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How to plan and book a wildebeest migration safari

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    Aiming to satisfy your safari-thrill craving? If so, you can book a wildebeest migration safari tour to fulfill that yearning!

    Here’s something to consider: there’s a small corner of our wondrous planet that still teems and roils with millions of wild animals.

    In this untamed, unfenced locale you look out onto an endless sweep of savannah, but what will likely draw your attention most are the miles and miles of moving bodies. Here, you be witnessing something much like an inland ocean, but instead of salt water it will be the roiling waves and tidal ebbs of wildness: hooves and horns and stripes, as far as the eye can see.

    This place is real. It exists. It’s called the Great Wildebeest Migration safari, and it might be the single most important natural phenomenon existing on Earth. But what’s most important about all of this is not just the scale. What’s most important is its beauty, hope, and perspective. 

    This wildebeest migration offers an unparalleled glimpse into our planet’s old and honest rhythms, and our place among them. Choosing Easy Travel to explore this Great Migration will put you front row to forever transform the way you experience our planet and the responsibility we have to protect it.

    The great wildebeest migration safari: The what, where, when, and why

    Chances are if you’re reading this, you already know at least a bare minimum about the Great Wildebeest Migration safari. Regardless, before we get into the nitty-gritty on planning and booking your Great Wildebeest Migration Safari Tour, let’s first examine some need-to-know info and that will help orient and inspire you:

    • WHAT: Great Wildebeest Migration safari. The largest land migration of over 1.2 million wildebeest, 500,000 gazelles, and 200,000 zebras. These herds move in clockwise rotation in constant search of fresh grass and water. For more, here are the Top 10 Facts on the Great Wildebeeest Migration.
    • WHERE: Serengeti National Park. The great wildebeest migration safari occurs primarily in Northern Tanzania but also extends into Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Reserve.
    • WHEN: Year-round. The great wildebeest migration follows seasonal changes and dances around rainy/dry spells, so it’s possible to experience the migration at any month of the year. Read more about when we think it’s best to see the Great Migration.
    • WHY: The two million ungulates work together yearound, crossing crocodile-filled rivers and predators of the savannah in a 1,000-kilometer endless circuit to stay alive and procreate by grazing on grasses and water. For you this creates an unfiltered experience found nowhere else on Earth.
    • The two million ungulates work together yearound, crossing crocodile-filled rivers and predators of the savannah in a 1,000-kilometer endless circuit to stay alive and procreate by grazing on grasses and water. For you this creates an unfiltered experience found nowhere else on Earth.

    5 steps to plan your Easy Travel Great wildebeest migration safari tour

    Great wildebeest migration safari

    Step 1: Choose your dates. True story: your availability to travel always depends on your personal schedule (read: life), but you also want to ensure you are visiting at primetime for migration sightings.

    Step 2: Select a package. Once you determine your dates, take a look at the five Migration Tour package options. All of them last 7-8 days, start and finish in Arusha, and include multiple days of game drives in the Serengeti, with a specific focus on migration locations. Also included in each package are side trips to Tarangire National Park and to the Ngorongoro Crater, a stunning UNESCO World Heritage Site. Take a look: Click Here

    Step 3: Find the perfect location and lodge. Once you’ve determined the dates and desired package, Easy Travel representatives will finalize safari accommodations in Serengeti National Park, based on the specific location of the herd at that time. Our staff are seasoned experts and have decades of experience with the prime locations for optimal viewing.

    Step 4: Firm up details. After determining the dates, the tour package, and locations for migration viewing, we will email an invoice to you. After making the deposit, we secure the lodging. Game on.

    Step 5: Let the migration begin!. After months of preparation, you arrive into Tanzania and one of our friendly drivers will pick you up at the airport, and this will mark the beginning of a life-changing experience, something you’ll never forget.

    Step 6: Share your future adventure. . Impress your friends (read: make them super jealous) by sharing your Great Migration plans on social media. The more people know about these incredible migrations, the more we humans will seek to protect them, right?

    Bottom line?

    The Great Migration is unlike any travel experience you will find on Earth. Quite literally, you can’t find this scale of such animate life anywhere else in one place. Easy Travel will work with you to design a tailor-made journey and get you a front-row seat, to be right in the action when that whoosh of a million wildebeest struts by your safari vehicle. Most importantly, a migration tour will put you in touch with some of our planet’s largest ecological patterns, and you will undoubtedly return home with newfound respect for sustaining life on Earth. So let’s start your journey, and your transformation, today.

    Getting you there?

    Easy Travel can arrange your once-in-a-lifetime experience of the Great Migration today. Check out our Award Winning Tours Here!

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