – Transport 4X4 Custom built – Toyota Landcruiser
  • Pop-up Roof, Opening Sliding windows, Seat Belts, Heavy duty wheels, and Extra Fuel tanks. Refrigerator for cooling drinks, one pair of binoculars per couple, Eco friendly Trash Bag. Wi- Fi on board during safari, Charging Outlets type Plug G for charging Cameras and smart phones
Tanzania - crew - camping safari in tanzania Easy Travel Trip Crew 
  • Professional English-Speaking Driver guide. A Friendly, Experienced and Passionate Driver Guide expert at a wide variety of skills: Flora and Fauna, Tanzania’s cultural and natural history.
  • Professional and totally committed Safari Chef. A Friendly, Experienced and Passionate Safari Chef committed in maintaining the very highest of standards at every meal.
Easy Travel Camping Equipment:
  • Camping Tents, Table and Chairs
  • Sleeping Bag, Sleeping Mattress, Bed Sheet and Pillow
Tanzania - folk - camping safari in tanzania Easy Travel Treat A Special Safari Hamper
  • Soft drinks, Coffee/tea, and Water during game drives
  • A bottle of Non-Alcoholic Champagne
Tanzania - jeep - camping safari in tanzania Arrival and Departure Transfer TO/FROM Kilimanjaro International or Arusha Airport
  • One arrival Transfer
  • One departure Transfer
  • 1 night in Arusha, 3 nights on Safari
  • 1st night – Arusha Planet Lodge Half Board (Dinner, Breakfast)
  • 2nd night – Tarangire Public Campsite Full Board (Dinner, Breakfast, picnic lunch box)
  • 3rd night – Twiga Public Campsite Full Board (Dinner, Breakfast, picnic lunch box)
  • 4th night – Ngorongoro Simba Campsite Full Board (Dinner, Breakfast, picnic lunch box)
Tanzania - camers ic - camping safari in tanzania Photographic SafariExperience Wildlife with Easy Travel 4X4 Safari Vehicle
  • Game drive in Tarangire National Park
  • Game drive in Lake Manyara National Park
  • Game drive in Ngorongoro Crater
Walking Safari
  • Walking Safari in Lake Manyara National Park
Tanzania - entrnce gt - camping safari in tanzania Park Entrance Fee
  • Park fee for Tarangire National Park
  • Park fee for Lake Manyara National Park
  • Park fee for Ngorongoro Crater
Camping Fee:
  • Camping fee for Tarangire Public Campsite
  • Camping fee for Twiga Public Campsite
  • Camping fee for Ngorongoro Simba Campsite
Taxes 18 % VAT (Value Added Tax)


Tanzania - tips - camping safari in tanzaniaTipping

Tipping is of course discretionary, but is an expected part of the way in which business is done in Tanzania. It counts as an expression of gratitude to those who – hopefully – have made your experience an unforgettable one and enables you to directly reward those people. Our passengers come from all around the world, with different cultural attitudes to tipping, but a tip is of great significance here in Tanzania and will be hugely appreciated by the recipient. We know that the act of giving of a tip can be a bit awkward and we would suggest that the best way to remove this ‘awkwardness’ is for each couple to put their tip anonymously into an envelope and for the envelopes to be presented by the couple to the staff member. As a guideline, you should consider tipping at the following levels:

Driver guide: $25 US per day, per couple.

Safari chef: $15 per pay, per couple.

For hotels/lodges/tented camps, please do not tip individual staff members, but instead use the ‘Tip Box’, which you should find at the reception of your accommodation. For guidance, you should consider tipping between $5-7 US per day, per guest, at each accommodation.

Tanzania - balon safari - camping safari in tanzaniaBalloon Safari Experience 60 – 90 minutes (depending on wind condition) aerial adventure, followed by bush breakfast and champagne.
Any Changes done by you The trip excludes changes done by you during safari or before safari which deviates from the original program
Post Night Accommodation in Arusha: This Tour ends at Kilimanjaro International Airport at 17:30hrs, you can only depart on this day if you have booked a Domestic flight which departs from Kilimanjaro International Airport at 19:40hrs and onwards or an International Flight which departs at 21:00hrs and onwards. Otherwise, you will need to book a post night Accommodation if you are departing with any earlier flight. Please contact us for details.
Flights The trip costs Excludes International and Domestic Flights
Visa The trip costs Excludes all visa costs including arrival visas and transit visas
Tanzania - midacl - camping safari in tanzaniaMedical Insurance The trip cost Excludes Medical Insurance which is mandatory
Tanzania - travel ic - camping safari in tanzaniaTravel Insurance The trip cost Excludes Travel Insurance which is mandatory
Laundry Service If you require to launder your clothes while on your safari, then you will need to pay an amount that the accommodation charges as per their rate sheet.
Drinks at the lodges/camps All kinds of soft drinks and hard drinks at the lodges/camps are not included
Tanzania - dronn - camping safari in tanzaniaDrones The government of Tanzania does not allow anyone to bring Drone in the Country.


We know that a day’s safari can make you hungry and we ensure that we always provide you with a balanced and nutritious lunch that will leave you satisfied. Generally, we provide you with either a picnic lunch box or a hamper lunch. You can read more about these here. On any particular day, we wish to remain flexible: after all, there may be times when the last thing you want to do is interrupt your wildlife-watching simply to watch your driver-guide set up a picnic table. On such occasions, it may be preferable to eat a lunchbox at the designated picnic sites, to ensure that you don’t miss any excitement! We will try to offer you something different each day, working with the hotels, camps and lodges to ensure that your midday meals are a pleasurable experience. Bon appetit!

All of our safaris are designed to give visitors the best possible wildlife-spotting opportunities. Please note that those wishing to observe The Great Migration should book one of our Migration Safaris. Booking on any of our other safari itineraries will give you some wonderful experiences, but will not provide you with any opportunities to see The Great Migration.

Please note that we cannot guarantee the sighting of any particular animal or bird during our safaris. In our itinerary descriptions, we make reference to many of the animals you may see, but these references are for illustrative purposes only. For example, your driver-guide will do all he can to find you a black rhino if you are visiting Ngorongoro, but such animals are rare. While no sightings of any particular animal can be guaranteed, a quick read of our visitor reviews on Tripadvisor will show you what incredible wildlife experiences our visitors enjoy. And remember: the more days you book, the more wildlife encounters you will have.

Please note that our itineraries are not suitable for those with limited mobility or who are physically disabled. Our vehicles are not capable of being adapted to accommodate those people, unfortunately

All visitors will spend some significant time in our comfortable vehicles on the rather rough roads of Tanzania. Anyone who is liable to back pain may experience severe discomfort and should satisfy themselves as to the suitability of a safari (and take medical advice if appropriate) before booking.

This itinerary is based on transportation by vehicle. Our reliable, comfortable 4 x 4 vehicles will pick you up at the airport at the start of your safari and take you back to the airport at the end. Our Tanzanian roads are very rough in places and distances between the national parks are not insignificant. On this safari, there may be the option to reduce the time spent in your vehicle, by flying to your first safari destination at the start of your safari, or by flying back at the end of your safari, or both. These options of taking an internal flight or flights do attract an extra cost. If this is of interest to you, please ask your Easy Travel tour consultant at the time of booking your safari and they will be happy to advise you.

Please note that all our itineraries begin at Kilimanjaro International Airport, with an overnight hotel stay in Arusha included in the price. This means that where an itinerary is entitled, for example, ‘Best of Tanzania Luxury Safari – 7 Days,’ then the arrival day and Arusha overnight stay will count as Day 1. This is simply because our visitors come from all over the world and the flights can arrive at any time of day. If you are already in Arusha prior to the start of the safari and do not need the Arusha overnight stay that we provide, please inform your Easy Travel tour consultant and we will remove the cost of the Arusha hotel from the tour price.


    1. Where is Tanzania and how do I get there?Tanzania is located in East Africa and is bordered by the Indian Ocean on it eastern side, by Kenya and Uganda to the north, Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Burundi to the west, and Zambia, Malawi, and Mozambique to the south.Arrival in Tanzania is normally at the Julius Nyerere International Airport in Dar es Salaam (640km, or 2 hours’ flight from Arusha City), or at the Kilimanjaro International Airport (45 minutes’ drive from Arusha City.)
    2. Is it safe for me to visit Tanzania?Most of our visitors come to Tanzania for our wildlife, but by the time they leave their experience is much wider and richer than perhaps they had expected. Why? Part of that is due to our friendly, welcoming, colourful people. Tanzanians are a true mix of many ethnicities, different religious beliefs and all live together in harmony in what is one of the African continent’s safest destinations. We are sure you’ll feel very safe here, we’re sure you’ll feel very welcome. As in everywhere else in the world, just use a bit of common sense, don’t flaunt any valuables and you can enjoy the natural wonders, the culture and the people of Tanzania.
    3. What language is spoken in Tanzania?Kiswahili is the official language of Tanzania, and most of our people speak it. Just as well, as we have well over 100 different tribal languages! You will be pleased to know that English is widely spoken in the larger towns and places where visitors frequent. At Easy Travel, we have a team of driver-guides who can speak languages such as English, French, Spanish, Italian, and German.
    4. Which is the better safari destination – Kenya or Tanzania?If your budget was unlimited, then you might choose to combine both of these destinations on your safari trip to East Africa. For many visitors, it is a question of making a choice. Many people are very keen to see the Great Migration as part of their trip, so choosing your destination country is important. The migration spends eleven months of each year in Tanzania, and it is only in September that the herds cross the Mara River and spend their time in the Maasai Mara – which is, of course, in Kenya. Even in that month, there are thousands of the wildebeest who prefer not cross the river, spending their time grazing instead in the Northern Serengeti, Tanzania. When making your decision, you might also consider that Serengeti National Park in Tanzania has twice consecutively won the World Travel Awards coveted ‘Best African National Park’ award (2019 and 2020).
    5. How do I organize my Tanzanian safari?Just let us know when you want to visit, how long you want to be on safari, how many people will be in your group and give us an idea of your budget. That’s all we need to design a trip of a lifetime for you. Let us send you our proposal, for you to consider, and we can make any adjustments. Just contact us!