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How to travel solo in Tanzania

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    Something tussles in the tall grasses only twenty meters from your safari vehicle. Your attention sharpens. Your shoulders start tingling, too. After scanning the savannah from your custom, pop-up rooftop Land Cruiser, you are the first to spot movement here in Tarangire National Park. “Not I, nor anyone else, can travel that road for you. You must travel it for yourself.” Walt Whitman

    If you’re reading this, you’ve most likely embarked into Eastern Africa for an African adventure, all by yourself. We know that the idea of solo travel is daunting, but it is equally as rewarding. Doing adventure activities with a group or partner is an incredible must have experience, but solo travellers have all experienced the boundless freedom when travelling alone. If your African adventure is taking your to Tanzania, we have compiled everything you need to know about travelling solo right here.

    Everything You Should Know About Travelling Solo In Tanzania

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    Here’s Why Solo Travel is the Best

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    Nothing brings the wild world into sharper focus than traveling on your own. Single travellers are free to craft their adventure on their own time, pace, and budget. As a solo traveller, you can choose which national parks you want to visit, which route you want to take up Mount Kilimanjaro and which safari lodges you want to stay at (without having to consider the needs of travel partners). It puts you right out of your comfort zone and encourages you to meet new people and learn about their ways (a primary reason to travel in the first place, right?). Solo travel should be renamed “Discovery Travel,” because going it alone truly sets you up for maximum discovery—of place, of culture, and of yourself.

    What Solo in Tanzania Looks Like

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    More and more people are arriving at the Kilimanjaro Airport as solo travelers with long bucket lists. And, while Tanzanians might find it a bit curious that foreigners travel by themselves, it’s not uncommon. Whether they decide to soak up the vast herds of elephants, climb Mount Kilimanjaro in the dry season or head to Ruaha National Park for a wildlife safari, one thing is for certain: a once in a lifetime experience. Let’s talk about popular African safari options for solo travellers:

    Small Group Tours

    The best advice for keeping things within your budget (and fun!) is to join a small group tour. Joining a group (maximum of 6 people) offsets the costs of vehicles and guides. From volcano treks to safari packages, from Maasai market tours (link to Tribes of Tanzania post) to Zanzibar’s Stonetown, Easy Travel can accommodate solo travelers on most small group departures. Walking safaris are a particularly enticing option to join others for an epic adventure afoot. (What Happens On A Walking Safari)

    Private Tours

    Though you’ll pay more to have your own private guide, safari vehicle(optional) and support, private adventures come with maximum flexibility and control. Easy Travel organizes these packages frequently. Whether you’re keen for a day by yourself in Serengeti National Park or a walk in Ngorongoro Crater with our expert guides, you’ll have plenty of private experiences with the amazing wildlife of Tanzania. If requested, we can even select more communal accommodations that are designed for the solo traveler in mind. Our safaris are catered to give you the deepest cultural experiences possible in Tanzania: connecting you with the Earth and people of this beautiful land.

    But Wait…Is Solo Travel in Tanzania Safe?

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    In short: yes. Tanzania is a leader in East Africa due to its infrastructure and political stability. That said, it’s always important when traveling alone to stay vigilant and attentive to your valuables. Here are three main travel tips for safe solo travel in Tanzania:

    • Sun Down? Team Up. This is catchall advice for anyone traveling anywhere, really, but safety in numbers, people. For solo female travelers this is especially important.
    • Take Cabs. In major cities like Arusha or Stone Town, ask your hotel concierge to call a reputable taxi that will get you safely to your destination. Having them help negotiate a price before getting in the cab is highly recommended.
    • Be Direct. Tanzania is known for jovial attitudes and persistent street vendors. If someone approaches you and asks you follow him back to his art gallery, it’s okay to be direct and decline, especially if you’re alone.

    Bottom Line?

    A Tanzania solo safari is pure alchemy. Be prepared for your self-confidence, self-reflection, and self-amazement to shoot off the charts when discovering the world at your own pace. By choosing Tanzania as your solo destination in 2022, (recently voted by Conde Nast as one of the most beautiful countries on the planet, no big deal), you won’t be disappointed. With game drives, cultural visits and full-day safaris, Tanzania is easily the ideal destination for anyone wanting to experience the beauty of Eastern Africa. Easy Travel can work with any solo traveler’s goals: for the budget-mindful, small group tours are the way. For those less concerned about budget and more interested in itinerary control? Solo private tours are fully available.