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What’s the difference between small group safaris and private safaris?

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    Want to know the difference between small group safaris and private safaris? Then, let us guide you by starting with a scenario…

    The smell of scrambled eggs and tea wake you up before your alarm does. You and your partner rise slowly in your personal bush tent surrounded by Serengeti National Park. Stomach growling, you head to the breakfast table where a hot meal is being served. Four others in your group greet you.

    Private safaris scenario #1

    Tanzania - 6 basic small group easy travel 1024x684 1 - What’s the difference between small group safaris and private safaris?

    The morning is cool and your group has a full day of game drives ahead so you double up on caffeine. Everyone is chatting and laughing, sharing how they slept, what they dreamed of, and what they’re most excited to see today. You slurp the last of your tea, then load into the Land Cruiser for another exciting day in the African bush.

    You all agreed to rotate seats each day and today you get the front seat. Your new friend from the group offers a cold bottle of mineral water from the vehicle’s built-in cooler. You take it, thank him, and turn to face the beautiful sunrise. Game on.

    Private safaris scenario #2:

    Tanzania - SerenaNgorongoro 188 - What’s the difference between small group safaris and private safaris?

    On your own time, you wake up in the comfort of a cozy safari lodge looking out from the rim of the Ngorongoro Crater. It’s almost too much beauty to handle this early in the morning.

    Breakfast is ready for you in the eating area. Over a delicious meal your personal guide gives you and your partner an overview of today’s agenda, but stresses that these are only options. This is your tour, he says. You have chosen a private tour and that means you have your own vehicle, your own guide, and your own wild adventure.

    Following breakfast, you place your bags in the back of the Land Cruiser and start the morning game drive deep into the caldera, beginning your very own romantic safari dream, just the two of you in wild safaris tour.

    Private safaris or shared safaris? It’s a question of priorities

    private safaris

    The two scenarios of safaris above give you a wee glimpse into the varied experiences of waking up to either a small group safaris or private tour. As with anything in life, every choice has their merits and limitations. As you decide what version of safari travel suits you best, ask yourself this:

    What is it that motivates you to safari? Are you interested in witnessing wildlife and wild places at any cost or are you keen on experiencing safari while also being conscious of funds? Are you willing to share vehicles and meals with others? How much control would you prefer over the day-to-day itinerary?

    Easy Travel offers both small group tours and private safaris, and we want you to have all the essential information before making your decision. Because we know: going on safari is a big deal—quite possibly the biggest trip of your life—so it’s super important that to do your homework first.

    To help you, we’ve crafted a comprehensive overview of the differences between small group tours and private safaris. By the end, you will have no problem knowing which category you fit into:

    Small group safaris: The socializing shilling-saver

    Tanzania - 11 small group tour comfort style vehicle 1024x684 1 - What’s the difference between small group safaris and private safaris?
    Experiences of a lifetime are rarely just about the places you travel, but also who you traveled with. Some of my most indelible moments abroad weren’t just because I discovered some paradise. Often it was about the company I was with and our collective energy that infused the place with such magic. Choosing a small group tour saves you money, cultivates patience by working with others, helps you relax (safety in numbers!), and enables you to share bucket-list experiences with others, something that seems to only increase the power of experience. Plus, you’ll walk away with lifelong friends from around the world, all sharing a most potent experience–the great Tanzanian wilds. (Source) To choose a small group tour with Easy Travel — either Basic or Comfort — is to share transportation and resources with others (maximum seven per group), while also looking out for each other. It is the most economical option for solo travelers, pairs, and groups of three. (Insider tip: If you are a group of 4 or more, booking a private tour can actually be similar in price, or cheaper!) So whether you are scaling Mount Kilimanjaro or scanning the Serengeti for rhinos and cheetah, think of a small group option as adding several pairs of eyes to your own, helping you to witness the full beauty of Tanzania and not miss a thing. Learn more about Small Group Tours here

    Private safaris: The intrepid, freedom-seeking romantic

    Tanzania - Small Group vs Private Safari in Tanzania - What’s the difference between small group safaris and private safaris?

    What is more powerful than to have a safari all to yourself (and/or your partner)? With Easy Travel’s private tours you gain exclusive use of a safari vehicle, along with your personal guide, from beginning to end. You choose your level of amenities—Basic, Comfort, or Comfort Plus—and we take you to your desired locations in custom style.

    Sure, private tours are more expensive, but what you receive is a different level of customization, intimacy, and privacy. Our expert guides know every nook and cranny of Tanzania, and yet it is ultimately you who gets to decide where to do and what to see. With Easy Travel private tours, we’re the pilot but you’re the navigator. Learn more about private tours here.

    The bottom line

    Tanzania is waiting for you. Seriously. Right now this large, friendly country on the east coast of Africa teems with sharp-toothed animals, cone-shaped volcanoes, baby-blue oceans, and sandy beaches that beg for your wiggling toes, your piercing eyes, and your thumping heart. From joining a tight-knit group of other adventurers to choosing your own adventure with a private tour, it’s your call.

    More extroverted and budget-conscious? Small groups can be a fantastic option. Less concerned about money and more concerned about privacy and itinerary control? Private tours might be for you. Either way, contact us today and let us find the right fit for you. Tanzania is waiting.

    Getting you there?

    Easy Travel offers many options for you to plan your journey of a lifetime and to witness the Big Five in Tanzania. Our guides all have decades of experience and know where, and when to go. Whether you are looking for a Small group tour or a Private Safaris, we have something for everyone. Or are you interested in your own Tailor Made tour? Contact Us today to get started.