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The best time to climb Kilimanjaro: things you need to know

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    Did you know that knowing the best time to climb Kilimanjaro will contribute to your adventure’s success?

    Mount Kilimanjaro is located near the equator. Thus, this region doesn’t experience extreme winter and summer conditions. Given these situations, the best time to climb Kilimanjaro is the warmest and driest months.

    Although you can climb Mount Kilimanjaro anytime, the main issue here is safety. The risks linked with climbing are high when the weather conditions are bad. The effects of bad weather conditions, such as rain, mud, and snow can be overwhelming to your body.

    As a result, it reduces your chances to succeed in reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro. Likewise, the odds of a successful summit increase significantly during favourable weather.

    To learn more about the best time to climb Kilimanjaro, refer to the extensive information, below.

    The best time to climb Kilimanjaro: All you need to know

    The best time to climb kilimanjaro

    If you want to get the best view of your trek, it’s ideal to choose the best time to climb Kilimanjaro. Trekkers can enjoy the view of Mount Kilimanjaro during its two driest seasons—one from December to early March, while the other one is from late June to the end of October.

    These months are the best time to climb Kilimanjaro because you’ll get the best weather and safest conditions in reaching the Roof of Africa. Trekking during the rainy season has the likelihood of bringing snow and ice on the higher slopes, leading to muddy mountain conditions.

    Thus, it’s always the best time to climb Kilimanjaro during the driest season. To help you see your options, we made a table consisting of the month, season, traffic, and recommendations.

    Chart introduction

    JANUARYHighHighLittle to no rainfallSunny & cloudyDryRecommended
    FEBRUARYHighHighNo rainfallSunny & cloudyDryRecommended
    MARCHLowLowShort rainfallCloudyVery wet, muddy & snowyBest to avoid, no traffic
    APRILLowLowLong rainfallCloudyVery wet, muddy & snowyBest to avoid, no traffic
    MAYLowLowShort rainfallCloudyVery wet, muddy & snowyBest to avoid, no traffic
    JUNEPeakHighNo rainfallSunny & cloudyDryHighly recommended
    JULYPeakHighNo rainfallSunnyDryHighly recommended
    AUGUSTPeakHighNo rainfallSunnyDryHighly recommended
    SEPTEMBERPeakHighNo rainfallSunnyDryHighly recommended
    OCTOBERPeakHighNo rainfallSunnyDryHighly recommended
    NOVEMBERHighMediumLittle to no rainfallSunny & cloudyWet & muddyRecommended
    DECEMBERHighMediumLittle to no rainfallSunny & cloudyWet & muddyRecommended

    Although it’s possible to climb Kilimanjaro all year round, it’s best to climb it during the time of lower precipitation. This way, you’ll have the best view of the mountain, and your success rate is likely to be much higher.

    As you can see on the table, the best time to climb Kilimanjaro is from early December to February, but early March will also do. In addition, late June through the end of October are also the best time to climb Kilimanjaro as they’re the driest months and offer the best spectacle of the mountain.

    However, it’s also best to note that these months are also the busiest (high season). We schedule our group and private climbs correspondingly, ensuring the safe and successful climb to the summit.

    The best time to climb Kilimanjaro: the best trekking months

    Tanzania - the best trekking months - the best time to climb kilimanjaro: things you need to know

    As stated above, Mount Kilimanjaro is climbable all year round. However, for safety and success purposes, it’s best to choose the best trekking months. This way, you have a much higher chance of having a successful summit

    So, we’ve listed the months considered to be the best time to climb Kilimanjaro, along with the unfavorable ones.

    Kilimanjaro climb In January and February

    Tanzania - kilimanajro january february - the best time to climb kilimanjaro: things you need to know

    January and February are the warmest and driest months on Kilimanjaro. This is why it’s not a surprise that these two months are popular among the trekkers.

    These months offer clear, sunny skies throughout the day, but it may get cloudy in the afternoons with little to no rain.

    Kilimanjaro climb in March, April, and May

    Tanzania - kilimanjaro march april may - the best time to climb kilimanjaro: things you need to know

    March, April, and May are the three, long rainy months in Tanzania. We don’t recommend these months to our clients, as the mountain trails can be very wet, muddy, and even snowy.

    Trekking during these months will deprive you of the spectacular views of the mountain and great photo opportunities. On the brighter side, you’ll avoid great crowds if you opt to climb during these months.

    However, some people like the thought of climbing Kilimanjaro when the summit is snow-capped. This can be great for those trekkers who want an additional challenge in their Kilimanjaro climbing adventure.

    Kilimanjaro climb In June

    Tanzania - kilimanjaro in june - the best time to climb kilimanjaro: things you need to know

    June is the shift from the rainy season to the dry season. Thus, this month tends to be much drier compared to March, April, and May. However, it’s still best to prepare for cold temperatures.

    Clouds will still get cloudy, which means you might not have the exceptional view in early June. However, towards the mid to end of June until October, you’ll be greeted by spectacular views of Mount Kilimanjaro.

    Kilimanjaro climb In July, August, September, and October

    Tanzania - kilimanjaro in july august september october - the best time to climb kilimanjaro: things you need to know

    In general, July to October have colder yet drier conditions compared to the past months. Although there might be chances of rain, particularly in the rainforest and moorland parts, the precipitation is low and not frequent.

    Remaining dry during the trek will give you the most comfortable and delightful experience overall. In addition, trekking during these months will provide great photo opportunities as the skies are clear and the views are panoramic.

    The only disadvantage of these months is that they’re high season. In other words, these months are the busiest.

    But, you can take this as an opportunity to talk with other groups at the campsites. This way, you can encourage each other to climb the summit of Kilimanjaro successfully.

    Kilimanjaro climb In November

    Tanzania - kilimanjaro november - the best time to climb kilimanjaro: things you need to know

    The month of November embarks the short rainy season in Tanzania that continues until early December. Expect rainy afternoons but clear morning skies and evenings.

    This month isn’t an ideal month to climb, as the trails on Kilimanjaro are typically wet, muddy and very slippery during this time.

    Kilimanjaro climb In December

    Tanzania - kilimanjaro in december - the best time to climb kilimanjaro: things you need to know

    December is still part of the short rainy season. However, many trekkers still enjoy this month, particularly at the end of the month.

    The full moon climb on Kilimanjaro

    Tanzania - climb kilimanjaro full moon - the best time to climb kilimanjaro: things you need to know

    Another popular time to climb Kilimanjaro is during the full moon. Many trekkers are drawn to scale during the full moon due to the stunning view they get during the day and night.

    The stunning view of the glaciers being lit up by the bright moon is surely a spectacle everyone would love to see. Another benefit of hiking during this time is that the moonlight will enhance your visibility, particularly during the final ascent to Uhuru Peak.

    If you want to summit during a full moon, it’s ideal to start your seven-day climb five days prior to the full moon date and six days before the full moon date for an eight-day climb.

    MONTH(YEAR) 2022(YEAR) 2023

    If you don’t prefer a crowded climb, avoiding the full moon dates is ideal since these dates are usually packed with trekkers. But, it won’t hurt to join other trekkers and enjoy the view of the glistening glaciers by the bright moonlight.

    Climb mount Kilimanjaro sooner than later

    Tanzania - choose mount kilimanjaro sooner than later - the best time to climb kilimanjaro: things you need to know

    Climbing Kilimanjaro is a unique experience. The mountain is crowned with ice despite its close proximity to the equator.

    In addition, the glaciers have existed for over 11,000 years and are more than 300 feet deep, extending 6,500 feet from the mountain top. However, due to the effect of global warming, the ice has been dissolving at an alarming rate.

    In fact, according to scientists, the ice cap of Mount Kilimanjaro is projected to be completely gone by 2050. So, if you’re planning to climb Kilimanjaro, it’s best to do it sooner than later. This way, you’ll have a chance to witness the beautiful and iconic ice cap of the highest free-standing mountain in the world.

    Does the weather change on Kilimanjaro

    Tanzania - does the weather change in kilimanjaro - the best time to climb kilimanjaro: things you need to know

    Yes, the weather in Kilimanjaro changes everyday. It can vary from hot to cold in just one day and experiences significant temperature changes from season to season.

    Although the best time to climb Kilimanjaro is during the dry seasons, you may still opt to hike the mountain during the rainy and snowy seasons. However, you must be ready for a much more complicated and dangerous climb.

    Conclusion: When we recommend to climb Kilimanjaro

    We recommend climbing Kilimanjaro, particularly in the months of January to February. These months are the driest in Kilimanjaro, offering you the best views and many perfect-pictures opportunities. Check out our packing list blog where we dissect what you need to bring in order to reach the summit.

    Furthermore, December to mid-March and mid-June to the end of October are also the best times to climb the mountain.

    Once you’ve decided which month you would like to climb the mighty Mount Kilimanjaro, we recommend getting in contact with our team of professionals. Our team of mountaineers have been summiting Kilimanjaro for decades and can help you professionally plan the most exciting summit of your life. We’ll see you on the mountain!