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    Where to Stay in Matemwe Beach, Zanzibar in 2023/2024

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    Kena Beach Hotel in Matemwe Beach
    Kena Beach Hotel in Matemwe Beach Zanzibar - Easy Travel Tanzania

    Matemwe Beach, located on the northeastern coast of Zanzibar, is a haven for beach lovers seeking relaxation, tranquility, and breathtaking natural beauty.

    If you’re planning a visit to Matemwe Beach in 2023/2024, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to accommodation options. From luxury resorts to boutique hotels and budget-friendly guesthouses, there is something to suit every traveler’s taste and budget.

    Here are more details about where to stay in Matemwe Beach:

    Luxury Resorts and Hotels at Matemwe Beach

    Matemwe Beach boasts several high-end resorts and hotels that provide a luxurious and pampering experience. These properties offer world-class amenities, stunning ocean views, and exceptional service.

    Some of the top luxury options include:

    1. Matemwe Retreat 

    Matemwe Retreat is an exquisite and secluded resort that provides guests with an exclusive and intimate experience. With only a few private villas, privacy and seclusion are guaranteed.

    Each villa at Matemwe Retreat is beautifully designed and features its own plunge pool, spacious living areas, and direct access to the pristine beach. Guests can bask in the tranquility of their surroundings while enjoying breathtaking ocean views.

    The resort offers personalized service, ensuring every guest’s needs are cared for and attended to. From arranging private dining experiences under the stars to organizing unique excursions, the staff at Matemwe Retreat goes above and beyond to create unforgettable moments for their guests.

    Indulge in rejuvenating wellness treatments promoting relaxation and well-being, allowing you to unwind and recharge during your stay.

    2. Zanzibar White Sand Luxury Villas & Spa 

    Zanzibar White Sand Luxury Villas & Spa is renowned for its sustainability commitment and stunning architectural design. The resort offers spacious villas that epitomize luxury and elegance.

    Each villa is thoughtfully furnished with modern amenities and local craftsmanship, ensuring both comfort and style. Guests can enjoy the privacy of their private pool, relaxing and soaking up the tropical ambiance.

    The resort’s spa is a sanctuary of serenity, offering a range of holistic treatments and therapies that promote well-being and rejuvenation. Indulge in a massage or wellness ritual that combines ancient healing traditions with modern techniques.

    The on-site restaurant at Zanzibar White Sand Luxury Villas & Spa serves gourmet cuisine, showcasing the region’s flavors and incorporating fresh, locally sourced ingredients. For adventure enthusiasts, the resort offers a variety of water sports activities, including snorkeling, diving, and sailing, allowing guests to explore the vibrant marine life of the Indian Ocean.

    3. Matemwe Lodge 

    Nestled amidst swaying palm trees, Matemwe Lodge offers a charming and authentic Zanzibari experience. The lodge features traditional bungalows that showcase the architectural heritage of the region.

    The bungalows are designed to blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings and provide stunning views of the ocean. Each bungalow is tastefully furnished, combining comfort and local aesthetics.

    Guests at Matemwe Lodge can relax in the inviting lounge area, socialize with fellow travelers or simply unwind with a good book. The on-site restaurant offers a delightful culinary experience, specializing in fresh seafood dishes that are expertly prepared using local ingredients.

    The lodge also features a swimming pool, providing a refreshing oasis for guests to cool off and enjoy a leisurely swim.

    Boutique Hotels  

    For travelers seeking a more intimate and personalized experience, Matemwe Beach has several boutique hotels that combine comfort with local charm. These hotels offer unique accommodations and attentive service.

    Consider the following options:

    1. Sunshine Hotel Zanzibar 

    Sunshine Hotel Zanzibar is a charming boutique hotel on the beach, allowing guests to enjoy direct access to the pristine sands and crystal-clear waters. The hotel offers cozy rooms that are tastefully decorated and equipped with all the necessary amenities.

    Each room features a balcony or terrace that provides breathtaking views of the turquoise waters, allowing guests to relax and soak in the beauty of their surroundings. The hotel’s beachfront restaurant is a culinary delight, serving a variety of delicious local and international cuisine.

    Guests can indulge in fresh seafood dishes, savor traditional Zanzibari flavors, and enjoy meals with their toes in the sand. The bar offers a range of refreshing beverages, including tropical cocktails and chilled beers.

    The hotel features a swimming pool for those seeking relaxation, where guests can cool off and soak up the sun while enjoying the stunning beach views.

    2. Zanzibar Sunrise at Bandas  

    Zanzibar Sunrise at Bandas is a hidden gem situated on a secluded stretch of beach, providing guests with a tranquil retreat. The comfortable bungalows at this beachfront property offer stunning ocean views, ensuring a peaceful and rejuvenating stay. 

    The bungalows are designed with rustic charm, incorporating natural materials and traditional elements that blend harmoniously with the natural surroundings. Guests can relax on the private beach, where they can lounge under the shade of palm trees, take leisurely walks along the shore, or simply unwind and enjoy the serenity of the ocean. 

    The beachfront restaurant serves freshly caught seafood and other delectable dishes, allowing guests to indulge in a culinary journey while overlooking the turquoise waters. The peaceful ambiance and breathtaking scenery make Zanzibar Sunrise at Bandas a perfect choice for those seeking a quiet and idyllic beach experience.

    3. Villa Kiva Boutique Hotel  

    Nestled within lush tropical gardens, Villa Kiva Boutique Hotel offers a tranquil and secluded setting for a memorable stay in Matemwe Beach. The spacious rooms and suites are elegantly appointed, featuring private balconies or terraces overlooking the gardens or the sparkling ocean.

    Guests can relax in the comfort of their rooms, enjoying the cool breeze and the sounds of nature. The hotel’s swimming pool is a delightful oasis where guests can take a refreshing dip or simply lounge by the poolside, surrounded by the beauty of the gardens.

    The on-site restaurant offers a mix of international and local dishes, catering to diverse culinary preferences. Guests can savor a range of flavors and indulge in a gastronomic journey while enjoying the peaceful ambiance of the hotel.

    Villa Kiva Boutique Hotel provides an ideal retreat for those seeking relaxation and serenity in a picturesque setting.

    Guesthouses and Budget Options

    For budget-conscious travelers or those looking for a more authentic local experience, Matemwe Beach has a range of guesthouses and budget-friendly accommodations. These options provide comfortable stays at affordable prices.

    You may consider the following:

    Zeru Zeru Eco Local Wild Lodge  

    Nestled within a natural reserve, Zeru Zeru Eco Local Wild Lodge provides a unique and immersive experience in harmony with nature. The comfortable rooms feature African-style decor, creating a warm and authentic atmosphere. 

    The lodge’s commitment to sustainability is evident through its use of eco-friendly amenities and practices, ensuring minimal environmental impact. Guests at Zeru Zeru can enjoy the communal kitchen, where they can prepare their own meals using locally sourced ingredients. 

    These tours offer a deeper understanding of the region’s biodiversity and the efforts to preserve it. 

    Twisted Palms Lodge  

    For those seeking a laid-back beachfront experience, Twisted Palms Lodge offers simple, clean rooms steps away from the sandy shores. The rooms are designed with comfort in mind and feature private balconies where guests can enjoy views of the beach and the turquoise waters.

    The on-site restaurant at Twisted Palms Lodge serves various local dishes, allowing guests to savor the flavors of Zanzibar. The culinary offerings highlight fresh seafood, tropical fruits, and aromatic spices.

    The lodge also has a bar where guests can unwind with a refreshing drink, and a cozy lounge area provides a social space for relaxation and mingling with fellow travelers.

    Maji Lodge  

    Maji Lodge is a budget-friendly guesthouse that offers colorful rooms and a laid-back ambiance, creating a welcoming environment for travelers. The rooms are tastefully decorated, reflecting Zanzibar’s vibrant culture and spirit.

    Guests can access shared facilities, including a communal kitchen, to prepare their own meals and connect with other travelers.

    One of the highlights of Maji Lodge is its rooftop terrace, which offers stunning ocean views.

    This serene space is ideal for enjoying a morning coffee, practicing yoga, or simply taking in the beauty of the surroundings. The lodge also features a cozy lounge area where guests can relax, read a book, or converse with fellow guests.

    Final Thoughts

    Whether you’re seeking a luxurious beachfront retreat, a charming boutique hotel, or a budget-friendly guesthouse, Matemwe Beach in Zanzibar has a variety of accommodation options to suit every traveler’s needs.

    From indulgent amenities to authentic local experiences, the accommodations in Matemwe Beach offer a memorable stay in the midst of paradise. Consider your preferences and budget when choosing where to stay, and book in advance to secure your desired accommodation during your visit to Matemwe Beach in 2023/2024.

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