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    The best places to visit in Tanzania as a solo female traveller

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    best places to visit in tanzania a solo female traveller easy travel tanzania

    Not sure where exactly to go in Tanzania? If so, this guide is for you! Here, we will discuss the best places to visit in Tanzania as a solo female traveller and more!

    Here’s the thing: traveling alone can be life-changing. Sure, it’s great to globetrot with your loved ones, your family, your husband, or your wife, but let’s be honest—traveling alone has many perks.

    Traveling alone is, well, awesome.

    When you are exploring the world on your own, you are in control. The agenda, the meals, the activities, they’re all for you to decide. The world is your oyster, and that can be extremely liberating for some.

    The future is female

    Best places

    Recently, there has been a sharp increase in solo travel worldwide, and more so for women. Studies reveal that more and more women are deciding to pack their bags and hit the road. Alone:  (see more).

    Experts say this trend is a result of women feeling increasingly safer and more empowered to travel alone and chase learning opportunities, self-improvement, and personal growth adventures.

    Here’s why Tanzania is among the best places for solo females

    Tanzania - giraffe phone photograph 1024x683 1 - the best places to visit in tanzania as a solo female traveller

    Sure, you could always travel to France and eat a baguette under the shadow of the Eiffel Tower. You could always fly to Spain and sample tapas or be chased by bulls. But what about watching two million wildebeest flood the Serengeti at sunset? What about getting lost in a flood of pink flamingos as they take flight en masse, only to make your heart skip a beat? What about scaling to the “Roof of Africa,” 19,341 foot (5,895m) Mt. Kilimanjaro, to complete one of the highest non-technical hikes on Earth? If any of this excites you, more than baguettes or bullfights, then continue reading.

    Tanzania is hot right now. (Here are 5 reasons why we think it’s the best place to travel in 2018). Here, you get millions-year-old volcanoes, world-class beaches, lions and elephants, jungle and desert, culture and culinary delights.

    Guided stargazing experiences enhance the experience, allowing you to learn about the stars and constellations from knowledgeable guides.

    Tanzania overflows with awe. In just a small amount of time you can experience a large amount of mind-blowing things.

    For the female solo traveler, most of these experiences are safe and accessible. Here’s why: safaris are all guided, and most of are small group tours. This means you will be paired with other travelers (there’s always private tours, too!) and you will have a guide with you the whole time. This is also true for any Kilimanjaro trek.

    The essential tips for women traveling in the best places in Tanzania

    1. Travel light

    This is probably our favorite travel tip of all time: the lighter you go, the richer the experience. This is particularly true for solo female travelers, as you’ll be shuffling in and out of airports and safari vehicles, and the less stuff you have to keep track of, the more focused you’ll be on your safety and security. Here is a great resource we found on the adage: “travel light, travel free.”

    2. Think modest

    For Tanzania, modest dress is particularly important for female, but this does not exclude males. It’s best to choose clothing that isn’t wildly revealing. This is a good rule of thumb when traveling in the more conservative parts of the world.. In Zanzibar, bikinis and beach attire are more acceptable.

    3. No to dark, yes to direct

    Most Easy Travel clients will be quickly whisked off to safari, Kilimanjaro, or private beaches, but there’s always time to shop and visit urban markets, too. We always recommend people to return back to accommodations before nightfall, and this is particularly important for women. We also encourage females to be very direct and straightforward if any storefront owner or merchants approach them on the streets. Saying “NO” firmly is advisable.

    4. Choose a reputable guide

    This is probably the most important piece of advice. Because Tanzania will drop you into a whole new world, full of novel sights and sounds, a reputable and experienced guide will be your primary resource for staying safe and secure on the road. Every one of our Easy Travel guides carries a wellspring of experience, and they will ensure that you are taken care of.

    Top 3 places to travel in Tanzania as a solo traveler

    Tanzania - shutterstock 1448036156 - the best places to visit in tanzania as a solo female traveller

    1 - Zanzibar

    The paradise beaches, the whiter-than-white sand of the Spice Islands offers female travelers an ideal venue to let their hair down, grab that tattered novel, and spend some time under the sun. We can organize several days for you at a private accommodation, where everything is taken care of. Note that Zanzibar Island is 99% Muslim, so if you do plan to visit Stonetown (which you absolutely should!) it’s advised for both men and women to cover knees and shoulders. Again, modesty wins. Here are some packages to consider.

    2 - Serengeti / Ngorongoro

    There’s no other way to put it: the Northern Tanzania Safari Circuit is just mind-blowing. Join a 5-7 day small group tour and experience some of the most incredible landscapes and wildlife on the planet. As a package tour, all accommodations and guides will all be organized well in advance, safe and secure, ideal for the solo traveler.

    3 - Tarangire National Park

    Ask any one of our guides and they’ll tell you that Tarangire is one of their favorite stops on safari. Why? Think elephants and baobab trees. In the park, you’ll find some of the highest densities of both. Several Easy Travel safari packages, like the 7-day Tanzania Classic include Tarangire. The best time to visit this special place is June to October.

    Bottom line

    With solo female travel to Tanzania, it all comes down to choosing the right outfitter, one with a flawless reputation for safety, customer support, and satisfaction. For over 30 years, Easy Travel has been organizing small group tours and tailored private adventures for thousands of solo travelers. We know the best accommodations, beaches, and places to maximize your independent experience.

    Getting you there?

    Contact us today and let’s begin crafting your solo journey to Tanzania. Whether it’s joining a small group tour up Kilimanjaro or spending a week on safari, Easy Travel staff are ready to work with you today.

    Musaddiq Gulamhussein - Owner - Easy Travel Tanzania

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