By Easytravel
Published September 9, 2020
Ngorongoro crater view

Introduction to Styles

Tanzania the Luxury way, or Tanzania the Basic way? At Easy Travel, we can do both and everything in between. Whether you choose Basic, Comfort, Comfort Plus or Luxury, you can rest assured that we have chosen the finest accommodation in each category – just for you. And whichever style you choose, Easy Travel will take care of you from start to finish, no compromises.

Basic Style

Travelers will be sleeping on public campsites; bathroom facilities are shared with fellow travelers at the camp. Travelers travel together in our own vehicle, with our own driver-guide and a chef who prepares all food.

Comfort Style

Choose a trip in our Comfort style and you will spend your safari nights in tented camps, each one enjoying a prime location inside one of our fantastic National Parks. We do not compromise on quality when choosing our Comfort style accommodations, we simply handpick the camps to provide you with the real value you expect as well as the high standards you deserve. In each accommodation, you will have the benefit of private bathroom facilities. Easy Travel research the available options, ensuring you enjoy the best accommodations in this popular category, giving you a great balance between quality and price.

Comfort Plus Style

If you want a step up in the level of comfort, perhaps our Comfort Plus is the style for you. If you’re seeking that little bit extra from your accommodation, we at Easy Travel can provide it. Accommodation on our trips in the Comfort Plus category will be in high-end lodges or tented camps, with a level of facilities and service you would expect from a large hotel organisation. Depending on location, camps can sometimes be situated outside the National Park boundaries. If you want a little extra pampering, choose a Comfort Plus safari with Easy Travel.

Luxury Style

Some travellers simply expect the very, very best. If quality is more important to you than price, why not choose an Easy Travel trip in our Luxury Style – you certainly won’t be disappointed. Enjoy a perfect combination of the thrills of the Tanzanian wilderness with a level of pampering you would expect to encounter only at an international five-star hotel. For many of our guests, the wonderful selection of luxury lodges which welcomes them will be a genuine highlight of their trip. Take advantage of Tanzanian hospitality at its finest – book a Luxury style trip with Easy Travel.