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What can I do while at camp on Kilimanjaro?

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    The Kilimanjaro adventure is a long trek, taking around 6 hours before you reach the first camp on Mount Kilimanjaro.

    However, your sacrifice will all be worth it once you’ve reached the peak. The snow-capped summit, the almost unreal view from above will surely leave you breathless—in a good way!

    So, what can you do while at camp on Mount Kilimanjaro? Most climbers roam around the campsite, rest in their tents, clean themselves up or socialize with other trekkers.

    Upon reaching the campsite, our hard-working staff will take care of everything for you—from setting up the tent, cooking food, and fetching water. Typically, you’ll reach the camp in the afternoon and have several hours left before evening time.

    What are camp on mount Kilimanjaro like?

    If you’re not using the Marangu route, sleeping in tents will naturally be the way of life for you until you reach the summit. If you want to know what camp on Mount Kilimanjaro will be like, here are some of the things you can expect:

    Squat toilets

    camp on mount kilimanjaro

    At campsites, the toilets aren’t the typical ones you have in your home. They’re either a literal hole in the ground or rocks just near your tents during the night.

    However, if you’re not up to this kind of toilet condition, you may ask your chosen tour agency if they have special tent toilets with them. However, you’ll likely have to pay extra for that.

    Camp on Mount Kilimanjaro: Nighttime at campsites is colder

    Tanzania - Nighttime at Campsites is Colder - What can I do while at camp on Kilimanjaro?

    Night time at campsites is going to be colder than you might have expected. Thus, make sure that you wear layers of clothing while you sleep to keep yourself warm.

    You can also bring your sleeping bag with an aluminium bottle of water to be filled with either hot or warm water before you doze off to sleep at night.

    Camp on Mount Kilimanjaro: Meals at mess tent

    Man plate with food

    Breakfast and dinner are typically served at mess tents. However, when the weather is nice, it can be arranged outdoors occasionally.

    Usually, porters will move ahead from the group to fetch water, prepare food, and set up the tents so that all are ready when you and your group arrive at the campsite. Meals can vary each time, but fish, chicken, eggs, and vegetables will not be gone on the menu.

    Furthermore, there will also be spaghetti, oats porridge, pancake, mandazi, sausage, omelet, potato soup with toast bread, chapati, fruits, and more. Drinks, such as tea, milk, coffee, and drinking chocolate will also be on the menu for drinks.

    Drink refills will also be on the mess tent during breakfast and dinner.

    Camp on Mount Kilimanjaro: Beautiful starry night

    Tanzania - What Can I Do While At Camp On Mount Kilimanjaro - What can I do while at camp on Kilimanjaro?

    The night at Kilimanjaro is beautiful, full of sparkling stars, so we advise to never miss the chance to do some stargazing at the camp once you’re done with dinner.

    The starry night at Kilimanjaro is one of the experiences on the mountain that you won’t likely forget.

    Camp on Kilimanjaro like: Tents

    Tanzania - What are the Tents Like on Kilimanjaro - What can I do while at camp on Kilimanjaro?

    Tents are the go-to form of accommodation on your way up to Kilimanjaro and within each tent is an oversized and thick foam pad—which is an insulated mattress to resist cold.

    On top of the mattress is where you’ll put your sleeping bag to keep you warm. You can also rent sleeping bags at the camp if you didn’t bring one.

    The sleeping tents are durable and are built to withstand harsh weather conditions. It has two doors and is bonded to make sure it’s fully waterproof.

    In addition, a thick foam pad is given to all trekkers to keep them warm during the cold nights on Kilimanjaro. These are locally made sleeping pads and are thicker to keep you warm.

    Three to four people can share the tent with a lot of space left for each person’s belongings.

    If you have a specific setup in mind, Easy Travel offers custom-made trips to execute what’s exactly on your mind with the help and advice of our expert.

    How do you spend your free time at camp?

    Tanzania - How Do You Spend Your Free Time at Camp - What can I do while at camp on Kilimanjaro?

    When you reach the camp, there are many things that you can do. You can either choose to socialize or rest in your tent. To give you an insight into the things that you can do at camp, we’ve prepared them below:

    Socialize with other hikers

    Tanzania - Socialize with Other Hikers - What can I do while at camp on Kilimanjaro?

    To create the best possible experience for your Kilimanjaro climb, you can socialize with other trekkers at the camp where each person will have a story to tell, so you can use this time to get to know the people who will be with you throughout your trekking journey on Kilimanjaro.

    You can form bonds with others that might last beyond your Kili adventure. This way, you can also support one another, making the journey a much more manageable and pleasant experience.

    You could also be having lifelong friends and travel buddies with some people on your trip. Thus, never be afraid to make a conversation with the people at the camp. This includes the crew, people within your group, and outside your party.

    Clean yourself up

    Tanzania - sponge bath - What can I do while at camp on Kilimanjaro?

    Personal hygiene is very important, particularly on the mountain where bacterial infection is possible. Water and soaps are available at the campsite, so you can choose to clean yourself up before taking pictures or socializing with other hikers.

    Moreover, make sure to wash your hands each time you use the toilet. We provide private toilet tents so you don’t have to endure the “long-drop” public toilets, which most of the time is dirty. 

    Take some rest

    Tanzania - Take Some Rest - What can I do while at camp on Kilimanjaro?

    Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is no joke. You’ll have to walk for several hours before reaching the camp so it’s not surprising that you’ll want to take some rest first before doing anything else.

    Thus, you can choose to get some rest after you have cleaned yourself. Get some rest as much as you want, but never skip your meals. It’s ideal to lay down horizontally to take the load off your body.

    Make sure to also elevate your feet on your duffel bag or daypack to help reduce the swelling as a result of walking for long hours. Resting your body after the long walk will help you recover and acclimatize to the higher elevations.

    Taking pictures, videos, or writing in a journal

    Tanzania - Taking Pictures Videos or Writing In A Journal - What can I do while at camp on Kilimanjaro?

    At the camp, you can do a lot of things with your free time. You can walk around the campsite, take amazing pictures of the scenery, record videos or write down your experiences on the mountain.

    You can also do a vlog to document your Kilimanjaro journey to inspire others to climb the highest mountain in Africa. You can talk about how you feel, what the day hike is like, the sceneries you saw, and your overall experience on your Kilimanjaro expedition with Easy Travel.

    Refuel and replenish in the mess tent

    Man plate with food

    Since you’ll be burning a lot of calories throughout your Kilimanjaro journey, you’ll need to refuel and replenish your body with a substantial amount of foods and drinks to sustain your body’s energy.

    You can go to the mess tent where we provide your meals and snacks. Each campsite has a shared dining tent complete with things you need to have a comfortable dining experience.

    At the mess tent, one of our staff will lay out various snacks like popcorn, cookies, peanuts, chips, and fruits along with tea, coffee and hot chocolate for everyone. This is to prevent dehydration that can contribute to altitude sickness.

    Health check

    Tanzania - Health Check - What can I do while at camp on Kilimanjaro?

    We take health checks very seriously to ensure that our clients are in good form to continue to much higher elevations. Typically, after dinner, the head guide will come for the evening briefing.

    At the briefing, you’ll be informed about what to expect the next day—which includes:

    • weather
    • ideal clothes to wear
    • how long the hike will be
    • the elevation of the next camp.

    On top of that, you’ll also undergo a health check. Our guide will check your heart rate, oxygen saturation, and pulse.

    They’ll also ask you a series of questions to ensure you’re not experiencing altitude sickness. Health checks are done twice a day for the safety of all climbers.


    Are you ready to climb the tallest freestanding mountain in the world? Out of the 7 Summits , Kilimanjaro is the easiest mountain to climb, but still requires loads of training and preparation. Our team of Kilimanjaro specialists are here to help you along the way, from preparation and arrival to summit day and descent. We encourage you to reach out to Easy Travel, a KPAP registered, worldwide trusted tour operator to start planning your next adventure in Tanzania.