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    Accommodation on a basic safari: What you need to know

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    A safari tour doesn’t have to break the bank. Basic accommodation safaris cater to budget-conscious travelers, offering unforgettable experiences without the luxury price tag.

    Gone are when travel was solely about plush hotel amenities and pampered luxuries. Today, it’s about adventure, connection, and experiencing the world’s wild beauty firsthand.

    While luxury travel has its appeal, sometimes it’s the simplicity of a safari under the African sky that truly captivates the soul. With Easy Travel, we focus on inclusivity and travel’s essence: adventure, connection, and the pure joy of exploration.

    Tanzania - camping in the ngorongoro - accommodation on a basic safari: what you need to know

    What makes safari great? The connection

    As much as we love the luxuries in life, let’s be honest: safari is not about high-speed Internet or poolside suntans. It’s about the wildlife, wilderness, and those amber-hued landscapes arcing with giraffe necks and warthog tails.

    It’s about the adrenaline rush as you delve into the heart of the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, and Tarangire, where millions of wildebeest race past predators to survive another day. It’s about witnessing Kori bustards soar through the sky, their majestic wingspans weaving among ancient baobab trees. Safari isn’t just about observing nature; it’s about immersing yourself in age-old landscapes and cultures, savoring local delicacies like steamed ugali and banana beer, and forging unforgettable connections with the world.

    For many, safari is less about the accommodations and more about the experiences. Luckily, Easy Travel offers both. Our three main tiers of safari options can meet your every need and budget without compromising quality or safety. Take a look…

    Trip to tanzania

    The 3 trip options of Easy Travel: Basic, comfort, and comfort plus

    Before delving into the details of Easy Travel’s Basic package, let’s first provide an overview of the three package tiers offered—Primary, Comfort, and Comfort Plus (Explore Our Styles). Each tier offers distinct features, amenities, and travel arrangements.

    The Basic package accommodates travelers in public campsites, sharing bathroom facilities with fellow travelers. However, they benefit from private tents and the services of a personal chef, driver, and gear specialist.

    The Comfort tier provides accommodation in small lodges and tented camps with ensuite bathrooms, offering a balance between comfort and affordability, alongside personal driver and gear specialist services.

    On the other hand, the Comfort Plus tier caters to travelers seeking a luxurious experience, with stays in upscale lodges or tented camps akin to large hotel establishments.

    These accommodations come with premium services, including personal drivers and gear specialists, ensuring high comfort and convenience throughout the journey.

    Tanzania on a budget

    Here’s what basic accommodation looks like

    Let’s delve into Easy Travel’s Basic safari accommodation category. Despite its label, “Basic” doesn’t accurately reflect the quality and comfort you’ll experience.

    Opting for Basic does not mean sacrificing the awe-inspiring landscapes or thrilling safari adventures available in the Comfort and Comfort Plus packages. You’ll encounter remarkable lion sightings, mesmerizing Serengeti sunsets, and vibrant hippo-filled rivers throughout your journey.

    In the Basic package, the primary distinction lies in camping throughout your trip. Picture spacious tents where you can stand, move freely, and even practice yoga. And here’s the best part: you won’t have to lift a finger to set up camp. Upon returning from exhilarating game drives, you’ll find your tent, sleeping arrangements, and dining area all meticulously prepared at the public campsite. Trust me. It’s anything but “Basic.”

    Each morning and evening, indulge in hot beverages like tea, coffee, and hot chocolate, complemented by delectable meals crafted by a dedicated chef. While Basic tours involve shared facilities like restrooms and dining areas, this fosters opportunities to mingle with fellow travelers from diverse backgrounds—a delightful aspect of the Easy Travel experience.

    Shamba Kilole Eco Lodge: Sustainable Living

    If you are an eco-conscious traveler, Shamba Kilole Eco Lodge is an excellent option that combines sustainability with comfort. Set in a tranquil garden, this eco-friendly lodge offers spacious bungalows built using natural and locally sourced materials.

    Each bungalow is designed to provide a comfortable and eco-friendly experience. Shamba Kilole Eco Lodge takes pride in its commitment to sustainability.

    The lodge employs solar power, recycles waste, and sources organic produce for its restaurant. Guests can enjoy delicious meals made from fresh ingredients while minimizing their ecological footprint.

    The lodge also offers activities such as birdwatching and guided nature walks, allowing guests to connect with the natural beauty of Mafia Island.

    Here are 5 must-pack items for a basic tour:

    • Headlamp – These are one of our all-time favorite tools, as they make for hands-free convenience when rifling through your tent at night.
    • Camping Towel – Invest in a quick-dry towel for showering and face-washing. Indispensable.
    • Toiletries – Most shampoos, soaps, and hand sanitizers will be difficult to find in Tanzania. Better to bring them.
    • Cozy Sandals – After a long day in boots, it’s nice to have a comfy pair of sandals or Crocs to put on.
    • Travel Pillow – Resting your head on something cozy at night is underestimated. These days you can find ultralight, packable pillows for both camping and long flights. Great investment.

    This is the connection I speak of. Because what you return from safari with aren’t photos of bathtubs porcelain and ironed linen but memories of cheetah stripes and elephant herds, Am I right? Most clients who choose a Basic package understand this and are willing to give up a little cushion of lodges and save their shillings for the experiences that last a lifetime.

    Understanding Basic Safari Accommodation

    Understanding the types of accommodation available is essential when embarking on a safari adventure. Basic safari accommodations typically include tented or mobile tented camps, often situated within national parks or near wildlife reserves.

    Unlike luxury tented camps or safari lodges that may offer amenities like swimming pools and private bathrooms, basic accommodations focus more on providing a comfortable shelter amidst the natural surroundings. These camps offer a rustic yet immersive safari experience, allowing guests to connect closely with the wilderness of an African safari.

    Mobile tented camps are often set up strategically to maximize wildlife sightings and offer a more authentic safari experience. While basic safari accommodations may lack some luxuries, they compensate by providing unparalleled proximity to nature and wildlife, making them an ideal choice for adventurous travelers seeking an authentic African safari experience.

    Accommodation Options

    Regarding accommodation options for a safari adventure, travelers have a range of choices to suit their preferences and budget. Safari accommodations vary from luxury lodges and tented camps to basic camping options.

    Luxury lodges typically offer upscale amenities such as private bathrooms, swimming pools, and gourmet dining options, providing a lavish experience amidst the wilderness. Tented camps combine the thrill of camping with the comfort of permanent structures, featuring spacious tents equipped with comfortable beds and ensuite facilities.

    On the other hand, basic camping options provide a more rustic experience, with guests staying in tents and sharing communal facilities like restrooms and dining areas. Each accommodation type offers a unique safari experience, letting travelers tailor their stay to their desired level of comfort and adventure.

    Facilities and Amenities

    Facilities and amenities in mobile tented camps are crafted to harmonize with the African landscape, strategically situated in prime wildlife zones within national parks. These camps provide an authentic safari encounter, allowing guests to engage entirely with the breathtaking natural scenery.

    While the accommodations may be simpler than traditional lodges, mobile tented camps provide all the essentials for a comfortable stay. You can expect spacious tents with comfy beds, private bathrooms with bucket showers, and eco-friendly toilets.

    Communal areas such as dining tents or outdoor seating areas offer spaces to relax and enjoy meals camp staff prepare while soaking in the breathtaking scenery. Despite their rustic charm, mobile tented camps ensure guests have everything they need for an unforgettable African safari adventure.

    Booking Considerations

    When considering booking accommodations for your safari adventure, there are several factors to remember to ensure a memorable experience. Firstly, it’s essential to research the location of the accommodations within the national park or wildlife reserve to maximize your wildlife viewing opportunities.

    Additionally, consider the type of accommodation that best suits your preferences and budget, whether it’s a luxury tented camp, safari lodge, or mobile tented camp. Remember each accommodation’s amenities, such as private bathrooms, swimming pools, and dining options, to ensure they align with your needs and preferences.

    It’s also advisable to book well in advance, especially during peak seasons, to secure your desired dates and accommodations. Lastly, remember to inquire about any special packages or safari experiences the accommodations offered to enhance your safari adventures, such as guided game drives or bush walks.

    Considering these factors will help you make better decisions when booking accommodations for your African safari. Here are five essential items to pack for an introductory tour:

    – Headlamp: Ideal for hands-free convenience when navigating your tent at night.

    – Camping Towel: Opt for a quick-dry towel for showering and face-washing; it’s indispensable.

    – Toiletries: Bring essentials like shampoo, soap, and hand sanitizer, as they may be hard to find in Tanzania.

    – Cozy Sandals: Give your feet a break from boots with a comfortable pair of sandals or Crocs.

    – Travel Pillow: Remember the comfort of resting your head on something cozy at night. Invest in an ultralight, packable pillow for camping and long flights; it’s worth it.

    This is the connection I speak of. Because what you return from safari with aren’t photos of bathtubs, porcelain, and ironed linen but memories of cheetah stripes and elephant herds.

    Am I right? Most clients who choose a Basic package understand this and are willing to give up a little cushion of lodges and save their shillings for the experiences that last a lifetime.

    The Bottom line

    Opt for a Basic tour, and you’ll wake up to the breathtaking sight of a Ngorongoro sunrise from your tent. You might spot zebras grazing nearby or hear the distant roar of a lion at night (rest assured, our campsites are secure!).

    From the coziness of your tent, you’ll marvel at the star-studded sky after an evening around the Serengeti campfire. These are the moments that make a Basic tour unforgettable.

    These experiences ignite your senses, and we cherish every one of them. With an introductory tour, you’ll still enjoy the top-notch amenities of a private safari vehicle, a knowledgeable driver and guide, personal chefs, and high-quality camping gear.

    Getting you there?

    If all this calls you, take a look at the Basic tours Easy Travel offers and give us a call or contact us via email today to start planning your Basic safari.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. What types of accommodations are available on a basic safari?

    During a basic safari, you’ll usually encounter roomy canvas tents within national parks or wildlife reserves in specific camping zones. These tents have fundamental amenities like beds, sleeping pads, and occasionally electricity. They provide a cozy yet genuine safari experience, enabling you to connect with nature while having essential comforts.<

    2. Are the accommodations safe for wild animals?

    While staying in spacious canvas tents, it’s essential to remember that you’re in the midst of wildlife territory. However, safari camps are designed with safety in mind.

    Tents are often secured with zippers or other closures, and camp staff are trained to handle any wildlife encounters safely. Additionally, many safari camps have perimeter fences or security measures to keep wild animals safe from the accommodations.

    3. Do basic safari accommodations have swimming pools?

    Basic safari accommodations typically do not include amenities like swimming pools. Instead, they focus on providing an authentic bush experience, allowing guests to connect with nature and wildlife. However, some higher-end safari lodges or permanent tented camps may offer swimming pools as amenities.

    4. How do spacious canvas tents in basic safari accommodations differ from permanent tents? 

    Spacious canvas tents in basic safari accommodations are usually temporary structures set up and taken down each season. They offer a more rustic and immersive experience, allowing guests to feel closer to nature.

    In contrast, permanent tents are more durable structures that remain in place year-round and may offer additional amenities such as en suite bathrooms and larger living spaces.

    5. Are private bathrooms available in basic safari accommodations? 

    Private bathrooms are only sometimes available in basic safari accommodations. While some camps may offer en suite bathrooms with flush toilets and hot showers, others may have shared bathroom facilities in a central area. It’s essential to check the specific amenities each safari camp offers before booking to ensure they meet your preferences and needs.

    Villa Kiva Boutique Hotel provides an ideal retreat for those seeking relaxation and serenity in a picturesque setting.

    6. Are basic safari accommodations suitable for first-time safari goers?

    Basic safari accommodations are an excellent option for those embarking on their first safari adventure, providing an authentic bush experience while ensuring comfort and safety. You’ll be able to fully immerse yourself in nature while enjoying the necessary amenities and attentive service from camp staff. The stunning landscapes and wildlife encounters guarantee an unforgettable safari experience that will leave a lasting impression.

    7. What types of personalized services can guests expect at basic safari accommodations?

    Despite their rustic nature, basic safari accommodations often provide personalized services to enhance guests’ experiences. This may include guided game drives or bush walks led by knowledgeable safari guides who can offer insights into the local wildlife and ecosystems. Additionally, camp staff may cater to guests’ dietary preferences and accommodate special requests to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

    8. Are there different accommodation styles available on a basic safari?  

    Basic safari accommodations come in various styles to suit different preferences and budgets. Some guests may prefer traditional camping experiences with spacious canvas tents, while others may opt for more permanent tented camps with additional amenities. Additionally, some safari operators offer mobile tented camps that can be set up in remote or temporary locations, providing a unique and flexible safari experience.

    9. What are the basic facilities provided in basic safari accommodations?  

    asic safari accommodations usually offer cozy beds, clean bedding, and adequate lighting. Some camps may provide additional basics such as chairs, tables, and storage areas. Guests can also anticipate shared bathroom facilities with flushing toilets and hot showers, although amenities might differ across camps.

    10. Are there any safety precautions for guests staying in basic safari accommodations?

    Ensuring guest safety is a top priority in basic safari accommodations. Camp staff receive thorough training in handling such situations safely to minimize risks associated with wildlife encounters.

    Accommodations typically have secure closures, such as zippers or locks, to prevent wild animals from entering the living areas. Additionally, some camps may have perimeter fences or other security measures to enhance guest safety and provide peace of mind during the safari experience.

    11. How can guests make the most of their stay in basic safari accommodations?

    Guests should embrace immersing themselves in nature and wildlife to maximize their stay in basic safari accommodations. Take advantage of the camp’s guided game drives, or bush walks to explore the surrounding area and spot wildlife up close. Additionally, enjoy the breathtaking vistas from the comfort of your spacious canvas tent or communal areas within the camp.

    12. Can guests expect breathtaking vistas from basic safari accommodations?

    One of the highlights of staying in basic safari accommodations is the opportunity to enjoy breathtaking vistas of the surrounding landscapes. Whether waking up to the sight of the sunrise over the savannah or watching the sunset cast golden hues across the horizon, guests can expect stunning views from their tents or communal areas within the camp.

    13. Are there any additional activities or experiences available at basic safari accommodations?

    In addition to guided game drives and bush walks, many basic safari accommodations offer a range of additional activities and experiences to enhance guests’ stay. This may include cultural interactions with local communities, birdwatching excursions, or even hot air balloon safaris for a unique perspective of the African landscape. Guests should inquire about available activities when booking their safari accommodations.

    14. How can guests ensure a comfortable stay in basic safari accommodations?

    Guests in basic safari accommodations should pack essential items such as sturdy footwear, sunscreen, and insect repellent to ensure comfort. Upon arrival, one must familiarize oneself with the camp’s rules and safety procedures.

    Communicating any special dietary requirements or preferences to camp staff in advance can help ensure that accommodations meet guests’ needs. By being prepared and informed, guests can enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable safari experience in basic accommodations.

    15. Are basic safari accommodations suitable for families with children?

    Basic safari accommodations can cater to families with children, with some camps offering amenities and activities suitable for younger guests. Families may find camps that provide family-friendly accommodations, such as larger tents or extra bedding options to accommodate children.

    Additionally, specific camps may organize child-friendly activities like guided nature walks or junior ranger programs to engage young adventurers. Families need to inquire about available accommodations and activities when planning their safari experience to have an enjoyable and comfortable stay for everyone.

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