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Quick guide: When is the best time to visit Tanzania?

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    When planning a safari, picking the best time to visit Tanzania is important. The weather and the seasons can make a significant difference in seeing the animals and the stunning landscapes.

    This means that it comes as little surprise that one of the most asked questions when it comes to booking a break in Tanzania, is what time of year is best?

    To help you to make sure that you plan the best break in Tanzania possible, we have put together our guide to the very best time of year to visit.

    Quick overview: Best time to visit Tanzania

    We often get asked, “when is the best time to visit Tanzania?” The answer, of course, depends on what you want to see and do while you’re here. Here’s a quick overview to help you plan your trip.

    We have broken it down by seasons and what each has to offer allowing you to plan smartly your experience of a lifetime.

    The best time to visit Tanzania during peak season: 16 December - February and June – October

    The best time to visit tanzania

    One of the best times of year to visit Tanzania (if you want to see wildlife) is in early June. During this time of year, the long wet season (that affects the whole country) has stopped, and it has become busy with lots of visitors.

    When July comes around, the peak of the tourist season has come into full force in Tanzania. Whilst it may not sound like an ideal time to travel, June to October is actually the winter here and it means that the entire area is cool and dry. These conditions make it perfect for wildlife photography and safari game drives. If you plan on coming in the Peak Season, make sure you book well in advance!

    The best time to visit Tanzania during high season: March and November - 15 December

    Tanzania - hight season - quick guide: when is the best time to visit tanzania?

    High season in Tanzania starts as the peak season begins to end. Accommodation prices begin to drop, and the crowds begin to disperse.

    This means that you won’t have to worry about fighting through the crowds to get a glimpse of the animals and the animals themselves are likely to want to be out and about even more.

    The weather during the high season is phenomenal for animal watching. You can expect to see many animals during this season, and it is the perfect time to come to Tanzania for a safari.

    Low season: April – May

    Tanzania - low season - quick guide: when is the best time to visit tanzania?

    This particular time of year is seen as the low season in Tanzania, which means that if you don’t mind the combination of warmer temperatures and the occasional chance of rain, then you can book in during this particular time frame. Sure, you won’t get as kind weather as you may during the High Seasonal months, but you will find that the prices to travel to Tanzania are cheaper and there will be fewer people around too.

    If you’re a bird lover, then you might want to consider a break during this timeframe. If you are keen to top up your tan or to sit on the beach for hours on end, then rather opt for the High Season, but if you’re coming all the way to Tanzania, why skip the beautiful wildlife, packed into the most beautiful part of the world, for the beach?


    If you’re looking for a month-to-month breakdown, you can check out our blog here. The important thing to remember about travelling to Tanzania is that booking a safari there is a great idea, no matter what time of year it is. Of course, certain times of year are going to be better to travel there than others, however, any season or month is going to be the perfect time to see some of the most beautiful animals up close and personal in their natural surroundings.

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