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5 Amazing things to do in Tanzania on a budget

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    When you hear the word “safari”, you may think of an expensive tour in Tanzania, but do you know there are things you can do in Tanzania on a budget?

    What comes up for you? Does it sound budget-friendly or do you find the word speckled in diamonds, exclusive and luxurious? Do you see tents and backpacks and overland travel in small groups, or is it all fine china, private tours, and lavish resorts? Well if you assume that a Tanzanian safari experience is fully out of your budget, I’ve got news:

    Here's my new motto: Tanzania, the possible

    If you’re on a budget, here’s what is possible: climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, diving into the Indian Ocean off Zanzibar’s coastline, spending a week in the Serengeti tracking wildebeests and lions. Yes, Tanzania will totally alter your life forever, and yes: it’s also possible on any budget.

    But how, you ask? With a bit of planning, foresight and ingenuity, you can make your Tanzanian safari dreams happen on your financial terms. Here are 5 things you can do:

    Tanzania on a budget option #1) Join a small group

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    It’s basic arithmetic: more people equal less per-person costs. If you and/or your partner join a small group tour for your treks and/or safaris, the total trip costs drop considerably. Also, there are a myriad reasons why group travel adds great value to travel, so why not? Solo travel is also fully possible on a budget in Tanzania (Travelling Solo), where joining a group is highly recommended. Easy Travel’s Basic Plans (Basic Tours) sets you up with small group tours to put you in the action while making costs manageable.

    Tanzania on a budget option #2) Sleep in a tent

    Tanzania on a budget

    A recent study showed that sleeping in tents might be the best way to get the right type of sleep. (Source). In addition to sleeping well you’ll be saving shillings in the process. Plus, isn’t a trip to Tanzania largely about immersion after all? To put yourself in the game, so to speak, is to be surrounded by the yips and yaws of African wilderness. And Tanzania’s highlights really exist outside of your accommodations, right? So if you’re willing to forgo the lavish bush lodge, you’ll have access to the same incredible wildlife experiences as anybody else.

    Tanzania on a budget option #3) Think in clusters

    Tanzania - 5 amazing things tanzania budget 2 1024x684 1 - 5 amazing things to do in tanzania on a budget

    To be money-conscious in Tanzania really comes down to being efficient—arrive with a game plan and you’ll extract the most out of each minute. Thinking in clusters means designing your itinerary in efficient chunks, to link up several experiences over few days. This way you spend less time traveling and more time oooing-and-awwwing over big game and gorgeous landscapes. This is where Easy Travel can help, with fine-tuned, carefully crafted packages to meet any budget. The Basic 5-Day Simba Safari package, for example, includes all the face-melting highlights of Northern Tanzania Circuit (Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Cultural Tours), all within a day’s drive from each other.

    Tanzania on a budget option #4) Eat like a local

    Tanzania - 5 amazing things tanzania budget 5 1024x684 1 - 5 amazing things to do in tanzania on a budget

    Journalist Mark Kurlanski once said: “food is a central activity to mankind and one of the single most significant trademarks to a culture.” Truth bomb. To share a culture’s food is to share their heritage of flavor that extends back thousands of years. Luckily, the culinary time capsule of local fare is a simple tactic to understand Tanzania on limited funds. Plus, supporting local agriculture is also good for the planet (Why You Should Eat Local). Be sure and visit local markets to sample their goods. The bustling markets in Arusha and Zanzibar’s Stone Town are particularly delectable. Here are some Tanzanian staple foods not to miss: (View Here)

    Tanzania on a budget option #5) Think "less is more."

    Tanzania - 5 amazing things tanzania budget 6 1024x683 1 - 5 amazing things to do in tanzania on a budget

    Tanzania is massive, nearly twice the size of California. (Source) Because of this, stick to a few bucket-list experiences that meet your budget, and then sink your teeth into them. Here’s the deal: you could spend five lifetimes exploring Tanzania, but it’s not all about counting trees in the forest; it’s about seeing the beauty of the forest. It’s your capacity to truly inhabit the places you visit and the people you meet that will determine the profundity of your time. So I always say, “less is more.” (source)

    Bottom line?

    Use your brain. Keep in simple, plan well, join small groups, eat like the locals, and keep your accommodations basic. These five easy tactics will turn the unreachable into the unbelievable, and this is what Easy Travel is all about: Unbelievable experiences made possible. Contact us today.

    Getting you there?

    Easy Travel have over 30 years of experience in Tanzania, and have carefully created a variety of Tours suitable for all types of budgets. From our Small Group Safari Experiences of a lifetime, to beach holidays followed by the culture of Zanzibar, to our famous hikes above the clouds on Africa’s highest peak Mount Kilimanjaro. Or are you interested in your own tailor made tour? Contact Us today to get started.

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