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How To Choose The Best Kilimanjaro Operator

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    How To Choose The Best Operator For Mount Kilimanjaro

    What signs do you need to look for when choosing a tour operator to take you on a trek up Mount Kilimanjaro? It’s a hugely important decision, so do your research well and early, says our expert, Safari Wanderer.

    Choosing a tour operator for Mount Kilimanjaro is daunting. There is more than just one popular route, so which route should you take?

    Whether you choose to go during the dry seasons or rainy seasons, choosing the right tour operator for Kilimanjaro is extremely important.

    Regardless of the company you choose, you will be accompanied with a mountain guide and mountain crew throughout the journey to ensure a higher success rate. Beyond that, your trek operator will be responsible for your memorable experience of a lifetime, so it’s important to choose a company with decades of experience. There’s more to consider though:

    Safety First

    Tanzania - shutterstock 1218328258 - how to choose the best kilimanjaro operatorThere’s no reason why a trek up Mount Kilimanjaro should be dangerous, but choosing the wrong operator is a bad idea. This decision is probably the most important one when you’re doing your planning. You’re going to want an experienced mountaineer leading the expedition who can maximize the summit success rate. Climbing guides need to prioritize safety overall. Besides, your tour operator will be responsible for your safety on Mount Kilimanjaro, as well as your comfort and increasing your chances of reaching the summit. So, you need to make sure that they measure up on a number of fronts. Check in with that they provide, and what they recommend. Do they recommend an oxygen tank? What is their opinion on fitness levels? What safety measures do they put in place? Will they cater for your dietary requirements? And what’s they safety record? These are questions you should be asking to nail down the perfect Kilimanjaro Tour Operators. You need detailed advice!

    Book Local

    Tanzania - shutterstock 710096584 - how to choose the best kilimanjaro operatorSome people are more comfortable booking with Kilimanjaro tour operators in their own country – but why? Many of the foreign-based operators actually use local trekking agencies to provide the guides on the mountain, so booking with a Tanzanian operator for your Kilimanjaro trek means that everything is controlled and managed by them locally. And who else to send your queries to than the Kilimanjaro hike pro’s themselves? In the day and age of internet, e-mail and Skype, you can ask a Tanzania-based Kilimanjaro tour operator all the questions you want, whenever you want. Search out a good Tanzanian operator to take you on the ultimate Kilimanjaro hike!

    Plan ahead, book ahead

    Tanzania - shutterstock 1663510387 - how to choose the best kilimanjaro operator

    Got a route in mind? Do you know the climbing seasons? If not, check out our blog on how long it takes to reach the top. Book your Kilimanjaro trek well in advance and you will benefit from the advice of your Kilimanjaro operator. Find out their hiking route recommendation, as well as their client success rates. A good operator will be able to advise you on important matters such as getting fit, sourcing the right equipment, what to bring in your daypack. And by planning ahead, you will have time to do some practice walks, trying out your boots and specialist clothing.

    Read the reviews

    A good operator has to care about your safety on the Kilimanjaro trek, and they will want you to be prepared before you arrive. Check their website pages carefully – they should have something called ‘Trip Notes’ or something similar, giving you detailed information on how to be ready for your climb-of-a-lifetime. Are their mountain guides experienced and trained? Ask yourself: if the operator hasn’t prepared this information for its future visitors, is it likely to be your best choice to take care of you on the climb itself? On the other hand, if the information is helpful and comprehensive, then it is probably good evidence that they are professional. Enjoy your Kilimanjaro trek!

    Bottom Line

    You need to prioritize safety, plan ahead of time, book locally, read reviews and checkout their website in order to find the perfect Kilimanjaro tour operator.

    Extra Questions To Ask A Tour Operator

    – Are there shorter routes up tp the summit?

    – How many litres of water should I pack?

    – Who are your chief guides?