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    The Lion King: You’ve seen the movie, now enjoy the reality!

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    lion king serengeti

    Lucky enough to have seen the epic 2019 remake of The Lion King movie? Then maybe it’s time for some real-life adventure of seeing the lion king in flesh in its natural habitat.

    Easy Travel can bring you to the location of the real action where lions hunt their prey ferociously. Though we can’t promise that your safari will be exactly the same as the Lion King story, we can promise you a REAL adventure!

    Turning your celluloid dream into real life

    Truth, they say, can be stranger than fiction. Take a safari with Easy Travel in Tanzania, and you may well come to believe in that old saying. The 2019 remake of the Lion King movie is not in cartoon format, but even with the move away from animation, it can’t come close to reality. And reality is what you’ll witness while out on a safari in the Serengeti. Easy Travel can bring that to you, up close and personal. Our safari does not follow one single plotline, but each hour will deliver a highlight, some drama, a story with a happy – or tragic – ending.

    Like a good plot, every day has a dramatic beginning

    Tanzania - istock 143917199 - the lion king: you’ve seen the movie, now enjoy the reality!

    Your day may start with a spectacular sunrise, a natural beauty that in itself no movie can truly replicate. On safari, that sunrise is magical, different every day, casting its light on the wildlife wonders for which this National Park is justifiably famous. ‘Everything the light touches is our kingdom,’ they say in the movie script. As the sun pops up above the horizon, the Serengeti will quickly become your kingdom, too. Set out to discover the thousands of occupants of this magical land. With your camera or phone at the ready, you will truly be the king – or queen – of all you survey.

    Serengeti, a place fit for a king lion…or queen lioness


    The King of the Serengeti, of course, is the lion – ‘Simba’ in the movie. Your Easy Travel driver-guides are experts in knowing His Majesty’s habits and the favourite places to find these majestic felines. But in reality, the male lion (Scar) is often seen alone, a solitary figure, while it is the lioness who keeps company with her cubs and other lionesses (in the movie, Nala and Sarabi). It is a lioness who heads up the pride, so maybe these ‘Queens’ are really the ones calling the shots?

    To be, or not to be: Life and death on the endless plains

    Tanzania - shutterstock 1175540641 - the lion king: you’ve seen the movie, now enjoy the reality!

    Unlike in The Lion King movie, the real-life animals of the Serengeti don’t actually talk. Well, they certainly don’t talk to us mere human visitors. But they have sophisticated communication between themselves, very necessary when danger can lurk in every bush or behind every clump of grassland. Warning sounds are issued, when a predator stalks nearby. Dramatic scenes play out every day, as hunter and hunted seek to outmanoeuvre each other in an endless game of life and death. Did you know that the Lion King storyline was based on none other than the drama of Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’?

    …and every movie has an ending, happy or sad

    Tanzania - shutterstock 1766635346 - the lion king: you’ve seen the movie, now enjoy the reality!

    Our real-life story, as our safari proceeds, might contain a number of happy or sad endings: maybeyou will see a joyful scene of lion cubs (like the young Simba and Nala) playing together. Maybe, however, your day will be more poignant as you witness a kill. A lion may hunt down a gazelle; or a powerful crocodile might clamp its mighty jaws around a wildebeest as it attempts a river crossing in migration season. In truth, unlike the movie, there is no script here, no-one can tell you exactly what you might see each day. We can only assure you your time will be packed with highlights. And some ‘lowlights.’ Maybe you’ll laugh… or cry. And remember to consider that, even if you witness a kill, this is all part of the finely-balanced pattern of Mother Nature that keeps things as they are.

    …and not all the characters are as bad as they seem!​

    Tanzania - shutterstock 99768116 - the lion king: you’ve seen the movie, now enjoy the reality!

    In the Lion King 2019 movie,  the hyenas (Shenzi, Azizi and Kamari) are portrayed as ruthless and vicious, and should you see real ones hunting as a pack, you will certainly believe this. But consider the positives: primarily scavengers, they help clean up the plains. They pick clean the bones of corpses even if diseased, helping to prevent such diseases spreading. In the delicate eco-system, every creature has a part to play – however ugly and evil they might appear!  So next time you see the movie, remember there’s a positive side to Scar’s wicked-looking assistants!.

    And there are other characters, too. In the space of a few days, you will get close to warthogs, though thankfully not close enough to see…sorry smell (!) whether they suffer from the same flatulence as Pumbaa, who features in the Lion King 2019 movie. Other ‘stars’ who liven up the movie, such as the mandrill (in the movie, Rafiki), meerkats (such as Timon) and hornbills (like Zazu), are also likely sightings as you stride Serengeti, the stage of some of Tanzania’s great natural dramas.

    And the curtain comes down

    A mesmerising Serengeti sunset will bring the curtain down daily on your real-life drama. After seeing, hearing, smelling the endless wildlife of our Serengeti, a mere movie – however good – may never seem the same again. See our website for details of all our Easy Travel safaris, including  opportunities to witness The Great Migration, surely one of the greatest sights on planet Earth. And there’s more: perhaps you would like to design your own safari, with one of our Tailor-made tours?

    Musaddiq Gulamhussein - Owner - Easy Travel Tanzania

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