Zanzibar food: Top 10 foods to eat on holiday

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    During your holiday visit to Zanzibar, tasting Zanzibar food is a must! This is a given due to a lot of restaurants available around the place.

    This is why it can be hard to decide which ones are worth your time and money. Since we also know that eating delicious food while on vacation is important, we’re here to break down the top 10 things to eat while in Zanzibar.

    The top 10 best Zanzibar food on holiday: What to eat

    Zanzibar food

    When you go to Zanzibar, you’ll quickly find out that the food is amazing. From seafood to curries, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Here are the 10 best foods in Zanzibar, based on popularity and taste.

    Zanzibar food #1: Zanzibar pizza

    Tanzania - zanzibar pizza - zanzibar food: top 10 foods to eat on holiday

    Zanzibar pizza is a delicious take on the classic Italian dish that starts out by filling a ball of dough with your desired pizza toppings and then cooking it like a crepe. Once crispy on the bottom and top, it is cut into bite-sized squares!  The great thing about Zanzibar pizza is that it can be a vegetarian dish, too!

    If you’re a classic pizza lover, then this dish will send your taste buds soaring. You can find Zanzibar Pizza at local Zanzibar restaurants, such as Mr. Nuttellas Zanzibar Pizza. The Forodhani Gardens in Stone Town is also a great place to look for this classic dish. If you’re looking for regular wood-fired pizza, you can head over to Mama Mia, an authentic Italian restaurant.

    Zanzibar food #2: Biryani and pilau


    For another authentic Zanzibar Island experience, consider grabbing a plate of this delicious dish. While biryani and pilau are slightly different, both are heavily flavored rice dishes, made from a blend of spices and other ingredients. Biryani originates from the Middle East and Pilau from East Asia. Both of these African dishes have been popular staples of Zanzibar cuisine since the days of the Sultanate.

    Zanzibar food #3: Indian ocean seafood

    Tanzania - indian ocean sea food - zanzibar food: top 10 foods to eat on holiday

    Fresh seafood dishes in Zanzibar are as common as beautiful views of the ocean and majestic coconut trees. You can opt to try octopus and hake when vising the Forodhani Gardens in Stone Town, but be warned that they may be pre-cooked!

    Zanzibar food #4. Urojo soup

    Tanzania - urojo soup - zanzibar food: top 10 foods to eat on holiday

    A classic African Island dish, and typically known as Zanzibar Mix, Urojo soup is similar to ramen consistency but pays homage to India. This Zanzibar food is a common combinations of ingredients include falafels, egg, onion bhajias, bread, meat, coconut, or chutney with hot peppers. You can find this dish in just about any Zanzibar town or city.

    5. Zanzibar chocolate

    Tanzania - zanzibar chocolate - zanzibar food: top 10 foods to eat on holiday

    Fancy getting romantic on a Zanzibar beach with spectacular ocean views? Try pairing the romance with classic Zanzibar chocolate. Zanzibar chocolate can be found in any Zanzibar city and is more of a sesame bar than a cacao-infused dessert.  It’s a sweet treat that pairs well with coffee or tea.

    6. Mishkaki

    Tanzania - mishkaki - zanzibar food: top 10 foods to eat on holiday

    Mishkaki is a famous Zanzibar food that is commonly found in the streets of Stone Town. Mishakaki is a BBQ flavored meat dish and is usually served like a kabab.

    7. Chips mayai

    Street food in tanzania

    Perhaps the most famous street Zanzibar food from Tanzania, this East African dish is a potatoes chip and egg omelet. You’ll find this dish served from most street food stalls and has been a go-to food in the daily life of locals.

    8. Zanzibar coffee

    Tanzania - zanzibar coffee - zanzibar food: top 10 foods to eat on holiday

    It’s no secret that coffee from East Africa is superb. Coffee in Tanzania has been a part of village life for years, and the East African country has perfected its coffee farming. Tanzania coffee is also world-renowned, so make sure to grab yourself a cup of coffee before you go walking on a sandy beach in Tanzania.

    9. Mandazi

    Tanzania - mandazi - zanzibar food: top 10 foods to eat on holiday

    Mandazi is an East African donut-like food made from sugar, coconut milk, local nuts, flour, and yeast. This is the must-eat food to enjoy in any Zanzibar city or town. You’ll be able to buy these delicious treats when on day tours in Stone Town.

    10. Persian food

    Tanzania - persian food - zanzibar food: top 10 foods to eat on holiday

    Persian-style cuisine has made its way into Tanzania culture and onto many travelers’ dishes. You can find a variety of different Persian food such as baba ghanoush, hummus, and many more. You can find delicious Persian food throughout Stone Town, particularly at restaurants.

    Conclusion: Why visit Zanzibar?

    Regardless of whether you come in the rainy season or in the dry season, Zanzibar beach holidays are the epitome of relaxation and comfort,  You can expect beautiful beach walks under palm trees, luxury beachfront accommodation options that come with your own private beach, and exotic day tours through Zanzibar cities.

    If you’d like to experience a beach holiday in Zanzibar and go on day tours to experience Stone Town, delicious Zanzibar food, and other amazing activities, contact Easy Travel today. Our team of professional experts will help you craft the most beautiful holiday from start to finish.

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