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How to travel solo in Tanzania

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    Planning to travel solo in Tanzania is one of the best options, especially if you’re thinking of going on an East African adventure.

    Tanzania has been rated the ‘safest African country to visit’ numerous times, particularly for female travellers, and is an exceptional destination for adventure. Although no particular country is 100% safe, Tanzania is mostly free from unwanted attention and is one of the best options when thinking of taking on an African adventure.

    In addition, you will have many cultural experiences with the locals who are very friendly people. There are also many camps and safari lodges in Tanzania that charge a very low rate for single travellers, making it an ideal place to travel and have unique wildlife safaris.

    Some of the best places to visit for solo travellers in Tanzania are:

    • The Serengeti National Park
    • Ngorongoro Crater
    • Tarangire National Park
    • Mount Kilimanjaro
    • Cultural Visits To Stone Town
    • Lake Manyara
    • Village visits
    • And many more !

    But, how do you travel solo in Tanzania? Let’s find out, fellow travellers!

    Travel solo in Tanzania safari: How to do it?

    Do your homework

    Travel solo in tanzania

    This tip is one of our best picks in surviving solo travel in Tanzania. Research can significantly influence your travel experience for the better. Researching before setting off can give you:

    • To help you gain some insights into the place you’re visiting.
    • Familiarize yourself with the area you’re interested in and the range of activities to do.
    • Informing you of places to avoid and places to go.
    • Park fees and other expenses

    It’s best to think about what you want from your trip and where you’ll likely get it from to have a smooth travel experience. This will also help you craft your itinerary.

    Furthermore, it gives an endless quantity of extra information, significantly aiding your solo travel in Tanzania.

    How to travel solo in Tanzania safely alone

    Tanzania - how to travel safely alone - how to travel solo in tanzania

    Anyone can do an amazing travel solo in Tanzania, but it can be blunted if you fail to make your safety a priority.

    Here are our top safety tips for solo travellers in Tanzania

     Travel solo in Tanzania tip #1. Make sure to stay connected

    Gone are the days without smartphones, Skype and other communication devices and apps. Thus, when you solo travel in Tanzania, make sure to stay connected with your family back home.

    Before leaving home, ensure to find out whether your phone has roaming abilities for your destination. If not, rent out a phone once you arrive in Tanzania or buy an international SIM card if the GSM phone is unlocked to have a lifeline.  Make sure also to contact someone from home from time to time to let them know about your condition.

     Travel solo in Tanzania tip #2. Let someone at home know of your daily itinerary 

    Let someone at home know where you’re going, including friends and family and your hotel concierge, especially if you travel alone to a safari park or wilderness like the Serengeti national park, the Ngorongoro Crater, walking safaris, and others. Tell them your expected return and your route, and stick to it.

    Travel solo in Tanzania tip #3. Keep passport, money and credit cards in separate place

    When you visit the best places in Tanzania, keep some money and credit cards in your wallet and other cash and cards in a pocket or pouch. When you go sightseeing, bring only a copy of your passport’s data page, keeping your original passport locked in your hotel safe.

    Moreover, bring your passport separately from your credit or debit cards and money during travel days.

     Travel solo in Tanzania tip #4. Learn more about your destination

    Be aware of safety concerns, local customs, and manners whenever you travel solo to prevent misunderstandings that can result in problems. When in doubt, always choose to be conservative.

    Talk to your guide or the locals about the areas to avoid, especially after dark. It’s also best to know the local number to call for during emergencies.

     Travel solo in Tanzania tip #5. Make sure your lodgings are safe

    Ensure that your door is locked and the security chain fastened. Try to get a room near the concierge desk or near elevators to get help right away whenever you need it.

    As much as possible, don’t open the door if you’re not expecting anyone.

     Travel solo in Tanzania tip #6. Always stay healthy

    Ensure also to check the water if it’s safe to drink. It will also be helpful to bring some extra supplies of medications you’re taking and never forget to use a hand sanitiser.

     Travel solo in Tanzania tip #7. Trust your instinct

    Embarking into unfamiliar territory is one of the thrills of travel. However, don’t let yourself get so distracted by sceneries, and you let your guard down. To ensure safe travel within any country, trust your instinct and never leave your common sense at home; this is the most critical of all the solo travel safety tips.

     Travel solo in Tanzania tip #8. Choose a reliable safari company

    If Tanzania is your desired travel destination and you’re looking at safari options, it’s critical to choose a reliable tour operator. If you choose a cheaper company, your safari vehicle may not be up to standard on game drives, or your private guide may be inexperienced with the land. This is why we recommend going with a highly rated company, such as Easy Travel, to have a life-changing experience. Easy Travel only employs knowledgeable guides who know the iconic parks in and out. Our safari guide will know exactly where the concentration of wildlife resides and they will keep you safe and entertained throughout your safari holiday.

    Female travel in Tanzania

    Tanzania - female travel in tanzania - how to travel solo in tanzania

    Women travelling solo keeps on rising. Based on the study of George Washington University School of Business, almost two-thirds of today’s travellers are women.

    However, this doesn’t mean that everything is easy. You need to plan ahead, research your forthcoming solo travel in Tanzania, and find a great path to make the most out of your East Africa adventure.

    Furthermore, it’s best to avoid eating and strolling alone in the dark to avoid stumbling across bad people. It’s also best to pack light and keep your documents, money, and cards secured.

    As much as possible, have some extra cash and cards stashed separately. This ensures that you’ll still have some resources if you lose some money.

    It will also be helpful to know some basic Swahili language to understand some of the words uttered by the locals and communicate with them. Although you’re not fluent, you’ll be greatly appreciated and get some help from the friendly Tanzanians.

    Tips for eating alone

    Tanzania - tips to eating alone - how to travel solo in tanzania

    Eating alone is one of the most daunting parts for solo travellers. There could be situations that will make you feel awkward and concerned, particularly if you’re a solo female traveller.

    However, dining alone need not be one of those bad situations if you consider following the given tips below.

    • Choose where to dine.
    • Find a good restaurant to eat your meals.
    • Pick the best time to dine.
    • Be careful where you put your valuables.

    It’s always ideal to know ahead of time the best places to visit and eat in Tanzania to save time and energy in looking for places to eat on the spot. So, it’ll help a lot if you do in-depth research about the sites, foods and restaurants that offer great local menus for their tourists.

    That way, you won’t waste your valuable time thinking about what and where to eat when travelling solo in Tanzania. Remember that preparedness is key to having a safe, pleasant and gratifying experience as a solo female traveller.

    Travelling solo on a budget

    Tanzania - travelling solo on a budget 1 - how to travel solo in tanzania

    If you’re travelling on a budget, it’s best to book early. Tour companies often offer discounts for solo travellers, so it’s best to grab the offer as early as possible to get a great deal.

    Part of the tips for travelling solo on a budget are:

    • Book early.
    • Pick a local safari agency wisely.
    • Travel during shoulder season—a period between a peak and off-season.
    • Book a dorm bed in a hostel to save some cash.
    • Check for affordable safaris
    • Always take out travel insurance

    Trust the experts

    When booking for your solo travel in Tanzania, it’s best to trust the experts! This way, you know that you’ll never go wrong and have the help you need right away, in case things will start to go south.

    With Easy Travel, your envisioned African expedition can become a reality. So, whether you want to climb the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro, visit the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater or go on walking safaris when travelling alone, we can make that happen.

    Just contact us today to discuss further your desired Tanzanian conquest!

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